Where do YOU stand?

1st Place: Evan Drexxler "Some men were once snakes, some snakes once men. So often they changed than changed back again, that they forgot where they began." [Evan Drexxler (10-6-4) placed 3rd in UWA Survivor I. He wanted to show that he was could come back and be the top dog for UWA Survivor II. Drexxler had a good reason to fight. Drexxler competed to save the school from the maniacal hands of President Pondababa. President Pondababa threatened the lives of many future doctors, dentists and policemen but Drexxler overcame the tallest obstacle he's ever had to fight for. In Tokyo, Japan, Evan Drexxler won three straight matches to attain the UWA Survivor II title. The iron man lumberjack match was where Evan Drexxler took the victory against the master of mindgames Chris Copeland. Evan Drexxler will remain in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance record books, forever.] 2nd Place: Chris Copeland "He has become very self-destructive and lives for the highest of highs, but faces the consequences of these actions." [Sneaky Ol' Chris Copeland (11-5-5) was truly a manipulative master as he had decreed in the first UWA Survivor. Copeland burried many opponents by throwing them off of their game before their matches. Copeland also took the pride of being the last wrestler to suffer a loss on the UWA roster. Chris Copeland and Evan Drexxler fueded heavily in the tail end of the UWA Survivor tournament and it was a picture perfect ending as Copeland suffered one of his few losses to Evan Drexxler in the finals of the tournament.]
3rd Place: Dynamite Newton "Dynamite does everything for the fans. Works for them. Kicks ass to be cheered and drinks beers for more cheers." [Dynamite Newton (7-8-0) was underestimated the entire UWA Survivor II. This guy started slow and picked up momentum like a runaway freight train. With Fourpac by his side, it seemed like Newton could do no wrong. The fans loved him more than Big Macs! But all good things must come to an end as Dyanamite Newton fell short in the Ladder Match to determine the two finalists. The fans will remember Dynamite Newton as the most entertaining wrestler in the UWA Survivor II.] 4th Place: Hardcore Hogan "Old, greasy, and he's fallen off his rocker. This is Hulk Hogan like you've never seen him before." [Hardcore Hogan (6-11-0) did the classic Hogan return! He does it all the time. Hardcore Hogan cannot leave the wrestling bizness alone. He stomped his way all the way to fourth place but his destiny truely ended in the 4-man tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Along with his friend Bryan Deverot, these two old-timers have shown that they're still old enough to compete. Hardcore Hogan was known for his weird in-ring skills including bringing a dead cat in a garbage bag, blowing bubbles in the ring and bringing a walnut to give him energy in the ring. You know he'll be back. HE'LL ALWAYS BE BACK!]
5th Place: Bryan "Big Show" Deverot "A chicken-eating skull-bustin wrestler from Trenton, New Jersey. This man learned to kill while playing jazz at Pigmy's House of Blues [Bryan Deverot (8-4-1) The "Big Show" Bryan Deverot made a huge impact on the UWA as he returned. After a loss to Chris Copeland, Deverot decided to hack the fat off of his body through hardcore cardiovascular training. With his better health, Deverot managed to earn fifth place. Deverot is remembered for defeating Klyde Kooger Klancey in a real barn burner of an IME.] 6th Place: Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley "UWA legend, the definition of the words EXTREME HARDCORE, go ahead and look it up in Webster's. Dip chewing, beer drinking, babe bangin bastard from the streets of South Troy NEW YORK!" [Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley (7-4-1) came back to the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance seeking the UWA Survivor II title. Bradley smashed a cornicopia of heads before being voted out. Many believed it was before his time, and he will be back for more hardcore killin'. His feud with Hardcore Hooligan is legendary and is still unresolved. One of the most notable moments is when Bradley beat Klyde Kooger Klancey in grand fashion. Bradley was a respected leader in the locker room and he is an easy going guy.]
7th Place: Johnny Damage "The Hardcore Hooligan" Johnny Damage 20 words: Cigarette smokin, beer guzzling, singapore cane swingin psychopath Punk Rocker with a vicious mean streak and innovative Hardcore wrestling." [Johnny Damage (6-7-3) was considered a big threat and the other wrestlers banded together to eliminate the threat that was... The "Hardcore Juggernaut". Damage had many memorable battles with the other legends of Hardcore, Tommy Bradley, and Hardcore Hogan. Although Damage and Bradley never finished their fued because of the abrupt dissmissal, it is specualted that Damage and Bradley may lock horns one last time in the future. Since the UWA Survivor II tournament, Damage is living comfortably endorsing; "Hooligan's Brew" a popular beer on the west coast.] 8th Place: Chris Bomber "Desires to be the best all around wrestler ever. Loyal, Confident, Natural Born Leader, The King of X-Treme!" [Chris Bomber (3-8-1) Came to the UWA with a big bang and fizzled out fast. Pulling off a huge upset over the notorious Hardcore Juggernaut known as Johnny Damage, he seemed to be on top of the world. Slowly the intensive competition ate away at Chris Bomber until he lost three straight matches at the midway unethical tournament and was voted out by fellow competitors. Chris Bomber was a likeable guy backstage, and he will be remembered fondly.]
