LOCATION: Dallas, Texas
ARENA: American Airlines Center
DATE: Monday, January 13, 2003
  • Put on your overalls and bring your pitchforks. Two wrestlers will fight on the lush green earth on a farm with cows, pigs, a ranch, etc.
Chris "The Mad" Bomber vs Tommy Bradley

Chris Copeland & Cliff Knight vs Chainsaw Masaca & Dynamite Newton

Hardcore Hogan vs Johnny Damage

IME - Farm Frolic
"Big Show" Bryan Deverot vs Klyde Kooger Klancey vs Evan Drexxler

"Farm Frenzy"

[At McLean Hospital in Dallas, Texas]

(The doctors has gone the whole 12 yards on Chris Copeland. The man is strapped up to oxygen, heart monitors, you name it, it’s there. Chris Copeland groggily opens his eyes and is surrounded by a circle of fans. A doctor walks in the door and desperately warns the fans to leave the hospital.)

Chris Copeland: Where am I? How did I get here?
Doctor McLean: Chris, you’re in Dallas, Texas receiving the best medical treatment available.
Chris Copeland: But what happened?
Doctor McLean: We found you face down in a bathtub. What happened before that we don’t know.

(Kingsly looks concerned. He walks in the door and checks on Chris Copeland)

President Kingsly: How’s he doing, Doc?
Doctor McLean: He’s going to need to stay here for another few days until full recovery.
President Kingsly: (Kingsly dabs his forehead with a towel) Anything, Doc. Anything to get Chris back to one-hundred per cent.

[In Pondababa’s Office] President Pondababa: HELL!!! Look at these children!

(Evan Drexxler’s students are spinning President Pondababa’s chair in circles. It stops and then a student places a magnet that sticks to the face of President Pondababa)

President Pondababa: THIS IS NOT A DAYCARE, KIDS!!! This has to stop! This must stop! Dammit, Evan Drexxler!!! And stop spending money as the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance!!! We can’t afford 500 dollar tips!!!

(Kids gather around President Pondababa and stick a gigantic magnet to the face of President Pondababa)

President Pondababa: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

(The scene fades away with Pondababa’s arms in front of him and his head staring at the ceiling above)

[5 minutes later… at McLean’s Hospital, Dallas, Texas]

(After a short 4 minute nap, Chris Copeland awakens in a sweaty panic.)

Chris Copeland: (muttering to himself) I can’t let them down… I can’t let them down…

(Chris rips off the medical attachments and quietly screams from the stinging pain he felt. Copeland wipes the sweat off his brow, and stands on his rabbit slippers. The fans have all left the hospital room for health’s sakes. Copeland covers up his exterior region and finds the nearest elevator. He descends three flights of steps in the 21st century form of travel. Like a sneaky Venus fly trap catching its prey, Copeland escapes the hospital unseen and dressed like a mental patient wearing slippers)

Chris "The Mad" Bomber vs Tommy Bradley

(Ashleigh Angels is backstage and she is shown knocking on the dressing room door of the UWA Legend, Tommy "Bruiser" Bradley. The door creaks open, but Bruiser is no where to be seen. The camera then motions down to see the 3'9" Billy Barty, Jr.)

Billy:What the hell do you want?
Ashleigh:Oh, i was looking for Tommy to see what he thought before he fought tonite.
Billy:Yeah, sure, you just wanted a piece of his action.
Ashleigh:What? What are you talking about.
Billy:I see the way you look at him, with those cock crazed eyes. You want to get jiggy with the Bruiser don't ya. Well, let me tell ya something, he is getting pumped for his match, so why don't you step back here and get jiggy with me. I AM A MIDGET!

(Ashleigh rears back and smacks Billy across the face sending him flying across the room. She leaves in a huff as Tommy emerges from the bathroom.)

Tommy:what happened to you?
Billy:Uhhh, nothing.
Tommy:You got fresh with a woman and she beat you up again didn't she?
Billy:Shut up! Just go out and beat Chris Bomber.
Tommy:Don't worry, I will, know why?
Tommy:Damn Straight!

