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Welcome to my simple drama scripts page. It's simple, because I didn't take a lot of time to dress it up. But, it's a resource for you to use if you're doing church drama. All of the sketches you see here, we've done on stage. Any time I write scripts that we use, I'll post them here, so there will be several new scripts this year. Feel free to download, print out and use any or all of them. All I ask is that you maintain the integrity of the sketch, and e-mail me and let me know that you used it, how you liked it, and how it went. Thanks.

Michael Faber

Sketch Name Description
The Day After Humorous sketch that relates to people who have family issues surrounding Christmas
Mary Virgin Mary sketch that asks the question: "Who is Jesus?" Goes well with song "Mary Did You Know" by Mark Lowry
Only A Mother Humorous sketch demonstrating a mother's love toward the unlovable.
3 Minutes until Kickoff Humorous sketch asking the question: "How do you spend your holidays?" (Thanksgiving)
I'm The Thief Sketch showing that we aren't enough on our own. We need Jesus. Goes well with "Thief" by Third Day. (Easter)
When he remembers Romantic sketch about a husband who remembers valentines and a wife that doesn't.
On the Bridge Sketch asking the question: What bridge will lead us to life and peace?
The Plague Sketch to introduce how we ignore "plagues" (apathy, cliques, etc.) in society/the church.
The Waiting Room Sketch that contrasts people who try to get into heaven by works, and those who get in by faith. Follow with alter call.
This is your life Sketch illustrating how being too busy can get in the way of life.
Peter Sketch about the end of Peter's life, and Jesus' neverending grace. Follow with song about Peter (I forget the name) by Third Day.
Family First? (added 1/17/2002) Sketch about a man who has forgotten to put his family before his job, and gets a letter from his wife on the same day that he gets a legal notice of divorce.
I can only imagine (added 1/17/2002) Sketch about a grandfather who is dying, and a grandson who must accept it, and understand that heaven is a better place. Goes with song "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe.
Poor (added 1/17/2002) Sketch showing the plight of those who are poor from their own mistakes, and asking the question "should we help"?
Pride (added 1/17/2002) Sketch about "Pride goeth before the fall"
Priorities (added 1/17/2002) Sketch about how failing to live our priorities can cause problem later on.

If you don't see what you need, here, and need a specific drama, and have a couple of days, Click Here write what you need, most specifically what question you want to ask, and any other details you want to provide, and I'll write something up for you.

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