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Focus on the Family Dr. Craig Barnes Jill Briscoe
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Mississauga Community Church Our Saviour Evangelical Free Church Wycliffe Independent Church, Sheffield
Rev. W. Jamie KimHope Chapel KaneoheNew Covenant Fellowship Church

Sermons from New Covenant Fellowship Church
514We're in This Thing TogetherRev. Hammond
520Lust: Some Things are Black and WhiteRev. Shin Kim
523Living in Christian Community: Independence or InterdependencePastor Tom Mabie
525How's Your Hearing?Pastor Tom Mabie
514Will You Stand Strong?Pastor Soong-Chan Rah
531How Many Loaves Do You Have?Pastor Roger Kim
Sermons From Hope Chapel Kaneohe
532Hope: An Anchor For the SoulRalph Moore
533Be Filled With the Spirit...Sing!Ralph Moore
534Worship: Stand and DeliverRalph Moore
535The GospelRalph Moore
Lordship and Spiritual Authority (5 pt series)Ralph Moore
536How to Get Spiritual Authority
537How to Survive a Difficult Marriage
538How to Have it Your Way
539How to Keep God on Your Side
540How to Win by Submission
541Return to SimplicitySam Rockwell
All That You Can Be (3 pt series)Ralph Moore
542Lordship, Stewardship & Your Spouse
543Lordship, Stewardship & Parenting
544Lordship, Stewardship & One Another
545What is God's Vision For Your Life?Rob McWilliams
546Warning for Shepherds and Sheep (Part 2)Ralph Moore
547Bear One Another's BurdensRalph Moore
548HopeRalph Moore
549Changing Hearts to Change the WorldRalph Moore
550Anticipating Enlargement (Part 1) Growing LocallyRalph Moore
551Anticipating Enlargement (Part 2)Ralph Moore
552Members of One AnotherRalph Moore
553Moving into Ministry: Qualified to CareRalph Moore
554The Gift That Keeps on GivingDon McGregor
555Teach One AnotherRalph Moore
557Guest Speaker: Caleb Quay
558Guest Speaker: Don McGregor
559Guest Speaker: Mike Bagby
560Guest Speaker: Hal Jones
561Guest Speaker: Don Long
Sermons From What’s New Creative Encounters.
582John 1:14
583Matthew 6
584Mathew 1:21-24
585Matthew 2&3
586Matthew 3
587Matthew 3,4
588Matthew 5
Sermons From Kenmore Baptist Church
589 God's Ministry of Pain, Suffering and DisappointmentRic Benson
590 Freedom in ChirstRic Benson
591 Staying Clean in a Polluted WorldRic Benson
592 Jesus, The Healer and JudgeRic Benson
593 Jesus, The Shepherd of MankindRic Benson
594 Jesus, Life of the ChurchRic Benson
595 Jesus, The Sacraficial LambRic Benson
596 Jesus, The Victor Over DeathRic Benson
597 The Person Who Never Stopped GrowingKeith Applegate
598 Jesus, Our Only HopeKeith Applegate
660 How to Live a Revolutionary Lifestyle of LoveRic Benson
661 Jesus, The Water and Light of LifeRic Benson
662 Jesus, the Resurrection and the LifeRic Benson
663 Jesus, the Living WordRic Benson
664 Jesus, the Bread of LifeRic Benson
665 Jesus, the Life-GiverRic Benson
666 Diving Appointments in an Everyday WorldDavid Macquire
667 FREEDOM: Breaking the Chains that Bind YouRic Benson
Christ Church Recordings, Bristol, U.K.
