LOCATION: Xian, China
ARENA: Sumo Arena
DATE: February 13, 2003
  • IMMUNITY MAIN EVENT: IME- The Brawl on the China Wall
  • The two combatants wrestle on the Great China Wall. The goal of this immunity is to tire your opponent and throw him up and over the Great China Wall.
  • He who wins the IME, you cannot vote for.
Elimination Style Match
Whoever wins the elimination style match gets to choose who they want to fight first round in the tournament of Tokyo
Dynamite Newton vs Bryan Deverot vs Hardcore Hogan

IME - Normal Match
The idea is to throw your opponent over the wall (like a 2-man Royal Rumble)
The winner of this match you cannot vote for and is guaranteed a spot in Tokyo
Evan Drexxler vs Chris Copeland

"The Fall from the Wall"
(The lights dim in the arena. It is the last card before the final four square off, and one man will go home before the biggest night in wrestling.)

Jimmy: Welcome everyone to UWA Survivor II! We have two explosive matches tonight! And one of these matches goes down on the Great wall of China!
Rudolph: Yeah! And the match going down here in the arena is Bryan Deverot VS Hardcore Hogan VS Dynamite Newton!
Jimmy: These three men will duel in an elimination style match! I wonder if Hogan and Deverot will team up and eliminate Dynamite first?
Rudolph: And Evan Drexxler. What a story this man has had so far. And Copeland!? The guy is walking baggage! I wonder if he will be mentally ready for whatever remains for him in this thing.

Hardcore Hogan vs Bryan Deverot vs Dynamite Newton
(“Still I see no changes!” Fourpac emerges from behind the curtain followed by Newton! The crowd pops and the two head two ringside! Fourpac spins in circles, while Newton hypes the crowd up from the top rope.)

(WEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL, WELL IT’S THE BIIIIIIG SHOOOOW! Bryan Deverot saunters to the ring in his typical pink sweat soaked shirt and blue jeans. He is looking very trim compared to when he had originally started this tournament and he looks ready to rock tonight!)

(The opening riff from “Voodoo Child” erupts over the speakers and none other than a white tiger walks out with Hogan holding it’s leash! The cheers seem to have made the tiger jumpy and it looks like it’s panicking! Fans are pulling it’s fur and Hogan decides to let it go backstage to chill out.)

(The bell rings and the three men eye each other down. Newton locks up with Hogan and Deverot boots Newton in the ribs. Newton loses a bit of leverage and Hogan tosses him over the top and the crowd goes bananas! With Newton outside, Hogan turns to Deverot and wags his finger in Deverot’s face and sends him off the ropes! Deverot cartwheels out of the way of the big boot and replies with a flying cross body block! Hogan takes the brunt and as he falls, Newton mounts the top rope! When Hogan goes down Newton delivers a big splash to Hogan, who is trapped under Deverot!)

1…2…Hogan raises that greasy shoulder off the canvas and Newton instantly applies a sleeper to the Deverot.

(Hogan rolls out of the ring and rests his weary bones as Deverot tries to shakes Newton off of his back. Deverot finally crushes Newton in the corner and repeatedly hammers him against the turnbuckle until he releases his grip. Hogan gets in and drops hammer fists on Deverot’s back. Newton goes to the top again and crashes into the both of them.)

(Outside the ring, Fourpac is getting the crowd jacked up! He is prancing around outside and slapping high fives with the fans! Hogan is the first out the two to get up and he sends Newton off the ropes! Deverot gets up and they both throw Newton over the top rope as he crashes through the announcer table below! Newton looks incapacitated and Fourpac tends to his injured wrestler!)

(Hogan and Deverot go eye to eye once more and Deverot rifles Hogan with a shot. Hogan begins to shake. Deverot hits Hogan again! Still, no effect. Deverot punches a third time and Hogan blocks! Hogan fires back with a shot of his own, staggering Deverot. Hogan nails Deverot again and rocks him! Hogan whips Deverot off the ropes and levels him with a big boot to the face! Deverot is down, and Hogan runs of the ropes and crashes down on Deverot’s throat with his greasy leg drop!)

1…2…CRASH! Newton nails Hogan with a chair and covers Deverot for himself!

