LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawaii
ARENA: Aloha Stadium
  • IMMUNITY MAIN EVENT: IME- Cruisin' for a Brusin'
  • Put on your sunscreen and strap on your lifejackets. We're fighting on a Cruise Ship.
  • The point of this match is to throw your opponent of the Cruise Ship. WHICHEVER TEAM THAT WRESTLER WAS ON, THAT TEAM MUST CAST THEIR VOTES NO LATER THAN 1 DAY AFTER THIS CARD
Loser is kicked out of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance
Chainsaw Masaca vs Dark Avenger vs Chris Copeland

Klyde Kooger Klancey vs Bryan Deverot

Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley vs Cliff Knight

Paul Duffy vs Evan Drexxler vs Dynamite Newton

IME - Crusin' for a Bruisin'
Hardcore Hogan vs Johnny Damage vs Chris Bomber

"The Bloody Shores"
Loser is kicked out of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance
Chainsaw Masaca vs Dark Avenger vs Chris Copeland

[In the back room]

(A dark figure of a man wearing a cloak is shown. He has his head down staring at his satanic bible. In the eeriest tone of voice he whispers: “Deo volente, Veni, vidi, vinci, E pluribus unum.” The camera swoops around and in front of the dark man is Chainsaw Masaca on one knee with his left and right arms out. His eyeballs are tucked in his eyelids. Dark Avenger gives a creepy laugh that eventually trails off into a the darkness of the night)

(“Aenema” by Tool begins to play. Wearing orange ring attire, Chris Copeland erupts from the entrance way hands in the air [like he just don’t care].)

Jimmy: Chris Copeland looks jacked up for this one, Rudy.

(The hellish beats of “Beyond the Black” by Metal Church blares and to the surprise of the audience comes Chainsaw Masaca! Masaca’s eyes are just white as he waves around his chainsaw! Masaca drops to his right knee and Dark Avenger appears with his arms out like Satan, himself. Sparks begin to sprout out when Masaca starts cutting at the turnbuckle with his chainsaw.)

Rudolph: It looks like Chainsaw Masaca is possessed!
Jimmy: Dammit! Dammit! Chris Copeland is in a whole load of trouble for this one.
Rudolph: Avenger’s timing is flawless! This is a triple threat!

(You can tell by the eyes of Chris Copeland that he’s determined to when this and not let his potential team down. But how? The odds are against him already. Dark Avenger points at Chris Copeland and Masaca worms into the ring. He attempts a double-ax handle but Copeland goes low with an elbow-shot to the abdomen. Masaca retreats to the corner and swings his hair back. His eyes are white like the clouds. The goliath Dark Avenger lowers his head and rams Chris Copeland in the stomach. Copeland rolls out of the ring to the outside and into the railing.) (Dark Avenger points to the outside and Masaca does a suicide dive to the outside. Masaca, like a freight train, crashes into Chris Copeland and he flies into the audience. The Copeland section of the audience pat their favourite wrestler on the back. Dark Avenger continues to raise his hands in the air as Chris Copeland is getting annihilated by the brainwashed Chainsaw Masaca. In the audience, Masaca and Copeland are going shot-to-shot. Masaca levels Copeland with a humungous right fist and he flies into middle-aged man on his chair. Drinks are getting spilled as Dark Avenger watches from the distance.)

Jimmy: Masaca and Copeland are going to town!

(Chainsaw Masaca irish whips Chris Copeland into a pile of chairs. The chairs get scattered with Copeland’s spine feeling the impact. Masaca is a one man wrecking machine. Chris Copeland slowly gets back to his feet and Masaca swings a chair right into his forehead. A bit of blood oozes from his head as Avenger laughs in the ring untouched.)

Jimmy: Have you ever seen this before? Avenger is controlling Masaca like a puppet! Like a puppet, Rudy!

