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Sermons by Rev. W. Jamie Kim
Authentic Christianity--James (12 pt series)
453James, A Servant of God
454Enticed by Temptation
455The Great Deception
456There's No Place for Favoritism
457Faith Without Works
458The Tongue is as Fire
459Wisdom From Above
460Submit Yourself to God
461Boasting About Tomorrow
462Patience is a Virtue
463The Prayer of a Righteous Man
Now is the Time to Take It: Claiming the Promised Land-- Joshua (9 pt series)
464Emerging of the New Generation
465Explore the Possibility
466Expect the Miracle!
467Remember What God Had Done!
468Consecrate Yourself
469The Fall of Jericho
470A Severe Mercy
471Impeccable Obedience
472Fooled by the Enemy
To My Beloved-- I John (12 pt series)
473The Reason I Write This Letter
474The Eternal Life in Christ
475Fellowship With Him
476Do Not Love the World
477The Lavished Love
478Who Do You Belong To
479God is Love
480Faith That Overcomes The World
481This is the Confidence We Have
Following the Channel of His Grace (16 pt series)
482A Gift of Sacrifice
483The Lord is My Master
484Thorn in my Flesh
485A New Beginning With a Promise
486A God of Laughter
487An Earnest Plea of Intercessory Prayer
488Judgement and Mercy Intertwined
489The Same Mistake Revisited
490The Long Awaited Dream
491Impossible to Live Together
492An Ultimate Sacrifice
493Nothing for Keepsake
494Succession of Calling to the Next Generation
495Some Success, Some Failure, but a Lot of Grace
Magnificent Obsession--Daniel (12 pt. series)
496Healed From Insanity
497The Handwriting on the Wall
498A Lion's Den
499The Appointed Time
500Spiritual Warfare
501Endless Wars and Rumors of Wars
502The End is Near
Magnificent Worship
503Entering the Most Holy Place
504Present Your Bodies
505Enthroned on High
Encounters With Jesus
506Who is Jesus?
507People at the Wedding
508A Visitor in the Middle of the Night
509A Man at the Pool of Bethesda
515Psalm 23-- In Paths of Righteousness
516Psalm 23-- The Lord is My Shepherd
517In the Power of His Might (Acts I)
518Life That Seeks Christ First (Matthew 6:19-34)
519Pathway to Becoming a Disciple-- Learning to Choose
521Christian Foundations: Assurance of Victory
522Study on Christ's Death on the Cross--Father Forgive Them
524Study on the Gospel of Matthew--Rejecting the King's Authority
527Psalm 23:4-- For You Are With Me
528Fifth NCFC Anniversary: An Open Door
529A Wonderful Surprise (Mark 16:1-7, 15-18)
530Directions For the New Year (John 17:9-26)

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