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With the closing of Geocities in a few months this site is being relocated. The new web address for this site is temporarily set as:

Please update all links and book marks accordingly. This will be the final update to the site made on the GEOCITIES servers. Any changes (which many have been planned out and are being retooled for the new server) will only appear on the new site.

A Sort-of-Update

December 13, 2007. I am accepting links for adding to the new external Links Page. I added a link for Theistic Satanism and Magick today. Drop me a note if you are interested in a link exchange. Thanks, Marduk

Not An Update

May 17, 2007. Yeah, over 3 years since the last change. Guess I just don't have the time to work on this site. I will ensure that this site stays active, but I make no promises as to future updates. Thanks, Marduk

Special Note

February 4, 2004. It has been nearly 5 years since this site was last updated. I created this site over a fairly short period of time, and never really dreamed it would last long. A recent google search though showed me that this site is still being utilized quite often. Therefore, I will be working on updating the site, and any suggestions are more than welcome. If you do have a suggestion, email it to me at Thanks, Marduk

Welcome to the §atanic Education home page. This page is dedicated to the explanation of satanic beliefs and the issue of social injustices. To explain a belief system that is so misunderstood as Satanism you must take an in depth look at it and its practices. This page is set up as an introductory to the the explanation, but for the true information it would be hopeful to read the section titled Satanic Education.

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