(“Poem” by Taproot chimes over the speakers to signify the arrival of Chris Bomber as he makes his way to the ring with his ever-so-popular glass table. Bomber sets it up on the outside and goes into the ring to face Tommy “Bruiser” Bradley.)

(Tommy Bradley steps out as Cradle of Filth backs him up like a semi truck! Bradley marches to the ring and examines the glass table before entering the squared circle.)

Jimmy: Tommy Bradley is radiating confidence. And Bomber looks more ready than ever.
Rudolph: Yeah, Bomber was one of the two winners in the Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ IME last week and he wants to carry that momentum into this week.

(Bradley and Bomber lock up and it is a test of strength! Bruiser displays the superior power as Bomber falls to his knees. Bradley is shaking his head and applying more pressure to the tender digits of Chris Bomber. In extreme pain, Chris Bomber cunningly flips to his back and delivers a monkey flip, sending Bruiser over head.)

(The two get back to their feet and Bomber dazzles Bradley with an array of powerful dropkicks. Bradley stumbles back and Bomber fires away on him in the corner. Bradley shoves Bomber away, but the dedicated “Mad Bomber” presses the assault and continues to hammer away on the larger Tommy Bradley.)

(Bomber follows up with a reverse brainbuster Bomber slaps his hands together as if knocking the dust off them and goes for a pin.)

1…2…Bruiser lifts a shoulder and Bomber goes for an armbar to weaken Bradley. Bradley shakes Bomber off, then makes it clap. Bradley dtarts clapping and the fans follow his lead. Bomber looks shocked and enraged. Angrily, he mounts the top turnbuckle and goes for a flying cross body! Bradley snares him out of the air like an eager fisherman and delivers a spinning powerslam! Bomber looks shocked and Bradley decides to see the ring from a top rope perspective.)

(Bradley mounts the top and goes for a basic body splash!!!!! Bradley then follows up with the Dreaded Step over Toe Hold! Bomber fights the pain and refuses to submit! Bruiser picks up the weakened Bomber and folds him over his knee with a devastating backbreaker! Bomber looks seriously hurt as Bruiser hangs him upside down and charges in with a diving headbutt called the Trojan Headache!)

(Bomber unravels from the upside down position and falls to the canvas. Bruiser picks him up and delivers a South Troy Against the World with a quickness compared to that of a cat, and the power compared to that of a grizzly bear!)

1…2…3 Tommy Bradley defeats Chris Bomber in grand fashion!

Chris Copeland & Cliff Knight vs Chainsaw Masaca & Dynamite Newton


(Standing in front of the camera is FourPac. He looks set for an interview as Dynamite Newton comes into view.)

Dynamite Newton: What you up to?
Fourpac: I’m going to cut my first interview.
Dynamite Newton: You do an interview?
Fourpac: Yeah. Whats wrong with that?
Dynamite Newton: Nothing. Go ahead.
(Fourpac looks at the camera and after around 30 seconds of silence he looks at Dynamite)

Fourpac: OK, maybe I have nothing to say this time.
Dynamite Newton: You’re right. Why would you have something to say. You Don’t have a match. I on the other hand do. I said I wouldn’t promise to the fans that I would win. I’m not going to promise victory but I am promising one thing. Dynamite Newton and Chris Bomber are on set for a new revolution.

(Dynamite looks at Fourpac and laughs out.)

Dynamite Newton: You trying to cut an interview.
Fourpac: Well that one from you was so great...NOT
Dynamite Newton: It wasn’t an interview dumb ass. It was a warning.

(Suddenly, the motor of the Grand Spectacula Chainsaw Masaca begins to purr and the entrance door begins to shake. The blade of the chainsaw cuts a hold through the door and Masaca pushes the square in.)

Chainsaw Masaca: A WARNING??? I’ve got a warning for those two pricks.

