Here's the chat with Stephen Fry...

This is a somewhat edited version of the America Online BAAH! chat with Stephen Fry. The main cuts have been to tangential dialogue. I have also done some reordering for the sake of continuity. Hearty thanks to the deceased BAAH! members, and a special thanks to the long-departed GenMelchit for logging the bugger and sending it out! ... -Sup
BAAH! Chat With Stephen Fry

OnlineHost:	Stephen Fry has entered the room.
GenMelchit:	Stephen! Welcome........
Stephen Fry:	Hello there -- thank God I made it!
GenMelchit:	We were going to send Baldrick out to look for you!
Stephen Fry:	Where's everyone from: hi there everyone
Calvin1995:	I'm from Kansas.  Please don't hit me...
Stephen Fry:	I've a feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore...
Calvin1995:	I still am in Kansas...::sigh::
Stephen Fry:	I was in Philly for July 4th -- this year, very good fun
Supahz:		Were you ever in Kansas, Dorothy?
Stephen Fry:	Never been to Kansas, sadly -- but someone once dropped a house on my sister...
GenMelchit:	Stephen, are you living in the US or just visiting?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: I've bought an apartment here in NYC, I'll spend some time here...
Ataru12345:	Wow.  Where in NYC?
Stephen Fry:	Upper East Side -- 7th, tween Mad and park
Tintagel67:	I'm from there, I'm in Florida at the moment
DanielC71:	Steph: Any interest in performing "The Real Insp. Hound" with Hugh Laurie
& Rowan Atkinson?
Stephen Fry:	Dan: well, that's a thought. Rowan and Hugh and I did have a plan to do the
Importance last year but it fell through. I was going to be Lady Bracknell, Hugh Algernon
and Rowan Jack...
Supahz:		!!
DanielC71:	Ouch!!
Stephen Fry:	I know _ I was >so< looking forward to the frocks ...
DanielC71:	;)
Supahz:		The only thing worse than being Lady Bracknell is NOT being Lady Bracknell
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: LOL
DanielC71:	You will Oscar, you will...
Stephen Fry:	Rowan has a new sit-com out at the moment, called The Thin Blue Line, written
by Ben Elton
Calvin1995:	Steph:  coming out with any new books soon?
Stephen Fry:	Just finished a screenplay for Paramount and now have to concentrate on a new 
nov. by Spring
GenMelchit:	Steph - Tell us about something we may not have seen- like early roles.
Stephen Fry:	Lots of commercials, I'm afraid. Hugh and I regularly do one for Alliance
and Leicester ... A & L is a Building Society in Britain, equiv of a US Building and Loan Co.,
I suppose. In those, I play an idiot and Hugh is the smart one, called Mostyn, who does 
everything right ...We've been doing them for about six years now, I should think. I also did
some beer commercials for Heineken Export: strapline "From your smooth talking bar steward..."
DanielC71:	Stephen: Any plans for more J&W and will it be released on vidtape in the US?
Stephen Fry:	I >think< it'll come out on tape, but WGBH have to finish their reruns first
-- we did four series...... which amounts to about 24 hours worth. We aren't doing any more,
however -- ran out of... original material. Didn't feel it was right to do new stories, not
respectful to PGW. Though Peter O'Toole has just done a Xhristmas Special as Lord Emsworth...
Calvin1995:	I also recorded your host segments too
Stephen Fry:	Cal: Oh those -- v. embarrassing having to be Alastair Cook ...
DanielC71:	I think only 5 hours have been released in vid here.
Stephen Fry:	5 Hours? Mm, that's prolly right. I don't know who distributes them. Who shows
Bladder here BTW?
DanielC71:	PBS might show Bladder, but I doubt it.
Stephen Fry:	I didn't know PBS did it, they don't in NYC Channel 13 as far as I can see...
most people get the vids

