Two Hearts to One

My most sweet Lord, I offer and consecrate to You this morning all that I am and have: my senses, my thoughts, my affections, my desires, my pleasures, my inclinations, my liberty. In a word, I place my whole body and soul in Your hands.   –St. Alphonsus de’ Ligouri



Two Hearts To One




Hello everyone! We are Noelle and Gary, two good friends (yes, even after a dating relationship!), and we want to present a fresh perspective on chastity, by highlighting our own struggles, triumphs, and challenges with chastity in our lives.  Our goal with this website is to show other teenagers and young adults that chastity is not outdated – in fact, there is an increasing trend to live CHASTITY! Check out the site, explore, and if there is anything you would like to see covered on the site, email us:




What Is Chastity?



Chastity is not…                   Chastity is..............................                                              


Uncool                                                    Protection of my dignity as a human person

Just for religious people                      For every person in every state of life

Outdated                                               Sexual self-control

Only applicable to adults                     A foundation for real intimacy

Just about not having sex                  Purity of mind, body, and soul                                                                               

Always easy                                         Always possible with God’s help

                                                               What separates infatuation from true love

                                                               Worth it because I’m worth it, and so is my spouse




Why Should I Be Chaste?




God said so!

Chastity impacts future relationships… how much baggage do you want to carry into your next relationship or into your marriage?

Chastity protects the gift of sexuality… what an awesome gift – save it for the person who wants to spend the rest of their life with you and who is committed to you in marriage. Studies have shown that married people have the best sex!

Chastity moves the focus of the relationship from his/her body to the entire person – you can’t build a relationship on purely physical satisfaction and gratification.

Chastity forces us to exercise patience and self-control, which we will need in marriage

Chastity is the best guard against STDs and premarital pregnancies

Chastity helps us to respect ourselves and those we date.

Chastity is also a TIMESAVER!! If the person you date will not comply with your desire to save yourself to give yourself totally and completely to your future spouse, you can eliminate that fish from the sea. J

Chastity protects our bodies, hearts, minds and….most importantly – our SOULS!!!


Any girl that a guy dates is someone’s daughter and may become someone’s wife…

protect her

Any guy that a girl dates is someone’s son and may become someone’s husband…

protect him



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©    Secondary Virginity: Second Chances

If you made a mistake, God is merciful. Start over!!!   Click here to find out how. You rock!



©    A List of STD’s

So much more than AIDS…



©    Contraception: Birth Control and Condoms

Find out about these things that society throws at us – you’ll be amazed.




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You can reach us at, with any questions, concerns, comments, or anything else…we also have an AIM screen name, for more info about that click here. Be sure to visit our message board, to chat with other teens and young adults about topics related to chastity…be patient, the forum website is a bit on the slow side.


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