609 JehoshaphatAlison Williams
610 Alone, All AlonePaul Williams
611 Amaziah - Trust and ObeyTim Stilwell
612 MarriageAndrew Dow
613 Asa "the eyes of the Lord"Andrew Dow
614 LovePaul Williams
615 Faith Under FirePaul Williams
616 Guest ServiceTim Stilwell
617 Comforting Words for the New YearAlison Williams
618 The Church of PrayerAndrew Dow
619 Candelight Carol ServiceAndrew Dow
620 Ministry - Ups and DownsAlison Williams
621 Disturbing the PeaceHoward Peskett
622 Comfort in all TroublesHoward Peskett
623 Meet the LambPaul Williams
624 A Manual for WorshipPaul Williams
625 "I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" Luke 5:27Howard Peskett
626 The Lost Son: Party TimeT. Kelshaw
627 Millennium ForecastAndrew Dow
628 The Good SamaritanAlison Williams
629 Blood, Sweat, Toil and TearsB. Topalian
630 Beware of False ProphetsRichard James
631 Self-control or Self-destructionPaul Williams
632 Admonish One AnotherA. Hobson
633 Hell and HeavenA. Hobson
640 Creation-A Seven Day Wonder?Glynn Harrison
641 The Fall: Paridise Lost?Andrew Dow
642 Cain: The first MurdererPaul Williams
643 Noah: A Flood To RememberTim Stillwell
Highlands Community Church, Renton, Washington
644 Truth That Transforms a Life Gal. 1:11-24
645 What is the Authority and Accuracy of the Gospel Gal 1:15
646 Freedom Fighter Gal. 2:1-16
647 Live By Faith in Christ Who Lives in Me Gal, 2:17-21
648 Bewitched and bothered Gal. 3:1-14
649 My Permanent Relationship With God Gal. 3:15-22
650 The Riches of My Relationship in Christ Gal. 3:26-4:7
651 Is Anyone Afraid They Have Lost Thier Salvation? Gal. 4:8-20
652 What the Law Says about My Inheritance in Christ Gal. 4:21-3:1
653 How to Develop Good Character Gal. 5:22
654 What's the Difference Between Right and Wrong? Gal. 5:22
655 The Lost Act of Rebuilding Broken Lives Gal. 5:25-6:6
656 How to Experience Happiness Gal 5:22
655 The Lost Act of Rebuilding Broken Lives Gal.5:25-6:6
656 How to Experience Happiness Gal. 5:22
657 God's Haven of Rest Gal.5:22
658 Faithfulness Gal. 5:22
659 The Fruit of the Spirit Gal. 5:22-24
670 Gentleness Gal. 5:22
671 How To Master My Emotions Gal. 5:23
672 Patience Gal. 5:22
673 How to Influence Another Person's Life Gal. 6:7-16
674 FACEing Evolution Gen. 1:1-26
675 A Tale of Two Churches Acts 13:1-3
676 Stewardship Principals That Make a Difference
677 Afamilyportrait.com
678 Eternity Minded Ministries
679 What's In A name? Acts 3
680 What Would I Die For? Acts 7:1-60
681 He is Risen!
682 How To Be A Christian That Can't Shut Up About God Acts 4:1-31
683 Fully Devoted Followers of Christ Col. 3:3-4
684 The Truth About Honesty
685 Valuing Love
686 Accoriding to Design Gen. 2:18-25
687 An introduction to the Letter of Colossions Col. 1:1-2
688 How to Stay Spiritually Strong Col. 1:9-14
689 Offering Forgiveness
690 The Lie That Proves the Resurrection Matt.29:11-15
700 Showing Respect 1Peter 4:13
701 In His Image
702 Accepting Responsibility
703 Colossians Miracles, Then and Now col. 1:3-8
704 Showing Fairness 1Peter 4:13
705 Developing Self Control Prov. 25:28
706 The Supremacy of Our Savior Col 1:15-20
707 Stewardship Principles that Make a Difference
708 The Measure of my Ministry Acts 8:1-40
709 The Sovereignty of God Acts 9
710 Why Is There Evil in the World? Gen. 3:1-7
711 So Great Salvation Col. 1:21-23
712 A Father's Manual for Dummies! 1Cor. 16:13-18
713 Developing Trust Heb. 11:6
714 International Urban Associates
715 Why Is There Evil in the World? Gen. 3: 1-5
Pastor Knute Larson
691 Sin
692 The Vanishing Love
693 The Big Test on Spiritual Issues
694 Unbelief is a Clear and Present Danger
695 How to Be Very Sure
696 The Mystery of the Cross
697 The Addictions of Sin, and a Personal Cure
698 The great Blindness Debate Continues

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