GenMelchit:	Stephen - Can I have your autograph? Here, sign my forehead!
Stephen Fry:	Hold still, Gen -- don't frown or the signature will be wobbly --there!
DanielC71:	Why did Bladder stop at four series?
GenMelchit:	Yea, we want Season 5 Black Adder!
GenMelchit:	And 6,7.......
Stephen Fry:	Well, we considered a sort of 60's Bladder, with Rowan as a sort of Paul
McCartney and me as a Brian Epstein ...
Calvin1995:	I heard the 60's rumor, too.
Stephen Fry:	There would be a bald drummer called Rick -- known as Bald Rick, natch...
Kmtrillian:	That sounds interesting!
GenMelchit:	That sounds great!
DanielC71:	As long as Brian Epstein said: "MEEEH!!"
Stephen Fry:	Well, it would use Hugh's great musical ability: also Rowan is quite good
-- Ben also had the idea of a Russian Revolution movie, which John Lloyd the producer was going
to direct.
Calvin1995:	Bald Rick?!
GenMelchit:	Like "Bad News"?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: not as "heavy" -- Bad News trespassed on Spinal Tap territory a little
too much, IMHO ...
GenMelchit:	Yea, you're right.
Calvin1995:	I loved the songs HL did on F & L...
Stephen Fry:	Cal: Hugh is gigging at the moment with Lenny Henry and Ade Edmondson of Young
Ones ... very good band
Supahz:		Stephen Fry: Do you remember doing "Common Pursuit"?  I really enjoyed that.
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: very well. You mean the film version or the stage? The film was c-prod
with WGBH and involved Tim Roth and Andrew Macarthy as the obligatory American. On stage it was
Rik Mayall
GenMelchit:	Stephen - How is celeb status here in US?  Do people recognize you?
Stephen Fry:	Celeb status over here? Well, -ish, really. I get stopped in the street a bit
but fortunately nothing like as mad as in the UK. People here have usually either seen J&W or...
the movie Peter's Friends or I.Q. -- I find it much more relaxing to walk the streets in NYC
-- than London. Also Americans talk about one's "work" whereas Brits are more interested in
private life and so on..
DanielC71:	Stephen: Do you mind slightly sycophantic fan e-mail?
Stephen Fry:	Dan: it's a lot nicer than the abusive sort!
Supahz:		Steph: I guess that the exposure of your WWW page was a bit of a downer then.
Stephen Fry:	I just worry sometimes that I'm not always a conscientious replier. Sometimes
too busy and huge backlogs can result. I have a web site which I had to "seal off" from mailing
and forms since I was getting so many hits a day that my mail-server and access company were
starting to complain.
Supahz:		Steph: Any chances of making publicity photos dressed an a Hindu archer?
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: as Bill Murray would say in Groundhog Day, "Chances about 1 per cent"...
GenMelchit:	Stephen - can you hit us with your best banter? ala General Melchett?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: best banter? Hm, I always liekd the "Now then! Now! Then! Now 
then, now then. Then! Now! Then!" -
Stephen Fry:	Also "pooing pooing the poo-poos" I suppose ...
Tintagel67:	(Stealing computer back from husband) Steph, What shows do you watch when you
get a chance?
Stephen Fry:	Tint: over here, Seinfeld and Larry Sanders especially. Otherwise mostly movies.
They don't show Vic and Bob over here, or Alan Partridge whom I love in England.
Calvin1995:	How about Noel Edmonds, Stephen?  ::giggle::
Stephen Fry:	Mr Blobby is England's Barney, but worse
Stephen Fry:	Dan: I think they're working on it ..
DanielC71:	Mr. Blobby?  Sounds like a bad joke from Bladder.
Supahz:		Steph:  Mr Blobby?  Sounds like a good screen name!
Stephen Fry:	Tint: where have you seen him? Just in the UK?
Tintagel67:	Can you believe they were selling "Blobby's" at petrol stations?!
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: Mr Blobby is a strange plastic mauve-spotted creature who bumps
into people
Supahz:		Steph:  Sounds frightening!
Stephen Fry:	Tint: nothing could suprise me ...
Tintagel67:	yeah,No luck finding him here I'm afraid
Stephen Fry:	Tint: what about Alan Partridge? Seen him?
DanielC71:	Steph: How about a Fry & Laurie parody of Mr B?
Holly5120:	I'd rather run into Mr. Flibble - sorry, had to mention it
Calvin1995:	Holly, behave yourself :)
Supahz:		Hol:  Do you have hex vision?!?
Holly5120:	Heh heh
Tintagel67:	Hmmmm...Rings a bell.....
Stephen Fry:	Dan: well, I think better to let him die, frankly...
DanielC71:	:::Holly's eyes glow read at an awkward moment:::
GenMelchit:	Stephen - Any theatre here in US?
Tintagel67:	Remind me please
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: hex vision? Is that like seeing base ten numbers in Hexadecimal?
Or to do with witches?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: saw The Heiress and Masterclass and Company, which I loved, but no plans
myself -- though the first time I came to the US was to work on Me & My Girl, a musical I 
wrote the book-- for back in 84.
Supahz:		It's actually a reference from Red Dwarf.  Any thoughts on that show?
Tintagel67:	It's seeing ten witches
Holly5120:	Yes, any thoughts??
Holly5120:	*grin*
Calvin1995:	Holly...
Holly5120:	Hey, I didn't ask it!  I got someone else to do it.  Heh heh, thanks
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: I have a terrible confession to make: I've >never< actually
seen Red Dwarf --
Calvin1995:	Gasp!
Holly5120:	That's it, I'm outta here!
Stephen Fry:	-- v. embarrassing since Rob and Doug, the authors are friends of
mine. I just never managed to watch - not out of disapproval, but I've always been out whenever
it's on.
Tintagel67:	Stephen, Do you still write for The Gaurdian?
Stephen Fry:	Tint: It's the Telegraph I used to write for. Did an article about the
net for them the other day but don't plan to do anything regular.
Holly5120:	Didn't you film in the same building?
GenMelchit:	I have a vid called "The Dangerous Brothers"  where Rik Mayall and Ade 
Edmonson apparently interrupt a Fry & Laurie sketch.  That wasn't real was it?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: yes there was a Rik and Ade thing like that. It was part of a series
called Saturday Live Hugh and I did a flower arranging dance and Rik and Ade burst in as the 
Dangerous Brothers
Calvin1995:	I loved Paperweight, BTW...
Stephen Fry:	Cal: thanks
Tintagel67:	Ooops, Sorry
Stephen Fry:	Holly: sorry to offend you. Is Red Dwarf bitchingly good then?
Calvin1995:	Well, is it Hol?
DanielC71:	Come on Hol...
Holly5120:	It's in-smegging-credible hactually
Stephen Fry:	Holly: no >wonder< I haven't seen it. Smegging? Does that mean anything
in circumcised-obsessed USA? 
DanielC71:	Smegging, i.e. smegma
Holly5120:	Came from the show, not from US

