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Sup's Bits of Fry & Laurie

This is a mere infantling of a web page. Indeed, sir was right in noting the not-up-to-snuffness of said site, and one believes one shall not fail in one's duty to impress sir in future with an HTMLish creativeness of supreme twinkling and wonderment, and as of yet has not yet been on seen on your so-called Earth planet. Enjoy now what you may, then, and check back periodically, kind web surfer.


(Stephen, as woman) The local pizza delivery boy came round and I took one look and I said, never mind the super supreme, I'll take you, just as you are... thin and crispy. That's how we met. You could have knocked me down with a court order when I discovered he was my son.

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Peruse some of the poetry of Fry and Laurie.

Transcript of an online chat with Stephen that I participated in several ages ago.

Stephen's Advertising Copywriter. Thanks to Mr & Mrs & Mrs Zambesi.

Stephen's Website... under repairs for ages. Oi!

Stephen's work listed at the Internet Movie Database.

Hugh's work listed at the Internet Movie Database.

Hugh Laurie FAQ.

Stephen Fry FAQ (QuickFry).


(Hugh) As I travel round the country, giving speeches and replacing lengths of guttering in high buildings, I have become increasingly distressed at the ignorance and prejudice that seems to surround the whole business of sucking. This used to be a dynamic nation; a nation of skill and know-how, of determination and vision. The rest of the world used to look to us for a lead on sucking, and we were happy, proud I should say, to give it. Now, well you can ask the average Briton to suck something for you in the street, even something quite small, like a hedge, and like as not he'll just shrug his shoulders and move on. That's sad. Terribly, terribly sad.

Instant Sound Gratification!!

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Sound Files from A BIT OF FRY & LAURIE


(Hugh) Course, it's well known that Shakespeare didn't really exist. And that if he did, he was lots of people. And they were all women, and that all his plays were written by Alan Bleasdale. And that Shakespeare shot Kennedy, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was nothing but a pansy. They don't put that on Newsnight, though, do they?

"The Burt"

(Special thanks to the man himself, Stephen Fry, for helping my with the names in the sketch below)


S: Did you actually know Richard Burton?
H: Oh yes, yes. I knew him, yes. Well, in as much as anyone really KNEW Burton. Aah, yes. I was very fond of 'the Burt'. He was an amazing character, amazing character.
S: Mmmm, now Elizabeth Taylor, of course...
H: Well now, Liz you see, was a joy... a dream... a treasure... marvelous. If you could have seen them together... wuh huh!
S: Did you ever...
H: Oh good lord yes, yes. As a matter of fact I was, uh, I was, uh, best man at their wedding.
S: Really?
H: Hmmm.
S: Which one?
H: All of them.
S: Now Geilguld and Richardson were...
H: Yes. They never married, of course.
S: No.
H: No.
S: Did you know them?
H: Oh good lord yes, yes I knew. Yes, yes. Amazing characters, yes. "The Geil" and "the Rich" used to ask me for advice. They used to call me their "guru". Huh huh huh huh.
S: Now, around this time you must have met...
H: Well, just about everyone, really.
S: Really?
H: Yes. I knew everyone, and everyone knew me.
S: You knew everyone?
H: I knew absolutely everyone, yes.
S: And everyone knew you.
H: And absolutely EVERYONE knew me. Yes, yes.
S: Right. What did you think of Simon Condywust?
H: Simon...?
S: Condywust. Didn't you know him?
H: Oh yes, yes, I knew him. Oh yes, yes. Well, everyone knew "the Condy". Yes, he was an amazing character, amazing.
S: Mmm hmmm. What about Maureen Limpwippypippydodo?
H: Oh well now, yes. She was a fascinating woman. Fascinating. I was fascinated by Maureen for, oh, many years.
S: Mmm hmmm. Was she an amazing character?
H: Well no. She was a woman. The men were amazing characters, the women were fascinating. Yes.
S: Colin FenchmosleythinkIhave?
H: Oh, oh lord, yes. What a charac... yes. What, "the Fench"? Yes, yes, knew him terribly well, terribly well. Yeah.
S: What did you think of Fenella HaHaHaHaHaHaHa-spuit?
H: Fascinating woman, fascinating... yeah, yeah.
S: And what about Peter Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
H: Well yes. Well, you see... ha ha ha ha. They broke the mold when they made Peter. Ha ha.
S: And Evelyn Brokethemoldwhentheymadepeter?
H: Delightful... woman?
S: Anthony Delightfulwoman?
H: Oh, splendid chap.
S: Dick van Dyke?
H: You just made that up!

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