(Copeland lies somewhere in the middle of the audience in the Aloha Stadium with a single spot light shining on the shiny Masaca. Copeland sluggishly stands up but receives a full-forced bull-charge by the powerful Chainsaw Masaca. Chris Copeland backward somersaults over a foot of a lady in red in the audience. A bunch of kids circle around the fight and the camera man pushes his way in. Masaca drops a forty pound elbow on the chest of Copeland and then cracks him with the butt-end of a chair repeatedly. The eyes of Masaca have no pupils.)

Rudolph: Copeland is getting killed out there!

(Suddenly, another spot light lights up in the crowd. The green-haired Cliff Knight is running like a maniac to the fight scene! He has a pail of water in his hand as he splashes a face-full of H20 into Chainsaw Masaca, the man the wholesomely hates. Knight carries the pale with his right hand to the backroom. And Masaca raises his head. His eyes are no longer white. Copeland gets up from the ground and swings a chair at the head of Masaca! But he holds it in front one inch away from the nose!)

Rudolph: Is Masaca seeing straight?

(Dark Avenger is standing on his tippy-toes getting a birds-eye view of the finished fight between Masaca and Copeland. From a distance, he sees Chris Copeland shaking hands with Chainsaw Masaca! He crushes his fist and re-arranges his mask.)

(Dark Avenger, as angry as a mofo, steps over the top rope. Like a bullet shot from a gun, Dark Avenger charges at Chainsaw Masaca from behind with a steel chair! CRACK! Masaca, as he gains consciousness, is hit with the solid chair and tumbles to the ground like a dog’s breakfast. Dark Avenger stretches his arm out like the towering terror he is grabbing the throat of Chris Copeland! Chris Copeland retaliates with a right choke of his own! Dark Avenger clenches his fist tight and lifts Copeland in the air! Avenger does a shot-put-like shot and chucks Chris Copeland into another pile of chairs!)

Jimmy: Chris Copeland has fallen into three stacks of chairs already!

(Copeland, like a warrior, gets back up and receives a big boot to the face. He doesn’t fall into a pile of chairs this time but he falls on the hard concrete floor! Holding his head like a migraine, Copeland kicks his feet on the ground! Chainsaw Masaca is back up to his feet and Dark Avenger looks very displeased. Masaca drags Avenger like a playtoy all the way back to the ring. Avenger tosses Masaca over the top rope and he crashes on the mat in pain.)

(Dark Avenger rolls into the ring and again squeezes the throat of Chainsaw Masaca with both hands. Like a crane, he hoists Masaca high into the air with a double-handed chokeslam! Masaca revives off the ground and is striped of humanity with a stan Hansen-like clothesline! Chainsaw Masaca falls to the ground back-to-the-ground like an unconscious mess. Avenger raises his hands in the air and spits a huge mist of green moisture in the face of Chainsaw Masaca! Masaca kicks his feet like a new-born baby and Dark Avenger goes for the pin!)

1…2…3/4 (Chainsaw Masaca with the heart of a lion kicks out!)

(Masaca wipes his eyes and doesn’t even see Dark Avenger on the top rope! Like an eagle, Avenger defies gravity with a frogsplash from the top turnbuckle! Avenger lands it with perfect execution and grabs a head full-of-hair.)

Jimmy: That’s his signature for the Burning Hammer!

(Dark Avenger lifts Chainsaw Masaca over his shoulders in the position of the Deathwish… He turns around… BOOOOOM! Chris Copeland, out of nowhere, connects with a superkick to the face of Dark Avenger! Masaca tumbles off the shoulders of Dark Avenger. Copeland is guiding Chainsaw Masaca off the ground whispering something in his ear.)

Rudolph: Dark Avenger got rocked!!! Copeland out of nowhere!!!

(Dark Avenger slowly is placed into the position of the Osaka Street Cutter. Masaca from behind lifts Avenger into the air… A modified stunner combined with the boot of Chris Copeland misplaces the neck of Dark Avenger and is rocked with both finishers at the same time! Avenger falls at a 270 degree angle with the impact of the Osaka Street Cutter and the Superkick! Masaca hooks the leg for the pin.)