(Masaca has a pair of work glasses on and he covers his eyes with them. Sparks begin to fly when Masaca pierces a chainsaw hole into a nearby locker. Suddenly, a white powder is cut and is scattered into the air. Fourpac taps Masaca on the shoulder. Masaca turns around almost accidentally decapitating Fourpac with the chainsaw!)

Fourpac: HEEEY SUCKAAAAA! Those are my drugs. Get outta there, Masaca.

(Masaca scoops up some powder and places a bit on his tongue)

Chainsaw Masaca: MMMM. Tastey.

(The fans quietly laugh in the background. Fourpac is not pleased and has pulled off his leather jacket looking for a fight.)

Dynamite Newton: C’mon guys. Both of you, turn your backs right now. Just walk away…

(Fourpac walks in one direction and Chainsaw Masaca walks out the door)

[The Entrance of American Airlines Center] (Chris Copeland peeks into the door. The fans cheer for Copeland as he sneakily creeps into the arena)

[Cliff Knight’s lockerroom]

(Cliff Knight is nervously looking at his watch)

Cliff Knight: Dammit, I knew I couldn’t trust that slimy good for nothing Copeland

Rudolph: Will Chris Copeland maintain his undefeated streak? We’ve seen him escape McLean’s Hospital.
Jimmy: Can Copeland and Knight work as a cohesive unit? There’s obvious animosity between these two… And they’re on the same team! Can they put their differences aside for this match?
Rudolph: Newton and Masaca have been proclaimed as the two underdogs in Cliff Knight’s odds system… This is a terrific match, let’s get it started, Jimmy.

(“LET’S GET READY TO- DESTROOOOY!!! “The Grand Spectacula” Chainsaw Masaca looks determined as he walks down the aisle with his chainsaw resting in his right hand)

(“And Still. I don’t see no changes.” Fourpac emerges from the curtains mic-in-hand, freestylin’ with his fly hoochies. He has some white powder under his nose until he wipes it away and licks it off his finger. Fourpac rolls into the ring and breakdances on a cocaine high)

(“Seasons” by Crossbreed blares and Knight turns his thumb upside-down for the crowd. Knight hops into the ring and is prepared for a 1-on-2 fight)

(To Knight’s surprise, “Aenema” by Tool begins to play and Chris Copeland pushes the curtains aside holding the back of his hospital gown. He raises his right hand and Cliff Knight has a disgusted look on his face The fans roar as Copeland goes to his corner)

(Knight starts off with Dynamite Newton and Knight begins with a rolling clothesline and rocks Newton, who tags out to Masaca. Chainsaw runs in and clotheslines Knight down and Copeland runs into the ring to help even the odds, but Masaca sends him sprawling to the ground and Copeland desperately tries to cover his ass as his hospital gown flaps around.)

(Chainsaw grabs Knight by the throat and picks him up, then sends him back to the ground with a jumping chokeslam! Knight rolls away from more punishment and tags out to the ill-exposed Chris Copeland. Copeland walks in a circle and Chainsaw charges in an crushes him in the corner. Masaca rams Copeland a few time with his shoulder and then makes the tag to Newton. Newton runs across the ring, jumps off Masaca’s back and delivers a picture worthy dropkick!)

(Newton tries to lift Copeland’s gown up and Copeland pops him in the chin. Newton stumbles back but rebounds and goes for a flying forearm smash! Copeland staggers, and makes the tag to Knight.)

Jimmy: Masaca and Newton are working together quite well thus far in the match.
Rudolph: I wouldn’t mind seeing the underdogs take care of business.

(Knight and Newton go face to face and Knight shoves Newton back, who responds in kind. Masaca breaks away from the corner and gores Knight back into corner and Newton places Knight on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Knight hits him and Newton goes flying off the top and Knight raises his arms. Like an eagle Knight displays his high flying prowess and lands on Newton with a perfect moonsault.)

1…2…Newton kicks out and Masaca rushes in case he had to make a save.