Tintagel67:	Stephen, Is that where Stavros came from? ( I think that was Harry
Stephen Fry:	Tint: correct. Though Harry E. first did the character on Spitting Image.
Calvin1995:	I think we're getting into a weird area here...
Stephen Fry:	Cal: Senator Exon will be hopping mad ...

Supahz:		Steph: Didn't you know Emma Thompson at university?  Any stories?
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: yes, she introduced me to Hugh in fact. Stories? Well, there was
the time she shaved her...
Supahz:		Steph:  Shaved her WHAT?
Stephen Fry:	... head and we were in the same seminar group on The Winter's Tale and
took her hat off to make a point and caused the professor to get terribly upset. She was quite
wacky as a girl.  I henna-ed my hair at the same time -- strange days. 
Tintagel67:	Stephen, Let me guess, You were Leontes
Stephen Fry:	Tint: Autolycus, I'm sorry to say -- snapper up of unconsidered 
trifles ...

Calvin1995:	Steph:  are you still blond?
Stephen Fry:	Cal: had a haircut this morning, so only a tiny bit left I'm afraid.

Supahz:		Steph:  The "Instant Orgasm" photo is a scream!
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: why thanks. A scream of passion or a scream of pain? I'll have
to update soon, i s'pose
Supahz:		Steph: A scream of passionate pain.
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: creepy answer. Good, but creepy.

DanielC71:	Steph: The sketch in F&L where Hugh takes a spill backwards on a chair...
 Was that planned?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: the chair tilting was planned I'm sorry to say. Glad you thought it
wasn't though...
DanielC71:	Steph:  It was me who asked about the chair... :)  The last half of that
sketch seemed to be improvised.  It fooled me & my wife!
Stephen Fry:	Dan: sorry -- glad you were fooled. Where did you see it. Over here? 
What channel? Bravo?  One never knows where things are shown.
DanielC71:	Steph: The only US tape of F&L.