1…2…3 (It’s the downfall of Dark Avenger! Dark Avenger’s first loss kicks him out of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance Survivor II!)

Jimmy: Dark Avenger is booted out of the UWA!
Rudolph: We’ve seen him plow through the UWA like a steamroller. And his first loss is his biggest and only loss he’ll ever have for UWA Survivor II.

(Copeland and Masaca give each other a hugging handshake as the ref raises both their hands in the air as the victors of the match!)

[Backstage: In Pondababa’s office]

(The office of President Pondababa is filled with children. No not because he is a pedophile. But Evan Drexxler has his classroom in there for security reasons. Pondababa sees Cliff walking down the hallway and runs after him)

Pondababa: Dammit, children. Outtatheway!

(Pondababa places his hand on the elbow of Knight and he pulls it away from him)

President Pondababa: You made a good choice out there tonight Cliff. Your team is complete: the four finalists from last years survivor. Damage, Drexxler, Copeland and yourself, The Premier Athlete.
Cliff Knight: (smiles) Yeah… F (beep)… Yeah.

Klyde Kooger Klancey vs Bryan Deverot


(There’s a huge buffet table. This is Bryan Deverot’s one and only weakness [except for his head]. Deverot is licking his chops as he caresses the hors d’oeuvres. Hardcore Hogan appears and slaps his hand)

Hardcore Hogan: What about your diet, bro?
Bryan Deverot: (chuckles with his bass voice) Hehe. Hehehehehe. That’s right. Thanks Terry.

(Bryan Deverot pulls out a slim fast and shows the label to the camera. He takes one huge sip and wipes the sweat off his forehead.)

Bryan Deverot: Yea, I like th-


Bryan Deverot: I didn’t order any room service.

(Deverot comes close to the door and the door is kicked right in his face by none-other-than Klyde Kooger Klancey! He throws an Italian woman at Bryan Deverot who was the room service lady. Deverot’s quick thinking allows him to send her to the soft bean bag chair in the corner of the room via tilt-a-whirl body press!)

(The two begin brawling and Watnita, the Italian woman throws a roll of toilet paper and it bounces gently off of Triple K’s head. Hogan sits down and enjoys the show. Deverot and Triple K wrestle their way to the aisle and make their way to ringside. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Deverot puts Triple K in a headlock and just pops away at his face and neck. Triple K uses great strength and delivers an atomic suplex. Triple K gets up and stomps a few shots on Deverot’s shrinking belly. Deverot grabs Klancey’s leg and takes a bite! Triple K jumps away and holds his wounded leg. Deverot goes into a frenzy and spears Triple K into the corner and continues to hammer away on him and Triple K drops to the canvas. Deverot mounts the top turnbuckle and flies through the air, landing a massive moonsault into a pinning combination!)

1…2…3! Deverot pins Triple K!

(Deverot looks shocked at the fact that Triple K’s body shut down after such a short match. But, he’ll take it.)

Jimmy: What a short match! Is something wrong with Triple K?
Rudolph: Yeah, he’s lazy.
Jimmy: I guess so.

Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley vs Cliff Knight

[In Tommy Bradley’s locker room]

The camera shows Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley taping up before his match up with Cliff Knight. Creighton Duke enters the room through the half open door. Tommy, taping up his fists looks up grinning at Creighton.

Tommy:Hey Creighter, come here to get one of those up to the minute prime promos before my big match?

Creighton:You know I only deal with the hard line stars Tommy and you are about as hard as they come.

(Tommy smiles for a minute at Creighton's response and Creighton slaps his forehead at the way he worded his statement)

Creighton:Well, you know what I mean. Beyond that, Cliff Knight has run a lot of smack on you, basically looking at you as no more than a mute pawn who is past his prime and even in his prime could not compete with Cliff Knight. How do you respond?

