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 Roleplay Board: Roleplay Boards are simply your in character roleplays. You may use Creighton Duke, Ashleigh Engels, Gary Coleman, Simmy Upchul as much as you like in your promo's. Advertising of any kind should go on the Out of Character Board. There are no boundaries to the imagination of your roleplaying.

 Out of Character Board: Out of Character boards are self-explanatory. This board is meant for out of character responses, such as questions, comments, explanations, or if you are bored, et cetera, et cetera. We'll post on the out of character board when the new cards are up. We welcome advertising of any sort on the out of character board.

 Ch 1: [11/12/02] The Jump Off
 Ch 2: [15/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Ch 3: [19/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Ch 4: [23/12/02]Arctic Anarchy
 Ch 5: [28/12/02]Redwood Retina Reflector
 Ch 6: [03/01/03]Malice in the Palace
 Ch 7: [09/01/03]Bloody Shores
 Ch 8: [13/01/03]Farm Frenzy
 Ch 9: [17/01/03]Electri-city
 Ch 10: [21/01/03]Inertia in Indiana
 Ch 11: [25/01/03]Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [13/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [18/02/03]Shuriken
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