Tintagel67:	That was my next guess but I couldnt spell it
Tintagel67:	...Saw a bad production of it where Autolycus entered on a moped
Calvin1995:	I have that tape too, Dan
Stephen Fry:	Dan: Ah -- we shall have to do something about that.
DanielC71:	Steph:  Please!!  :)
Stephen Fry:	Tint: heavens! What was the statue scene like?
Calvin1995:	I have the book of the F & L scripts and the audio tape
Stephen Fry:	Cal: seek help. Urgently
DanielC71:	Steph:  Tell you what.  Get a PAL to NSTC convertor & we'll pay you $20 
per bootleg...  Better than.. royalties!  :)
Tintagel67:	Alll I'll say is, She wouldn't stop shaking.
Calvin1995:	I am, Stephen, I am
Holly5120:	That's what I said!!
Stephen Fry:	Tint: that rather ruins the surprise ...
Stephen Fry:	Dan: some of us are above monetary considerations. Not me, as it happens, but
some ...
Tintagel67:	That's amatuer dramatics for you.

Supahz:		Steph: Do you recall any interesting stories from Bladder that you'd like
to share?
Stephen Fry    	Supahz: well, at the risk of sounding boring it was all too hard work to
lead to much rich anecdotage. There was the title sequence filming of course ... The original
idea was that Tim MacInnerney (Darling) and I should take the salute on horseback.  When we
arrived at Colchester barracks to film, I found I was given the Colonel's horse ... About four
hundred hands high, jet black and severaly ungelded.  His name was "Thunderbolt" which should
have warned me ...
Supahz:		Marjorie's fallen off Thunderbolt!
Stephen Fry:	He was fine at first, but as soon as the band started up with the 
British Grenadiers which then turned into the Bladder theme tune, he shied like a startled
mustang and threatened to unseat me ... Hugh and Rowan laughed so much at my discomfiture that
the filming Proved impossible ...
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: 10 points for spotting the reference !

DanielC71:	Steph:  Bladder looked like incredible fun.  How difficult was to act in
(besides Thunderbolt)?
Stephen Fry:	It was wonderful really; the main trouble was that the scripts were 
changed all the time until the last moment. John Lloyd, Hugh and I in particualr would rewrite
until the final moments we endlessly had "epithet moments" as we called them. the kind of 
jokes which started with "It's about as -- as a --" Sticky the stick insect, that kind of 
thing, asthamtic ants with particularly heavy shopping, all those sort of jokes. Somehow there
was never enough time to get them absolutely right...
DanielC71:	There were a lot of those in Bladder 4.
DanielC71:	Hilarious!
Stephen Fry:	Hundreds! This is a big crises -- beat -- I'll go further, it's a twelve
story crisis with twenty four hour porterare, fitted carpets and a huge sign on the front 
reading "this is a big crisis".  We used to wriggle about screaming with adolescent laughter
whenever we did those. but some work much better than others.  I always liked "you twist and
turn like a twisty turny thing".
Calvin1995:	A lot of them in "Christmas Carol", too
Stephen Fry:	Yep: they were the house style I suppose ...
DanielC71:	"Disease & deprivation stalk are land like two giant... stalking things" is 
my favorite.
Stephen Fry:	Then there were the very complicated word play ones, like Rik Mayall and
the suffragette movement .. anyone remember that? Or the willing suspension of disbelief ...
GenMelchit:	Suffer a jet movement?
Stephen Fry:	Gen: that's the one!
Stephen Fry:	I'm not having anyone staring in disbelief at >my< willy suspension. Of
course you don't call dicks willies over here.  Else how could Free Willy be released? Or Bill
C be called Slick Willy?
Supahz:		Steph:  There's probably a Brit porno called "Free Willy"!
Stephen Fry:	I was  in a ... hem ... bookstore in the village the other day and saw a
porn video called Peter's Friends, which gave me quite a turn ...
GenMelchit:	I hear there were some stirrings in Britain over that name
Supahz:		"stirrings"!?!
Stephen Fry:	Rather like the garlic eclairs and the terrific rumblings ...
Tintagel67:	Let me guess...Tony Slattery was still in it though.
Stephen Fry:	Tint: ROTFL --
Stephen Fry:	Slattery will get you >anywhere<
Tintagel67:	Love the music game show he did

