The ELT Two Cents Cafe
    The ELT Two Cents Cafe
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Cafe' first opened, June 1997; dormant from '99 to Feb., 2004
Last update February 3, 2006
Tucked in a corner of the clamorous cyber sprawl is the Two Cents Cafe', an evolving gallery for Applied Linguistics as well as EFL teachers, learners, and teachers who are learners. Here the weary web-traveler can find an oasis of tips, FAQs and other info about linguistics, teaching English as a Foreign/Second language...
and you can help

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tree tree emptytree Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
empty empty treetree Buber and Teaching Culture 
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empty emptytree empty O'Grady, William(Coming Soon)
empty emptyempty empty Chomsky, Noam on Teaching/Pedagogy
empty emptyempty empty Sperber, Dan & Wilson, Deirdre (Coming Soon)
empty empty empty  Ferris, Dana v.Truscott, John
Strozer:Language Acquisition After Puberty 
Review:More Reading Power 
EFL Chartroom'
What is it?
Classroom Tips: Read First updated
World Exchange Rates
Taiwan FAQ
China (PRC)FAQ
New China (PRC)FAQ
New Japan FAQ
Previous Japan FAQ
Korea FAQ (I)
Korea FAQ (II)
Middle East (Lower Gulf)
Sweden FAQ
Brasil FAQ
Thailand FAQ
Turkey FAQ
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Teacher's Loft
What is it?
The TOEIC Test: Discussion and analysis
Grammar in a communicative approach
Teaching the Silent Way
Teaching Reading
Links and Info Center
Conversation Text
Core Text
Dynamic Action Mazes
What are they?
Britain Needs You!
The Ghost in the Museum (Under Renovation)
Website Building
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