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"The Ultimate Wrestling Alliance spread like germs in the Spring of 1999 when it kicked things off with an enormously successful Sixty-four Man Tournament. Many extraordinary competitors showed off their skills in an exciting 64 man bracket including Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley, Brian "King of Extreme" Eidson, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Fantasticus, "The Natural" Dan Benson and Terror. After the 64 gun salute, Kevin Nash was victorious over 63 other men and was pronounced the king of the 64 man tournament.

The King of Extreme Tournament in the summer of 2000 had many gifted wrestlers who had a fetish of dishing out violence especially the fatal winner, Big Easy. Some of the matches of the KOE Tournament included a scuba match, a subway brawl, the battle of Beijing and the legendary Boeing 747 match with our two finalists Big Easy and Klyde Kooger Klancey. The King of Extreme Tournament was/is/ always will be a significant style of wrestling in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance and may carry on to larger televised leagues.

To draw attention to a talented tag team roster, the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance introduced a Tag Team Lottery in August of 2000. Once again, the winner was the racist Klyde Kooger Klancey with his tag team partner Axl Himmeler with a defeat over Crock and Cochese. The racist attitudes of Axl Himmeler and Klyde Kooger Klancey, together, was overwhelming for the entire organization as they became the most destructive tag team to ever wrestle in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance.

The ultimate failure in tournaments was the Thirty-two Man Tournament after an impressive winning streak from the abominable Damian Edge. Including many wrestlers from the Northern Championship Wrestling, the Bridges of Wolverine County (David "Wolverine Cote & Taylor Bridges) couldn't compete with the wrath of Damian Edge's Breakdown. In the finals, there were two outstanding competitors, Damian Edge and "The Indiana Terminator" Pain Express, who had to fight three fights in order to finally find the winner of the 32-man tournament.

The highly successful UWA Survivor I was won by "THE Premier Athlete" Cliff Knight with "Hardcore Hooligan" Johnny Damage as a runner-up. It's such an easy concept- every four days someone gets kicked out of the Ultimate Survivor until one final person remains. He, who survives, these 60 days, is crowned the Ultimate Survivor. UWA Survivor I had all sorts of great goodies in it including: a 16-man & 8-man & 4-man unethical tournament, Battle on a Boeing, Ladder Matches, A siamese twin match, a Beach Brawl and oh so much more. With Kingsly and Pondababa in their prime, with Gary Coleman as the official spokesperson, with Rudolph and Jimmy back to their old tricks, with Simmy Upchul as the official oddsman and with Creighton Duke and Ashleigh Engels as the troubleshooting reporters; it can't go wrong! The UWA Survivor, innovated by the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, is just a start to the future.

 Chapter 1: The Jump Off
 Chapter 2:Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Chapter 3:Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Chapter 4:Arctic Anarchy
 Chapter 5:Redwood Retina Reflector
 Chapter 6:Malice in the Palace
 Chapter 7:Bloody Shores
 Chapter 8:Farm Frenzy
 Chapter 9:Electri-city
 Chapter 10:Inertia in Indiana
 Chapter 11: Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [13/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [18/02/03]Shuriken
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