1…2…3! Bryan Deverot has been eliminated from competition!

(Hogan is hurt from the chair shot, and Newton rubs his back from crashing through a table. Hogan tries to get up and Newton sets up the chair in the turnbuckles! Newton Irish Whips Hogan, but the Hardcore Hulkamaniacs feed him power and he reverses it, sending Newton crashing into the corner! As Newton rebounds off the turnbuckle, Hogan floors him with a big boot to the face, and Hogan capitalizes quickly with his patented Greasy Leg Drop!)

1…2…Newton kicks out! Newton kicks out!

(Hogan looks shocked as his finisher couldn’t put Newton away. Hogan goes to a turnbuckle and rumages for a weapon. Newton tries to get up and pulls the chair out of the corner. But in his state, Newton drops it. Hogam spins around, baring a handful of powder. As Hogan holds out his hand to blow it in Newton’s face, Dynamite Newton boots the hand and the chalk powder goes in Hogan’s eyes! Hogan stumbles forward, and and Newton seizes the moment and delivers the Dynamite sweep onto the chair! Newton rolls him over for the win!?

1…2…3! Dynamite Newton wins the match and earns first pick of who he would like to face in the tournament!

Jimmy: WOW! Newton is in good form for the final four!
Rudolph: Hogan and Deverot even put their friendship on hold for this match, and it seems to have costed them large.
Jimmy: I wonder who Newton will pick as his first round opponent?

Evan Drexxler vs Chris Copeland

~ ~ ~ You know the truth~ ~ ~

(Copeland)) “You killed my wife, and you killed my daughter.”

~ ~ ~ Nothing left to face~ ~ ~

[[At the Jumpoff, Copeland dropping his head a puddle of vomit, alcohol and cigarette butts.]]

~ ~ ~ There’s nothing left to lose~ ~ ~

[[Copeland standing at the gravesite of his deceased family.]]

~ ~ ~ Nothing takes your place~ ~ ~

[[Photographs and images of Lissa and Audrey Copeland]]

~ ~ ~ When they say, you’re not that strong~ ~ ~

[[Drexxler grabbing Newton and hoisting him over his head for a massive gorilla press]]

~ ~ ~ You’re not that weak~ ~ ~

[[Copeland inside his hotel room with bloodshot eyes, strung out]]

~ ~ ~ It's not your fault~ ~ ~

[[Copeland being taken away with an injured knee from the first Ultimate Survivor.]]

~ ~ ~ And when you climb up to your hill, up to your place, I hope you’re well~ ~ ~

[[Copeland standing on the top rope bleeding from the head, smiling after a win]]

~ ~ ~ There’s nothing left to prove~ ~ ~

[[Copeland making Cliff Knight pass out from a sharpshooter]]

~ ~ ~ There's nothing I won’t do~ ~ ~

[[Drexxler going down to a superkick at Inertia in Indiana, as Chris Copeland watches him get pinned]]

~ ~ ~ There’s nothing like the pain, I feel for you~ ~ ~

[[Drexxler climbs the top rope and drop-kicks Hogan with authority]]

~ ~ ~ Nothing left to hide~ ~ ~

[[Copeland walking the aisle in a hospital gown]]

~ ~ ~ Nothing left to feel~ ~ ~

[[Copeland crying the locker room shower]]

~ ~ ~ I am always here~ ~ ~

[[Copeland surprising showing up to his last match at the first Ultimate Survivor]]

~ ~ ~ When they say, you’re not that strong~ ~ ~

[[Drexxler having his head smashed in my Pondababa with the door of a steel cage]]

~ ~ ~ You’re not that weak~ ~ ~

[[Chris Copeland driving his foot into the jaw of Chris Bomber with a Superkick.]]

