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"I Have A Cunning Plan, My Lord..."

I have recently been sent a copy of the great book, "Blackadder 1485-1917 (The Whole Damn Dynasty)". Calling this book brilliant is like calling Balders a "bit stinky"... in other words, a huge understatement. Not only does it feature the full scripts of the Blackadder series (sadly, minus "Christmas Carol" and "the Cavalier Years"), but also black and white pics you haven't seen before, some new material related to each series, and a brief introduction to each period of the Blackadder clan. This book has been available in the UK for a while, but is relatively new to the US. Regardless, if you're an Adder fan and haven't gotten your turnip-soiled hands on this red hot item yet, you need to go get it now!

Click the image to buy the book

Or click HERE to buy the book at

(UK users see the links section at the bottom of the page)

Edmund Through The Ages... Scripts & Sounds

"What ho and pip-pip," and Lt. George might opine. Below, you will now find links to all of the Blackadder scripts. These are currently at another site, but I shall be editing them and moving them to mine presently (some of the errors are ridiculous). In any case, the scritps should provide you with a laugh or two, especially if you've missed out on seeing all of the shows (and also those of you who've seen them on Comedy Central, but have missed out on some funny bits, as the shows were edited for commercials). In fact, all you need do to lay your mitts on them is click away and smile... no need to hang a piece of cheese in front of your mouth as bait. But, if you're particularly bored, maybe you should go ahead and try the cheese.

SOUNDS. If you're looking for Blackadder sounds, you'll be disappointed... temporarily. Due to work, school, travel, flogging the servants, and other time restrictions, I am not currently pummeling you with a multitude of sounds. That might change soon, however (soon meaning "within 5-10 years).

Bizarre Sounds

  • Sup's "Blackadder Hip Hop" (1.3 MB)
    This WAV file, just hatched on 30 March 1999, is my mix of Lt. George and General Melchett with Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance". The file is 31 seconds long, 22,025 Hz, mono, 16-bit. If you like it, let me know and I'll see what other oddities I can come up with.
  • Sup's "Blackadder Hip Hop" (Real Audio/Media) (28 KB)
    This is a FAR INFERIOR Real Media/Audio version of the same file, for those of you who'd like to hear the tune without the long download.
  • Sup's "I Don't Like Spam" Jam (105k)
    This was my first mix, and though it's not Blackadder, it's still funny. I'm proud of this one. It's a short mix that I made using a sample from Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Membrane" and a sample of Graham Chapman ragging on Spam. Weird, but funny. Again, if you like it, let me know and I'll see what other oddities I can come up with.

Now, for limited time only, you too can own a special Blackadder related collector's item by merely visiting the International Brotherhood of Morris Dancers and Scottish Actors website. Well, maybe not.... it's a joke. Now, thank you, and bugger off.


a poem by Queenie*

When the night is dark,
And the dogs go 'bark';
When the clouds are black,
And the ducks go 'quack';
When the sky is blue,
And the cows go 'mooo';
Think of lovely Queenie,
She'll be thinking of you.

(* William Shakespeare helped with the title)

Click HERE to submit your Blackadder haiku... now!

Click the title image below to go to that series...

A Blackadder Christmas Carol


Ball-bouncingly hearty thanks to Joe Callis

A Blackadder Christmas Carol


The Official BLKADR-L Sounds-A-Bit-Rude Blackadder Christmas Carol sounds

Blackadder: The Cavalier Years

Blackadder: The Cavalier Years


The Official BLKADR-L Sounds-A-Bit-Rude Cavalier Years sounds

Other Blackie Stuff

UK - Order Blackadder swag from and help support this site!

cover cover cover cover cover cover cover cover cover

NORTH AMERICA - Order Blackadder DVDs for Easter, Christmas or Arbor Day from!
cover cover cover cover cover cover

Shakespeare Skit... thanks to Joe Callis
Rowan Atkinson Canadian Radio Interview Transcript
Transcript of chat With Stephen Fry
"The Burt", a sketch from "A Bit Of Fry & Laurie", and WAV files.
Stephen Fry's Advertising Copywriter... thanks to Mr & Mrs & Mrs Zambesi
"A Bit Of Fry & Laurie" .WAVs


  • Visit the Official BEEB Blackadder site!

  • Read a transcript of an interview with Rowan.

  • Click to read a transcript of a special AOL chat I participated in with Stephen Fry, who played Wellington and Melchett.

  • Stephen Fry's Advertising Copywriter... Melchie's other job. Thanks to Mr & Mrs & Mrs Zambesi.

  • Also for Stephen Fry fans, I've transcribed "The Burt", a sketch from "A Bit Of Fry & Laurie". I've also added "A Bit Of Fry & Laurie" .WAVs to this site.

  • Check out various Netsurfer's contributions to my Blackadder Haiku page. If you'd like to contribute an Adderish haiku (non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables), fill out the form on that page or IMMEDIATELY email your submissions to

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to extend many, many "hey nonny" style thanks to all of you who've given me wonderful comments and spiffy praise about the page... it is greatly appreciated. As Rowan said in "Bernard and the Genie", THANK YE, THANK YE!!

  • I was reviewed in the July 1996 issue of NetUser magazine, in their British Comedy section, and received FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS... beshrew me!! Click HERE to read it and bask in my radiance! Hehehehe. Additionaly, Australian Net Guide Magazine has seen it fit to mention me in their pages... but what does it matter? You're here for Blackadder and crew, and that's what you'll get, in some shape or form!

The Blackadder Theme

The sound of hoof beats 'cross the glade,
Good folk, lock up your son and daughter,
Beware the deadly flashing blade,
Unless you want to end up shorter.

Black Adder, Black Adder, he rides a pitch black steed.
Black Adder, Black Adder, he's very bad indeed.

Black: his gloves of finest mole,
Black: his codpiece made of metal,
His horse is blacker than a vole,
His pot is blacker than his kettle.

Black Adder, Black Adder, with many an cunning plan.
Black Adder, Black Adder, you horrid little man.

For more theme songs from Edmund's escapades, CLICK HERE.

Click here to read selected poems by MR BEAN.

Linkish Link Thingys

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