Tommy:He actually said that? I wouldn't know if he did because I have been too busy training.

Creighton:Uhh, yeah, he said that. And he also said that a 14yr old can swing a chair.

Tommy:Well, he is half right. Anyone can swing a chair, but no one swings a chair like the Bruiser. And if he thinks Hardcore wrestlers are just limited to that school of thought, then he is way out of line. Everyone knows I can go toe to toe with the best of them, and that I am not just limited to swinging a chair.

Creighton:He also said he will have no problem whipping your ass.

Tommy:What? (Tommy gets up, vein starts to pop out of forehead). Well, Creighter, you tell Cliff Knight that the only ass that is going to whipped is his, and not only that it will be creamed as well, with his own blood. I was thinking of holding back a little to give the kid a chance, but his cockiness has gotten the better of him this time. Make no mistake, Cliff Knight is going to realize why you don't mess with Da Bruiser from South Troy, NY. Tonite, he is going to realize why its SOUTH TROY AGAINST THE WORLD!!!!

(Bruiser gets all pumped up as Creighton leaves.)

Rudolph: Cliff Knight, is the last undefeated wrestler in the UWA. He beat the now eliminated Dark Avenger by a few hours in the undefeated contest. Now, he tests his meddle against none other than South Troy’s number one son!
Jimmy: Will Bradley end the streak!? Or will Knight just keep rolling along?

(“For those who Died” begins to play and Tommy steps from the curtains and Billy Barty Jr is on his shoulder. Bradley is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and two ladies are following doing the hula dance as h makes his way to the ring.)

(“Seasons” blares over the PA and Cliff Knight walks out. He raises his arms in the shape of a V and the fans explode! Cliff points to Bradley and gives the thumbs up! Then Cliff slowly turns his thumb upside down and charges to the ring.)

(The fans are filled with adrenaline when Knight and Bradley lock up in the center of the ring. Bradley, the more powerful of the two, tosses Cliff Knight into the turnbuckle. Knight retaliates with a double hand clothesline and Bradley bounces on the canvas. With a quick elbow, Knight connects into the chest of Bradley. Knight grabs a head full of hair and tosses him into the ropes. On the return, Bradley swings a fatu-like clothesline turning Cliff Knight inside-out.)

Jimmy: Look at Bradley. He’s jacked, Rudy!

(Bradley elevates Cliff Knight to the middle turnbuckle and performs a simple modified head-scissors takedown. Knight crashes on his beautiful face and shakes the cobwebs. One of the hula girls throw in a coconut into the ring Bradley catches it. Knight slowly gets to his feet and is smoked with the rock-hard coconut. The inner-fluids drip into his eyes and Bradley pins Knight.)

1… (Cliff Knight kicks out)

(Both hula girls throw in a pair of coconuts at Bradley and he catches both of them. Cliff Knight unexpectedly takes two coconuts in both ears and falls to the ground like the great Ric Flair.)

(Bradley charges off the ropes and drops a knee across the throat of Cliff Knight and scoops the leg for the pin)

1… (Cliff Knight kicks out)

(Cliff Knight stands up to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Bradley. Bradley’s momentum throws him off the ropes and Cliff Knight ducks through a jumping Tommy Bradley. Bradley goes to the ground and monkey flips Cliff Knight. Knight rolls to the outside and again shakes the cobwebs and spiders circulating in his skull.)

Rudolph: Tommy Bradley is putting the best fight we’ve seen this year against Cliff Knight.

(Bradley looks at Knight and runs at him. Bradley vaults himself over the top rope and Cliff Knight pulls down the rope. Bradley tumbles and hits the guardrail.)

(Bradley now shakes the cobwebs and Barty Jr rubs his back and whispers a few encouraging words into Bruiser’s ear. Knight invites Bruiser back in the ring and Bradley charges! A Drop-toe-hold plants Bruiser to the mat and Knight quickly locks in an ankle lock and uses his legs to keep one of Bruiser’s arms pinned behind his back!)