~ ~ ~ It's not your fault~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ And when you climb up to your hill~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ Up to your place~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ I hope you’re well~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ What you want~ ~ ~

[[Evan Drexxler face down on the mat]]

~ ~ ~ What you lost~ ~ ~

[[Picture of 3 year old Audrey Copeland]]

~ ~ ~ What you had~ ~ ~

[[Picture of Lissa Copeland]]

~ ~ ~ What is gone is over~ ~ ~

[[Picture of Chris, Lissa, and Audrey]]

~ ~ ~ What you got~ ~ ~

[[Drexxler and Copeland staring each other down]]

Rudolph: This match has been hyped up so much that you’d almost think it was a video by Hype Williams!
Jimmy: Chris Copeland and Evan Drexxler, both have their own personal affairs as to why they should win this match.
Rudolph: Evan Drexxler is fighting in the name of education. He’s fighting against the powers that be at the top of the hierarchy of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance.
Jimmy: Chris Copeland, on the other hand, wants a personal revenge on someone for his wife and kids. Evan Drexxler is the unfortunate man who must square up against the irate Chris Copeland!
Rudolph: Don’t you remember last year, Jimmy? Chris Copeland fell victim to the downward hurricane heart punch of Evan Drexxler. Chris Copeland still must be having nightmares remembering the furious fist of Drexxler!
Jimmy: We have too pissed off people in one ring, Rudy!


Jimmy: This is going to be chaos and disorder!

(A miniature whirlwind is created and Evan Drexxler jumps through it with his hands raised in the air. The fans explode for this stunning superstar as he awaits for his opponent, Chris Copeland)

(“Aenema” by Tool blasts through the arena and Chris Copeland with eyes piercing on his target like a cigarette. Copeland arrows to the ring and points at the proud warrior named Evan Drexxler. Through the middle ropes, Copeland enters the ring and goes into the corner.)

Jimmy: Listen to the crowd, Rudy. This is insane!

(The bell sounds as the fans get restless on the edge of their seats. Drexxler and Copeland casual walk to the center of the ring and their eyes lock up like a chain linked fence. Chris Copeland trash talks a bit and Drexxler yells back in his enemies face. That’s when all hell breaks loose! Chris Copeland and Evan Drexxler unload their fists like it was Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre!)

(Slowly, Chris Copeland corners Drexxler into the corner. With raw strength, Chris Copeland irish whips Drexxler into the opposite end. Like a maniac let loose of a mental hospital, Chris Copeland immediately runs after Drexxler. The cunning Drexxler lifts his foot nailing Copeland to the ground. Drexxler elevates to the middle rope as Copeland staggers up to his feet. With a Buff Bagwell-like manoeuvre, Evan Drexxler sommersaults and grasps the head of Copeland. Copeland’s head bounces on the mat like basketball! Evan Drexxler charges off the ropes and performs a hurricane-like spinning frog splash onto the corpse of Chris Copeland!)

Jimmy: Evan Drexxler wants his school 4 life!

(With a hand full of hair, Copeland is guided to his toes. Drexxler attempts a piledriver but the quick and nimble Chris Copeland kicks his feet and places Drexxler’s head between his thighs! Chris Copeland falls back jamming Drexxler’s head in the ground like a nuclear bomb! Copeland covers the stunned T-Drexx.)

1… (Drexxler kicks out!)

Rudolph: Ouch, did you hear the sounds of Drexxler’s skull crashing in the canvas!

(Chris Copeland applies a one-legged Boston Crab adding a bit of gusto by grabbing the rope. The ref doesn’t see it and continues to check the condition of Drexxler.)

Jimmy: Copeland is a man possessed out there, Rudy!

(All of a sudden, the Ref notices the extra leverage of Copeland and equalizes the match by kicking the arm of Chris Copeland! Chris Copeland in furious venom holds his anger back at a retaliating referee. Evan Drexxler schoolboy pins Copeland!)

1…2 (Chris Copeland kicks out!)

(Evan Drexxler lies on the ground as Chris Copeland bounces off the middle rope with a lionsault! Playing possum, Drexxler dodges the flying body of Chris Copeland but Copeland cunningly lands on his feet! Drexxler stands up to his feet, only to be sent over the top rope with a blistering clothesline by the powerful arm of Chris Copeland! Evan Drexxler sleeps on the outside as Chris Copeland climbs the top rope. Copeland raises his arms feeding off the energy and excitement of the crowd. Chris Copeland flies in the air like an eagle missing a flying headbutt to the outside!)