(Knight tags out to Copeland who immediately applies a figure four leg lock. Newton squirms but finds himself unable to break the hold. Fourpac gets the crowd chanting to get Newton pumped and it seems to help. Newton begins rocking back and forth and back and forth and finally, HE REVERSES THE FIGURE FOUR! Copeland is rolled onto his stomach and his pale ass crack is exposed! Masaca runs in and starts spanking Copeland on his bare bottom before Knight runs in and tackles Masaca to the outside.)

(Newton releases the hold and has a chuckle before going back to work on the leg of Copeland. Masaca is screaming for a tag and Newton makes it so. Masaca grabs Copeland around the belly and delivers a powerful belly to belly suplex. Copeland looks pretty hurt, but he manages to get up again. Copeland goes for a quick attack and tries to give Masaca an Irish whip, but the big man reverses it and sends Copeland to the opposite corner. Masaca runs in for the huge shoulder butt, but Copeland grabs the top rope and pulls himself away and Masaca crashes shoulder first into the steel post in the corner! Copeland rolls up Masaca with a schoolboy pin)

1…2… (Masaca kicks out!)

(Masaca quickly gets up from the ground and strangles Chris Copeland around the neck. Copeland squeals as Masaca tosses him into the corner. Masaca mounts the turnbuckle and gives ten shots to the face. Copeland stumbles out of the corner like a drunken mess and lands flat on his face. Masaca tags in his partner)

(Dynamite Newton kicks Copeland in the sternum. Copeland turns around and rakes Newton in the eye! Newton swings his arms around in search of the clever Copeland. Copeland rolls over to Knight and tags him in. Knight, like he’s on a rampage, hoists Newton up with a running powerbomb pinning combination.)

1…2… (Dynamite Newton kicks out!)

(Cliff Knight grabs a head full of hair and places Newton so that his upper body is resting on the second rope. Knight goes off the opposite rope and then crashes onto Newton’s back, crushing his neck and chest. Newton rolls on the ground, holding his throat and Knight gets in a few more shots before setting Newton up for the Knight’s End! Knight hooks Newton’s arms behind his head and turns to face Copeland! Masaca sees the opportunity and runs in, hammering Knight from behind and “The Premier Athlete” falls to the ground. Newton gets up and puts Knight in a full nelson and sweeps him to the mat, crushing his face into the canvas!)

1…2…Chainsaw Masaca delivers a bossman slam to Copeland who runs in to make the save! 3! Dynamite Newton and Chainsaw Masaca have beaten Cliff Knight and Chris Copeland!

(Cliff immediately rolls out of the ring and Copeland follows close behind. In the ring, Newton and Masaca are celebrating and Fourpac does some more breakdancing much to the pleasure of the crowd!)

Rudolph: Anything can happen here in the UWA and tonight, Knight and Copeland were defeated fair and square!
Jimmy: I love it when the underdog wins!

Hardcore Hogan vs Johnny Damage

[At Party Central: Johnny Damage’s residence every card of the UWA] (Rave Bletsch eyes Johnny Damage from head-to-toe. Damage mocks Bletsch by repeating his exact same motion.)

Rave Bletsch: Hey, I am a gaffer for the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, don’t hurt me. I received some information from your opponent, told me to send you.
Johnny Damage: And what’s that (pretends to puke) Bleeeeh-tsch?

(Alexis giggles as she feels the chest of Johnny Damage. Bletsch hands an invitation to Johnny Damage. Damage gives the trademark smirk to the camera)

Johnny Damage: (reading the invitation out loud) I have something better than “The Business” in my locker room.
-Hardcore Hogan

(Rave Bletsch peeks over the shoulder of Johnny Damage. Damage grabs his Singapore Cane and pokes the butt-end of the cane in the eye of Bletsch.)

Johnny Damage: C’mon baby.

[In Hardcore Hogan’s “House”]

(Hardcore Hogan is sitting at the “Grand Master Smithsonian Piano”. Hogan is wearing a black-and-white, suit-and-tie.)