9th Place: Chainsaw Masaca "Texas-born maniac, a bad childhood turned him to violence. He wrestles to release his anger."[Chainsaw Masaca [6-4-2] Started a wee bit slowly and left the UWA with more wins than losses. His smasher style earned him a begrudging respect from the other wrestlers whether they'd like to admit it or not. Chainsaw Masaca survived elimination numerous times along the way before being voted out in the ninth position of the UWA Survivor II. Chainsaw's most memorable moment was defeating both Jason Ross and Lou Carbo on the Mountain Top IME.] 10th Place: Cliff Knight "Wealthy, good looking, conceited and obnoxious, Cliff Knight has it all. Simply the best, simply CK." [Cliff Knight (4-3-1) "THE Premier Athlete. The winner of the first Survivor eliminated in the tenth position. Sustaining an injury in his last fight, Cliff Knight wowed the crowd one last time before having to bow out for surgery. Survivor II held many ups and downs for Cliff Knight and the UWA wishes him all the best in the future.]
11th Place: Klyde Kooger Klancey "If you hate racists, then this man is the ultimate heel. The career-ender of the UWA has returned" [Klyde Kooger Klancey (3-3-1) The ultimate heel finally met his demise at the hands of his longtime nemesis, Bryan Deverot. Although the enemies were bitter to the end, Deverot saved Klancey from the burning wreckage of the barn that Triple K had been pinned in. It is rumoured that since saving his life, Deverot and Klancey are on talking terms.] 12th Place: Paul Duffy "Talented, Dedicated, Cocky, Has what it takes." [In another unexpected loss to the UWA, Paul "The Foundation of Sensation) (2-3) fell victim in Honolulu, Hawaii. This again shows the unpredictability and how important it is to make friends in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. Paul Duffy had an excellent fight in Hawaii after destroying two of his friends, Evan Drexxler and Dynamite Newton. But who's still in the UWA? Because Hardcore Hogan lost the IME, Paul Duffy got voted off by his "friends". And this was a low-down-dirty-shame. But that's life. You need connections to survive.]
13th Place: Dark Avenger "6-2 325lbs.masked wrestler that’s society’s nightmare, rulebreaker to the max,has “dark satanic” ways like Kevin Sullivan." [Dark Avenger (4-1) was on a tear the whole time he was in the UWA. Dark Avenger only lost one match and it was an elimination match. Votes from his teammates earned him a spot in the IME and they worked together to eliminate the undefeated fighter. Dark Avenger is remembered best for dragging Paul Duffy away with his motorcycle and defeating Chris Bomber in back to back matches. Dark Avenger is a harsh example of how unpredictable UWA Survivor 2 can be.] 14th Place: Jason "The Sensation" Ross "20 year old cocky superstar sensation. Won the NCAA Title 5 times in 6 months." [Jason "The Sensation" Ross(1-3-0) was defeated in the Sierra Nevada in San Francisco, California. This day marks the time when him and his two chronies-Carbo and Village Idiot have all been abolished from the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. Ross has gone back to Seattle, Washington where he does a stand-up act with Carbo and Village Idiot on "Just for Laughs"]
15th Place: Lou "Insane" Carbo "An old school hardcore wrestler who cares more about entertaining the fans than winning matches." [Lou Carbo (1-4): With a single immunity main event win under his belt, Lou Carbo is sent back home to Birmingham, Alabama after losing at the King of the Hill in Juneau, Alaska. After the fisherman's wharf victory, Lou Carbo found his true strength in life. Carbo now works at a fishing company on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.] 16th Place: Pain Express "A tough and serious man with the agenda of getting respect and terminating some people along the way" [Pain Express (0-4) found his spot in the lowdown after losing in a Fisherman's Wharf Immunity Main Event. This is one stock you should not invest your money with. Pain Express has gone back home to Indiana and has become a Pastor in the name of the Lord. Don't worry guys, Pain Express will be back in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance- he always comes back, guaranteed.]

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