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Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley was the UWA's Greatest Wrestler according to the Fates Tournament. Bradley placed a second place in the over-sized 64 man tournament after losing to "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash in the finals. Bruiser Bradley was no joke of a wrestler. His Hardcore Style, was like none others. I can remember when Tommy Bradley delivered the South Troy Stomp into a beer keg, through multiple tables, and through Big Show Bryan Deverot's Picnic Table. No other man has ever done that before, so when you hear the words Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley, it's the true definition of Hardcore Wrestling. 21-7-1

Big John Hoss didn't exactly have the greatest talent in the UWA but he had heart. He fought a tough match against the career ender, Klyde Kooger Klancey in a barbed wire match, literally getting his face torn apart by the goliath. Hoss was rushed to the hospital where he is still receiving medical treatment.

After winning the 64-man tournament, Kevin Nash's career was only going up. Kevin Nash won the Heavyweight Title after going through 63 other men, beating Tommy Bradley at Ultimania. Also forming the Kliq with Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and the Rock, they were a force to be reckoned with, but it broke up after problems against the Corporation. Kevin Nash's was good friends with Scott Hall and they later became tag team title holders, and Kevin Nash's good-bye ceremony took place on Tuesday, July 27, 1999.

Big Easy is a former CEO of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. He was the orignal UWA Million Dollar Man and had a lucrative bank account with plenty of cash money. Big Easy's greatest highlight is winning the King of Extreme (KoE) Tournament. He plowed his way through 15 other men in specialty matches, which included the great Subway Brawl and the classic Battle on a Boeing 747. Other career highlights included holding the IC title longer then anyone else, UWA World Heavyweight, and Extreme title. Big Easy was very respected individual by the wrestlers and staff of the UWA and with ease put his name on the legend wall.

It's time for everyone to come aboard the Coooo-Chese Train! Cochese was defending his TV Title, NATION WIDE, and we all know that defendin' the TV Title ain't Easy! Although many others didn't believe that Cochese made a huge impact in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, he did. Cochese was a great wrestler in the UWA, who started off badly, but finished as one of the biggest f-cking stars in the UWA. That's right. With his patented finishing maneouvre "The top rope small package", Cochese won the IC Title Holder, the TV Title and the World Title. His ultimate fate in the fates tournament made Cochese a proud owner of the Cochese Jean Company.

Wellll, It's the Big Show!. Wearing his usual pink sweat-soaked t-shirt and his blue jeacns, Byron Deverot was one of the weirdest wrestlers to ever step foot in the UWA. Some of his crushing moves included: the Jabron (A jumping double foot stomp from the top rope) and the Deverot Driver (a lifting reverse DDT). Deverot always had a story about his past being a Jazz musician in the Pigmy's House of Blues. Big Show was on a Highway to all the UWA titles, but problems with authority, lead him to prison. One of his main accomplishments was that he finished off the career of Brian Eidson, because Eidson's move had no effect on the Big Show.

Klyde Kooger Klancey was known for ending careers. Shattering careers of Big Hoss, Sgt. Savage, Dave The Genetic Freak, Mr Tibbs, Apocolypse, and a couple of other names. Klancey was the first wrestler to reach 20 victories, and finished off his career with a record of 22-17-0. He, without a doubt, had the largest number of enemies in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. At a certain point Klyde Kooger Klancey teamed up with Axl Himmeler in a tag team lottery where he became one-half of the undisputed tag team champions. He also competed in the finals of the King of Extreme Tournament where he lost to the Big Easy in the Battle of the Boeing 747, after his parachute prematurely deployed.

Lunacy has shown great leadership bringing in his own group called the Tru Thugz, during the period of Stable Wars. With the formation of the Tru Thugz, there was a conflict between him and President Pondababa over Lunacy bringing in all of his family in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. One of his other conflicts was with the racist Klyde Kooger Klancey, which hasn't exactly been fully settled.

No other man has ever had as interesting fighting style as Hardcore Hulk Hogan. His method was to hid weapons in turnbuckles reveiling them at some point in a match. Possible weapons include a moldy ham sandwich, a dead cat, a cell phone (to call Tommy Bruiser) and an eraser. Now that's hardcore for you. Hardcore Hogan is a former UWA world champion, UWA intercontinental and extreme title holder. Another one of his accomplishments was when he formed a tag team with his partner Carter Carson. The two went on to be tag team champions after showing what it's like to be sent to "Hardcore Heaven".