Jimmy: Simply amazing! Copeland is going all out in this one!

(Evan Drexxler scoops up Copeland pushing him back into the ring. Opening up his repertoire, Evan Drexxler completes one of the most devastating pumphandle powerbombs ever seen in wrestling show biznas. The fans go wild as Drexxler poses for the crowd! Drexxler hooks the leg for the pin.)

1…2. (Chris Copeland kicks out!)

(Eying his opportunity, Evan Drexxler climbs the top rope signalling for the European Economics Elbow Drop. Like the late great Macho Man Randy Savage, Drexxler soars through the oxygen and air particles missing his trademark manoeuvre!)

Jimmy: Oh my!!! The elbow drop was missed!!!

(Evan Drexxler slowly rises to his feet only to be dropped on the ground with a running bulldog by the hands of Chris Copeland. Copeland continues the onslaught by delivering 2 more bulldogs with a repetitious victimizing flow. Fatigued, Drexxler stands on his toes and Chris Copeland atomic drops Evan Drexxler. Drexxler grabs his groin and slides underneath the bottom rope. Chris Copeland frantically runs off the other end and baseball slides. But Evan Drexxler catches the leg of Copeland and drags him out of the ring into his humble abode. Drexxler applies a tiring bearhug to the crippler, Chris Copeland. Relentlessly, Drexxler charges and rams the spine of Chris Copeland into the solid steel pole. Copeland rolls outside but Drexxler drags Copeland back into the ring.)

Jimmy: This is a see-saw battle to the berry end!

(Chris Copeland steamrolls to the corner with his eyes glazed with watery substance. Drexxler falls victim to the match-changing low blow! Chris Copeland smiles as Evan Drexxler drops again grabbing his battered and beaten groin. Copeland stumbles to his toes and places Evan Drexxler into the position of a Russian legsweep… Evan Drexxler’s eyes light up!!! Drexxler delivers a shattering Cash Cobra Side Russian Legsweep Flow!!! Drexxler lands on Chris Copeland for the pin!)

1…2…3/4 (Chris Copeland kicks out!!!)

(Evan Drexxler stands up and is utterly shocked by the endurance of Chris Copeland! Chris Copeland worms to the corner and Drexxler suffocates his tired enemy with his boot. Drexxler continues the pain until the ref stops the blatant choke.)

Jimmy: Drexxler is getting desperate out there!

(Evan Drexxler grasps Copeland and Irish whips him into the corner. Chris Copeland’s eyes light up like a brushfire as Evan Drexxler charges! Chris Copeland unloads a severing superkick at the running Evan Drexxler! Drexxler bounces back and falls to the ground! Copeland quickly goes for the cover!)

1…2…3/4 (Drexxler kicks out!)

Jimmy: OH MY! Both fighters have kicked out of each others finishers!

(Evan Drexxler stumbles to his feet and Chris Copeland discharges yet another superkick into the face of Evan Drexxler! Drexxler falls down like a domino and Chris Copeland climbs the top rope...)

Rudolph: Chris Copeland is going up top, Jimmy!

(Chris Copeland looks around the china men in crowd and ascends in the air… Copeland executes a Macho Man Elbow Smash to the frame of Evan Drexxler. Drexxler convulses on the ground feeling the force of the elbow of Chris Copeland!!! Copeland covers the hurt man!)

1…2…3 (Chris Copeland beats Evan Drexxler!)

(Chris Copeland rolls off his opponent and rests for a few seconds grabbing his ribs in pain. Like a true fighter, Chris Copeland staggers up to the mat and demands a microphone. The fans go silent.)

Chris Copeland: Yeah… Hey Drexxler…

Chris Copeland: Hey Drexxler, about my wife and kid being dead..... I Lied!

(Chris Copeland drops the microphone on Evan Drexxler, smiling.)

Jimmy: It was all a game! That lying no good son-of-a-b-tch!!! SON-OF-A-B-TCH!!!

(Drexxler slowly regains consciousness as Chris Copeland disappears. Evan Drexxler shakes his head back and fourth with focus.)

Jimmy: That no good Chris Copeland!!! He played as a bunch of fools!!! All of us, Rudy!!!!

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