Holy5120:	Steph: Are you familiar with the poetry of Kingsley Amis?
Stephen Fry:	Holly: more so after he died sadly ...
DanielC71:	"le..."
Supahz:		Steph: Just wondering, why do Brits always pronounce things like
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: because we're iggerant, I guess. But we pronounce 't' 
in party. Because we drink it, I spose
Holy5120:	We read his "An Ever-fixed Mark" and it reminded me of "The Liar"
Calvin1995:	The Liar reminds me of Paperweight for some reason...
DanielC71:	Reminds of "Paperweight" or A paperweight?
Stephen Fry:	Well, I suppose The Liar and Paperweight being both by me are a bit 
alike, but one's a novel and the other is lots of "stuff". It's hard to smother one's own voice.
Calvin1995:	Sorry, Stephen.  You're gonna kill me for that cheap gag aren't you?
Stephen Fry:	Cal: not kill. Just bring up a livid bruise perhaps ... just got to go
to the other room to get some cigarettes. Back in a sec ...
Holy5120:	ah, we're attacking the role model aspect of fame today, I see
DanielC71:	If SF was a Beatle, which would be?
Stephen Fry:	AAAAAAAhhhhh -- that's better.
Supahz:		All of them, with the proper wigs!
Stephen Fry:	Sadly, Dan -- I suspect the answer is Pete Best
DanielC71:	DOH!
Stephen Fry:	Holly: it's important to encourage the young to smoke, don't you think?
Holy5120:	What else are they gonna do?
Stephen Fry:	Nothing like a natural herbal infumation ... NYC is turning into quite
a non-smoking town, which is a big change from a coupla years ago
Calvin1995:	Bill C didn't inhale...

Supahz:		Steph: I watched Bladder and Dr Who last night and dreamed of you as
the Doctor.
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: I do apologise. Send me any laundry bills ...
GenMelchit:	That's weird Sup.....
Tintagel67:	You have strange dreams Supahz
Stephen Fry:	Actually, have had enquiries to my agent from someone in Hollywood,
Ca who is apparently doing Dr Who again -- but they've asked just about every Englishman
on the Equity list so far as a I can see.
Supahz:		What can I say... there had been talk of Rowan playing the Doctor.
Stephen Fry:	Yes, and Eric Idle --
Supahz:		And John Cleese
Stephen Fry:	All of whom would be spiffing
Supahz:		What next, Dudley Moore?!?
Supahz:		Or David Frost!!!
Stephen Fry:	I'm not sure if the time hasn't passed however. Never go back, surely.
Wish people were spending as much time in thinking up new material as in rejiggin the old.
Calvin1995:	Someone suggested Miranda Richardson as the Doctor
Holy5120:	Chris Barrie!
Kmtrillian:	A female doctor - now that would be something!
Stephen Fry:	Miranda R!  Good call. And Chris Barrie, who started life as an 
impressionist could prolly do it well.
Supahz:		But Rowan with Baldrick as a compainion makes sense.