The Local Yokels sparked up a massive stable war in the entire fed. If you didn't have any back-up, you basically were a goner. There was the Kliq, the Ass-Kicking Gang, the Disciples of Death, the Tru Thugz and the Local Yokels, that comprised of the tag team of One-Eyed Willie and Texas Yokel.

Damian Edge crashed through 32 men to become number one in the 32 man tournament in 2001. You are certain to enter "Damian's Domain", if you ever have the chance to wrestle this mind-bending wrestler. The wrath of Damian Edge's Breakdown cut "The Indiana Terminator" into pieces in one of the most memorable feuds in the history of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. Damian Edge is a former UWA World Heavyweight Title Holder and he will take you to the edge and back.

Pain Express is a talented hardcore wrestler who claims to the be the master of the specialty match. This hardcore wrestler made his mark after coming in second place in the 2001 32-man tournament against Damian Edge. Pain Express has a great future ahead of him and has already made the legends list in the UWA because of his efforts. He is also a former undisputed Intercontinental Champion.

Former United States Astronaut Trent Greene was a different kind of wrestler. His over five years serving Nasa, served its purpose in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance learning high flying acrobatic maneuvres. He is reknown for his incredible rope dropping skills from the top of arenas. Trent Greene earned his keep as a legend because of his finising move (a big splash from the top of the arena hung on by a rope.

AHHHHH, THAT'S BETTA!!! The Hardcore Juggernaut of UWA Survivor I, Johnny Damage was THE most innovative wrestler existing. For "Hardcore Hooligan" Johnny Damage, kickiní ass and bustiní heads is an understatement. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Johnny Damage fell victim to Cliff Knight in a lumbermatch surrounded by flames. Cutting off the lumberjacks and cutting off his reach for hardcore tools, Cliff Knight was victorious in the sold out Caesar's Palace. Johnny Damage, with his runner-up position for UWA Survivor I, and numerous accomplishments, has becomes a legend of the UWA

After 60 days of cutting his teeth battling in the UWA Survivor, Cliff Knight earned a big trophy, a big check and is the only one in the World with an Ultimate Survivor ring. In Las Vegas, Nevada, "The Premier Athlete" Cliff Knight defeated Johnny Damage in the finals while the ring was burning away, cutting the canvas into smaller and smaller. His technical skills shined and it cut off Damage's hardcore advantage. Cliff Knight will be remembered as one of the top dogs of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance and has officially become a legend. Yeah, F#ck Yeah.

It was in Tokyo, Japan where Evan Drexxler proved to the entire world that he could do it. Evan Drexxler adds a UWA Survivor II title to his huge list of accomplishes bulldozing through sneaky ol' Chris Copeland in a lumberjack iron man match. The man of a million nicknames- Evan Drexxler was known for his Immunity Main Event victories in UWA Survivor I literally hanging on by a thread and needle. Some might of called it luck that he made it that far in the first Survivor. Many didn't believe that Evan Drexxler was a good-quality wrestler. SO for all those non-believers, here's proof that Evan Drexxler is one of the key players. Evan Drexxler is now a principal (with Myron and Roberto) and is healthily funding children in need of a higher education.

For sixty-seven days, Chris Copeland used every single dirty trick in the book to gain leverage in UWA Survivor II. Introduced as a depressed homeless alcoholic on the street, Chris Copeland clawed all the way to second place in UWA Survivor II, hoaxing the entire roster like gullible gnats. The biggest unforeseen scam that has ever occured in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance was when Chris Copeland invented the death of his wife. Chris Copeland swindled Cliff Knight firstly sending the blame in his direction... After Knight's elimination, the blame was swapped in the direction of none-other-than Evan Drexxler. But the ploy did not work on Evan Drexxler. Chris Copeland hole-heartidly deserves this spot in the legends list- he has been through 127 days of hell, each day just as bad as the next. Chris Copeland is a competitor to the bitter end.

Dan "The Destroyer" is the newest addition to the Ultimate Wreslting Alliance hall of fame.

 Ch 1: [11/12/02] The Jump Off
 Ch 2: [15/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Ch 3: [19/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Ch 4: [23/12/02]Arctic Anarchy
 Ch 5: [28/12/02]Redwood Retina Reflector
 Ch 6: [03/01/03]Malice in the Palace
 Ch 7: [09/01/03]Bloody Shores
 Ch 8: [13/01/03]Farm Frenzy
 Ch 9: [17/01/03]Electri-city
 Ch 10: [21/01/03]Inertia in Indiana
 Ch 11: [25/01/03]Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [13/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [18/02/03]Shuriken
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