(Bradley uses his free leg to boot Knight in the chest and release the hold. Knight releases and goes off the ropes and performs a sliding dropkick to further injure Bradley.)

Rudolph: These two former team-mates are smashing each other good tonight.
Jimmy: It’s hard to believe these guys were watching each other’s backs only one show ago.

(Bradley gets up despite the infliction of punishment and grabs Knight in a bear hug and shakes him back and forth as Knight’s energy slowly drains away. Bradley walks over to the top rope and throws Knight to the outside, who crashes to the ground with authority.)

(Bradley goes to one of the hula girls and tears her straw dress off –much to the approval of the fans!- and begins to choke Knight as he tries to recuperate. Bradley uses the dress like a noose and he drags Knight around like a sac of seedz.)

(Bradley actually begins to spin and the momentum lifts Knight off the ground by the throat and chokes him with even more ferocity! Bradley lets go of the straw dress and Knight flies into the steel pole.)

Rudolph: Knight looks like a dog’s breakfast out there, Jimmy.

(Knight holds his head like he can swallow a bottle of aspirin. Bradley reaches new heights in fan popularity when he starts hula dancing with the Hula girls. Bradley continues his assault by hanging Knight out to dry on the railing. Knight chokes and kicks his feet on the ground. Bradley launches Knight into the ring and centers him. With the power of a gorilla, he tosses Knight into the ropes. Bradley follows up but Cliff Knight impressively moonsaults off the second rope and crashes into Bradley into a pin.)

1…2… (Tommy Bradley kicks out)

(Cliff Knight quickly goes to work and tangles up the legs of Bradley in a figure-four leg lock. The leg pain kills Bradley but after seven seconds he makes it to the rope. Knight continues his rampage by placing the head of Bradley between his thighs. He runs forward and lifts Bradley with The Premier Powerbomb into a pinning combination.)

1…2 (Bradley kicks out)

Jimmy: Great see-saw battle we have here!

(Bradley crumbles like a cookie when Knight executes a Million Dollar Dream. Panicking, Bradley reaches for the ropes and the move is released. Cliff Knight lifts Bradley into the piledriver position. Bradley starts kicking his feet and lands on his feet. Cliff Knight has his head between Bradley’s thighs. Cliff Knight kicks his feet and now is on his feet. Cliff Knight sets up for the Knights End. Bradley’s hands are tangled up and Knight jumps in the air with a leg drop! Bradley stands up and Cliff Knight flies overhead and crashes to the mat behind Bradley. Bradley signals for his finisher and grasps Cliff Knight below his armpit. Adding a bit of gusto, Bradley performs a jumping cradle piledriver. Knight’s head caves into the canvas and Bradley hooks the leg!)

1…2…3 (Tommy Bradley defeats Cliff Knight with the South Troy Against the World!)

Rudolph: Unbelievable! Tommy Bradley defeats Cliff Knight with the South Troy Against the World.
Jimmy: The undefeated streak is over! Chris Copeland remains the sole wrestler who has yet to be defeated! Now no one is undefeated!
Rudolph: Nobody is going to coast through this tournament!

Paul Duffy vs Evan Drexxler vs Dynamite Newton

[Backstage: Duffy, Drexxler and Newton meet up]

Dynamite Newton: Hey Evan. Glad to hear you got your pills back.
Evan Drexxler: Yea, me too.
Paul Duffy: Alright guys, what are we going to do about this fight?
Evan Drexxler: We got to give the fans what they want.
Dynamite Newton: We’ve got to put our friendship on hold. I am in this thing to win this.

(“Downfall” blares and Paul Duffy emerges from the curtains with a cowboy hat on head. He tosses it out to the fans and swings around one time.)

(“Here I am. Rock you like a Hurricane”. With his hands in the air, like he don’t care, Drexxler makes his way down the aisle giving five to all the little youngsters in the audience. Ms. Simmons walks side-by-side with her hand on his beefy shoulder.)