(Hardcore Hogan straightens out his tie and the referee opens the door to Hardcore Hogan’s locker room)

Hardcore Hogan: Welcome to Hardcore Hogan’s House. (Hardcore Hogan begins to play the guitar of “Hardcore Hooligan” by Business in piano form. He sings lounge-style with a deep-voice like that of Frank Sinatra.)

Hardcore Hogan: He’s just a Hooligan. He’s just a Hardcore Hooligan… (Damage’s eyes turn into a fiery red and he blatantly swings his Singapore cane connecting into the skull of Hardcore Hogan. A ref charges into the locker room clapping his hands. Johnny Damage pushes the Grand Piano over and a few loose boards detach from the piano. Alexis hands Johnny Damage a Jerry can of gas. He liquefies the Piano with gas and Alexis puts a cigarette in Damage’s lips. She lights it up and Damage takes one huge puff. The room is filled with smoke and an ash almost lights up the Smithsonian.)

Hardcore Hogan: BROTHA, NOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Johnny Damage smirks at the camera and the piano lights up in flames!!! Damage smiles as Hogan grabs his side hair)

Hardcore Hogan: NOOOOOOO!

(Hogan gets off the ground and starts shaking his cheeks left-to-right. He points at Damage as the room gets smokier and smokier. Damage escapes the flames grabbing his Singapore Cane in the nick of time. Like an action sequence, the piano explodes and Hardcore Hogan and Referee dive out of the room saving their hides from the brutal flame!)

Jimmy: That piano had TNT in it, Rudy!

(Johnny Damage looks at the camera and smirks as the tights that Hogan’s wearing are slowly getting singed off. Suddenly, a huge chair comes crashing into the skull of Johnny Damage! Hardcore Hogan gets off his feet and delivers a devastating big boot knocking Damage into the concrete wall. Bradley sends Damage rolling in a room by throwing into a nearby door.)

Jimmy: Oh my, Bradley’s getting in this match!

(Chris Copeland is wearing his hospital garb as he clotheslines Hogan from behind. Hogan falls face first and rolls into the room where Bradley and Damage are fighting it out. The “boiler room” the sign reads… Dark Avenger is already in there playing cards with Paul Duffy.)

Dark Avenger: I fold. Sorry about the whole motorcycle incident.
Paul Duffy: No problem, man.
Jimmy: What the hell is Dark Avenger doing in the boiler room with Paul Duffy?

(Dark Avenger notices the fight and he grabs the head of Hardcore Hogan and holds it to the steaming furnace! Hogan’s cheekbone is red like lava. In extreme pain, Hardcore Hogan escapes the room while Bradley and Damage continue fighting. As the madness continues to escalate, Chainsaw Masaca jumps into the boiler room with Dynamite Newton and Chainsaw begins to scream!


(Newton and Masaca begins smashing the already eliminated Duffy and Dark Avenger as well as Hardcore Hogan!)

(Meanwhile, Knight has showed up to back his teammate as Bradley defends himself against Knight and Damage! Suddenly Bomber swings like spiderman from a cable and crashes into Cliff Knight, sending him into the aptly placed stack of pipes that always seem to be hanging around in Hardcore Matches.)

(Hogan rallies and knocks over Duffy as he escapes the boiler room, leaving Masaca, Newton, Duffy and Dark Avenger to fight. Hogan teams up with Bradley as they double clothesline Damage and he rolls down the hallway! Bomber and Knight have each other occupied and that leaves Bradley and Hogan for some good old fashioned double team action!)

Rudolph: Backstage is the entire roster! They are all fighting each other! What a war! The only people not fighting are Deverot, Triple K, and Evan Drexxler who are at the farm right now!

(Bradley and Hogan drag Damage to the ring and Hogan rushes to the ring and opens up the first turnbuckle! A STAPLER! Bradley holds Damage down and laughs as Hogan fills his face with small shards of metal!)

(Damage escapes for a moment and grabs the nearest weapon. It happens to be the ring bell! Damage nails Bradley with a satisfying thud and even the bell rings a bit. Bradley falls down and sleeps.)