Stephen Fry:	Km trillian -- is that a Hitchikers reference?
Kmtrillian:	Yes, it is.
Stephen Fry:	Km: ah, DNA is a good chum -- he's devoting most of his time to the net
these days and giving up on books, sad to say. But I don't blame him.
DanielC71:	Steph: What beer do you drink?
Stephen Fry:	Dan: well, I like English Ales mostly. Ruddles, especially.  Over here 
Sam Adams is quite good.
Supahz:		Rutles?!?
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: Well Ruddles is made in Rutland, the county that inspired
the Rutles. After Python Eric Idle did this series called Rutland Weekend Television -- the 
point being that Rutland is the smallest county in the UK. And The Rutles was the same team 
doing a spoof doco. It was repeated the other day on Com Central and really holds up. made it
impossible to watch the Beatles Anthology without giggling ...
Supahz:		I am a huge Python fan.... they started my interest in British Comedy.
DanielC71:	Supahz: Me too.
Calvin1995:	Python started for me, too
DanielC71:	Python Primer of British Pomposity
Kmtrillian:	Python started it for me, too - also the HHGG books.
Stephen Fry:	The apartment I've bought here was found for me by JC who lives here too
Supahz:		wow!
Calvin1995:	Cool!
Stephen Fry:	He's just made a new movie and is >very< worried about it
DanielC71:	Tell JC hi for us!  
Supahz:		The Wanda sequel?
DanielC71:	Night of the Living Wanda
Stephen Fry:	Same cast but not a sequel exactly.  Original title: Death Fish 2
Supahz:		Death Fish II, according to Kim "Howard" Johnson.
Calvin1995:	LOL
Stephen Fry:	Now called Fierce Creatures. A lot of it takes place in and around
a zoo.	Mike Palin, Kevin Kline, J. Leigh Curtis, etc. Also Robert Lindsay
GenMelchit:	Stephen - How about Fawty Towers?   It's a favorite of mine.
Stephen Fry:	Fawlty Towers. Now you're talking. Only 12 half hours, but every
one perfect.
DanielC71:	Steph: I agree.
Tintagel67:	Especially "The Germans"
Stephen Fry:	Shoeless Joe had a batting average of 356 apparently
GenMelchit:	I really try to irritate people in daily life.  Only those I
love, though.....

Supahz:		Steph:  Any fave sketches from F&L?
Stephen Fry:	Supahz: golly. Favourites? Hugh and I have a very soft spot for
the Mr Dalliard ones ... also the kick-arse businessmen with Marjorie ...
Supahz:		Steph:  Damn it to hell and back!
Supahz:		Damn blast and double damn!
Stephen Fry:	Damn and double damn with a side-rider of damn
Supahz:		excellent!
DanielC71:	"Good God, there's 7 million people out there."  "Oh really, what do they
DanielC71:	Best line in the whole sketch, among many funny lines.
Stephen Fry:	You had a wife I believe what happened to her? Henrietta. Did he, I'm
sorry to hear that.
Calvin1995:	I love the sketch with the sound names!  Hilarious!
DanielC71:	:::Slaps Cal on the cheek:::
Stephen Fry:	Oh, the dropping of the cigarette lighter etc? YEs, we enjoyed that ...
Stephen Fry:	Hugh is very good at being hit.
GenMelchit:	Tint - You started it!
DanielC71:	Never min the frigging sketch, that REALLY hurt!
Stephen Fry:	In Bladder the Third there was an ep where Rowan and I kept hitting him.
Supahz:		When you were Wellington.
DanielC71:	The last ep.
Stephen Fry:	People don't realise often that the skill in screen violence comes from
the receiver not the puncher
DanielC71:	THat was the first time we heard a Melchitt bellow.
Stephen Fry:	Yes, Wellington, that's the one. Rather weird ending I recall --
lots of dead bodies --
Stephen Fry:	Baaaah
DanielC71:	God, I love that Bellow!
Stephen Fry:	Dan: all down to smoking and asthma I fear ...
Calvin1995:	Bladder didn't die--I was so surprised...
DanielC71:	No kidding!
Stephen Fry:	Eek -- it's getting on for 4:15, I have to be somewhere at 4:30, I'm 
afeared, as Walter Brennan would say, that I have to go in 5 --
Supahz:		Steph: Thanks for the time.  You're very gracious and kind.
GenMelchit:	Stephen - Thank you so much for coming!
DanielC71:	Well, Stephen, have a day!
Tintagel67:	Ditto
Holy5120:	Nice chatting with you!
Calvin1995:	Thanks, Stephen!  It was great abusing you!
Stephen Fry:	Sheesh, don't be silly. A pleasure. I'm only sorry I let you down
last week.
DanielC71:	It was fantastic being able to cyberspeak w/ you!
IFDA:		Thank you, Stephen!
DanielC71:	Come back and see us again, y'hear?
Stephen Fry:	Such a pleasure to talk with nice, polite, shiny-toothed, well-scrubbed
Americans --
Supahz:		Yes, please do!
Stephen Fry:	I'll be back (in bad Arnie tones)
GenMelchit:	We'll all be showing up in NY later today.  Is the tea ready?
Holy5120:	Well, we do our best
Stephen Fry:	Lots of love to you all, BAAAA-AAAAAAH
Stephen Fry:	XXX
OnlineHost:	Stephen Fry has left the room.

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