(“Changes” by Tupac begins to play and Fourpac appears with a mic in hand. Fourpac pretends to rap as he walks down the aisle. Dynamite Newton claps together two beers and chugs like he’s a university student. Fourpac starts doing the robot and then turns it into a few slap jacks.)

(The bell rings and the three come to the centre to eye each other down. Drexxler is the first to strike as he smashes Newton and Duffy’s heads together and they both fall to the outside! Drexxler begins posing in the middle of the ring and Newton is the first one back in there. Newton executes a low dropkick and Drexxler holds his leg in pain. as Drexxler is bent over, Duffy flies off the top and delivers a famasser! Drexxler falls Newton clotheslines Duffy when he gets up and now he begins posing down!)

(Duffy slides underneath Newton for a quick school boy pin and the count begins!)

1…(Newton easily kicks out and Drexxler is now in on the action. Drexxler lays the boots to the two of them as they are on the ground and Duffy rolls to the outside. Drexxler grabs Newton and hoists him over his head for a massive gorilla press! Drexxler runs and throws Newton over the top rope and Duffy catches Newton as he crashes to the outside.)

(Drexxler is assaulted by Newton and Duffy as they both run in and double team him and Drexxler fights back, but their combined powers overwhelm him and he drops to one knee and Newton takes advantage by ramming his knee into Drexxler’s face and Duffy hops on his back and applies a devastating sleeper.)

(Ms. Simmons squeals with sadness as her love is being smashed by the other two wrestlers. Duffy mounts the top rope and delivers a flying leg drop to the already downed Drexxler!)

1…2…(Newton pulls Duffy off of Drexxler and goes for a pin of his own!)

1…2…(Duffy pulls Newton off and Drexxler sits up and pokes Newton in the eye. Newton is momentarily weakened by Drexxler’s eye gouge and Duffy drops a pointy elbow on where his soft spot was when he was a baby.)

(Paul Duffy quickly climbs to the top rope and while Newton is resting Duffy delivers the show stopping, Steel Twister! Duffy is exuberant and goes for a pin!)

1…2…Drexxler pulls Duffy off Newton and sends Duffy to the turnbuckle! Drexxler mounts the top rope and as he prepares to deliver a belly to belly off the top, Newton uses his last ounce of strength to run up the turnbuckles and snares Drexxler in a German Suplex! As Drexxler flies off the top rope, he takes Duffy to hell with him and delivers the belly to belly before crashing to the canvas in a heap!)

(Newton gets up and is fuelled with adrenaline and he pulls Duffy to the top rope and right before he hip tosses him off the top, Drexxler uses HIS last ounce of strength this time to charge up the corner and hip toss Newton and Duffy is taken off the top with the momentum as well! Duffy and Newton crash to the canvas and Drexxler poses with his back to his opponents! Drexxler turns around and signals for a new move called the Eastern European Economics Elbow Drop! Duffy gets up, vaults off Newton’s back, flies through the air and lambastes Drexxler in the chin with the Superkick! Drexxler falls to the outside through the announcer table!)

(Duffy mounts the top rope and goes for “Defying Gravity”! A moonsault followed by a mid-air leg drop! Duffy lands it and goes for an exhausted cover!

1..2...3! Paul Duffy pins Dynamite Newton!

(Paul Duffy groggily pats Newton on the chest and helps Drexxler off the announcer table and heads backstage to rest.)

(Drexxler heads backstage with Ms. Simmons and Fourpac helps a disheveled Newton backstage.)

Jimmy: That was an excellent match! I can’t believe the moves they did to each other!
Rudolph: I for one am aroused.

IME - Crusin' for a Bruisin'
Hardcore Hogan vs Johnny Damage vs Chris Bomber

Rudolph: We will be cut off from this point out. Good luck Chris Bomber, Hardcore Hogan, and Johnny Damage.
Jimmy: Lucky or not, one of these guys will be UN-lucky. These three USED to be on the same team!

