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If you understand the concepts of UWA Survivor II and you have read the "how to play" section on the homepage, then here is a list of rules that you must accept before entering the UWA Survivor II. If there are any questions how to play, first read the HOW TO PLAY link, if that does not help send an email to prez_pondababa@yahoo.com. After UWA Survivor II, the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance will not be continuing as a league. So we are only having the UWA Survivor II competition than we are immediately shutting down.

1. When the opportunity arises (your team lost), you must cast and vote for a team member.
2. Do not repeat yourself over and over again, if you make more than one roleplay for the card. Quality over Quantity, this rule enforces that.
3. Only original wrestlers are accepted into the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance.
4. For the "Submit an Angle" & "Match Planner", the presidents will do their best to take in the wrestlers input as best as possible.
5. No attacking/using other wrestlers in your roleplay, unless, you've asked them for permission.
6. Results are based on roleplaying skills, angles and gimmicks.
7. Never create a message in caps locked because it will be deleted.
8. Don't lose your temper if you lose and are actually kicked out. Because there will be only one winner and 15 other people just like you will have the same fate, guaranteed.
9. 1 wrestler maximum per handler
10. The staff has complete authority and control of your charcter for the results and angles assigned of any and all matches.
11. There's is no maximum in roleplaying
12. This is more advice. The best way to get far in UWA Survivor II is by 1) RPing, 2) Using the angle idea, interference, card promo and match plan links

 Ch 1: [11/12/02] The Jump Off
 Ch 2: [15/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Ch 3: [19/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Ch 4: [23/12/02]Arctic Anarchy
 Ch 5: [28/12/02]Redwood Retina Reflector
 Ch 6: [03/01/03]Malice in the Palace
 Ch 7: [09/01/03]Bloody Shores
 Ch 8: [13/01/03]Farm Frenzy
 Ch 9: [17/01/03]Electri-city
 Ch 10: [21/01/03]Inertia in Indiana
 Ch 11: [25/01/03]Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [13/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [18/02/03]Shuriken
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