(Hardcore Hogan is chillin in a suntan chair and an official informs him that the match is underway and Damage walks around the corner and pops the old man with a coconut! Hogan stumbles back and wipes the blood off of his shiny melon.)

(Chris Bomber appears and waylays the two with a vicious flying headbutt from above! Damage takes the impact and falls away a few steps. Hogan grins as blood covers his face like an odd liquid mask. Bomber and Damage take turns smashing each other and Hogan lays Damage to the slippery deck off the ship with a big boot and he wipes his bloody face off on Chris Bomber and “The Mad” has a look of disgust.)

(Damage delivers a low blow on Hogan and the Hardcore Icon falls into a stack of white towels and wipes his bloody face off. Bomber runs into the eating area and throws an eating tray at Damage and Johnny Damage takes it on the face, but it doesn’t stop him from coming after Bomber. Bomber picks up a bottle of Jim Bean and chugs it before spitting a mouthful in the face of Chris Bomber. Hardcore Hogan comes out of nowhere and delivers a big boot to the face of Johnny Damage. Damage falls to the ground and Chris Bomber pushes Hogan out of the area.) (Bomber grabs Hogan by his extra skin at the throat. Choking him on the rail, Chris Bomber goes a level down by taking the stairs. Bomber pulls his own weight up and wraps his legs around Hogan’s head. Bomber pulls on the railing and performs a hurricarana ten feet down to the lower level of the Cruise Ship!)

(Hogan convulses on the ground and Johnny Damage stands straight up on the top rail. He raises his hands in the air like the presidential, then he jumps and leg drops to the area known as the residential. Damage drops ten –feet risking his own body connecting on both Hardcore Hogan and Chris Bomber! Holding his rib in pain, Johnny Damage stands back up and grabs Hardcore Hogan by the stringable cheese hair. Damage swings he tired right hand. With his right arm, Hogan blocks the fist and shakes his head. Damage swings with the left hand and Hogan blocks again! Hogan puts out his finger and moves it left to right. Chris Bomber, from behind hits Hogan on the backside, and Hogan turns around nailing him with a tornado right fist! Hogan grabs Damage by his boney shoulders and smears the blood on his face all over Damage’s visage.)

(Damage recoils from the old blood and leads Hogan after him to the stern of the ship! Chris Bomber regroups and follows Hogan.. The three circle each other near the rail of the ship and Damage kicks Bomber, who gives his leg and floors Damage with an elbow to the chin.)

(Hogan fires away on Bomber after the elbow sends Damage to the floor and keeps popping away until Bomber is leaning back on the rail! Hogan grabs Bomber by the legs and flips him over the rail! Bomber hangs on and rolls back onto the stern as the cruise ship lurches from the torrent at sea. Damage gets back up and when Hogan turns around he has to deal with the Hardcore Hooligan, who tries to flip him over the top rope for the victory. Bomber gets in on the action and helps in trying to eliminate Hogan! Hardcore Hogan refuses to fall off the ship and keeps fighting against the strength of two men!)

After a few more moments, Bomber attacks Damage out of frustration and Damage releases Hogan, who flops back onto the ship’s deck. Damage fires a few more shots at Bomber, while Hogan slowly gets up. Damage waits another moment and sees his opportunity! Risking elimination, Damage flies forward and delivers a double clothesline to Hogan and Bomber, who both flip over the rail, but are hanging on, side by side!)

(Hogan and Bomber look at Damage pleadingly and Damage seems to be doing eenie-meeny-miney-moe! After a short decision, Damage boots Hogan in the face and Hardcore Hogan falls twenty feet to the water below!)

(Johnny Damage and Chris Bomber survive the IME)

(Bomber is celebrating while hanging on the rail and Damage proceeds to stomp Bomber as he falls to the sea below! Damage pulls out a cigarette and lies down on a tanning chair and soaks some rays into his way too pale flesh.)

Team 1 will have to cast their votes to see who is going home.

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