(Hogan fends Damage off with the second mystery weapon… PEPPER SPRAY! Hogan sprays him down and Damage starts freaking out as his eyes burn soooo bad. Hogan goes off the ropes and knocks Damage down with a big boot! Hogan goes off the ropes and delivers the Greasy Leg Drop! Hogan leaves the ring and goes underneath! He pulls out a steel ladder and sets it up in the ring! Hogan goes all the way to the top in an attempt to be like the new breed of hardcore wrestlers and he intends to go for a 180 splash! Hogan goes for it, but over rotates and crashes on Damage with his back! It ended up being a 360 swanton bomb!)

1…2…3! Hardcore Hogan defeats Johnny Damage in a Hardcore match!

Jimmy: That was an incredible match!
Rudolph: I can’t believe the huge stable war this match caused! Every wrestler fought in this match!

Jimmy: Who is the true Hardcore Icon!? Hogan or Damage? They’ve each defeated each other before and defeated all tag teams placed before them! Only time will tell!

IME - Farm Frolic
"Big Show" Bryan Deverot vs Klyde Kooger Klancey vs Evan Drexxler

Jimmy: We are cut off from here on out as we cut live to the farm chosen by Pondababa and Kingsly for the IME Main Event.
Rudolph: Goodnight everyone!

(Deverot comes out of a farmhouse with overalls on and Drexxler steps out of the stable and he looks ready for warfare. Drexxler and Deverot, former partners, now compete against one and other in the IME… But where is Triple K!?)

(Triple K comes roaring at the two in a beat up pick-up truck and he fishtails as he tries to run over the two! Drexxler dives to safety and crashes in a big muddy puddle! Deverot cartwheels and crashes into a large mound of fresh hay. Triple K turns the truck to try again, but he hits a big soggy patch and flips the truck. Triple K screams in a drunken frenzy as the truck rolls end over end.)

(Like a hungry man eying a large meal, Deverot runs to the truck and pulls Triple K’s large body through the window by his throat! Drexxler joins in and the two men are teeing off on Triple K.)

(Triple K rebounds and delivers a double clothesline that takes care of the two. Triple K reaches into the upended truck and pulls out a cattle prod! Triple K zaps Deverot and he screams like he stepped in a bear trap! Drexxler manages to grab the prod and the two wrestle for the prod. In the midst of the battle, they slip and the cattle prod goes flying onto the porch of the farmhouse. Drexxler scoops up the massive wrestler and bodyslams him onto the ground. Deverot is still quivering from the electric shock and is trying to regroup.)

(Triple K runs into the stable and lights a match! He throws it into the hay bails and a fire begins, quickly burning up the hay. Drexxler waylays Triple K with a huge clothesline and Klancey rolls away. Deverot, now back in the battle helps Drexxler stomp away on Klyde Kooger Klancey. Triple K is being horribly beaten at the expense of the former teammates who worked together to beat Damage, Hogan and Bomber in an earlier card.)

(Suddenly Pondababa appears and Drexxler sees the robotic king of wrestling presidents. Drexxler makes chase and leaves Deverot to battle with Klancey. Pondababa runs over to the bullpen and opens it up. Pondababa begins to emit a high pitched noise from his robotic body and the bulls go crazy! They begin to stampede and Drexxler is caught in the middle of the madness! Drexxler is knocked over by one charging bull and he quickly dodges another one. Drexxler gets up as another bull is headed for him! Drexxler closes his eyes and they open abruptly! Only now they seem to have transformed! They are glowing! Drexxler, now changed into IXON smashes the bull upside the head and it takes a few sideways steps!)

(Pondababa seems nervous now that Drexxler has changed. *Presidents note: As nervous as a robot can look anyhow.* And he begins to run. IXON follows Pondababa in a slow sadistic manner.)

(In the farmhouse: Deverot is dodging Triple K’s attack as he comes after him with a pitchfork! Deverot is using a leather saddle as a shield and he parries the thrusts for his head. Deverot explodes forward, and Triple K drops the pitchfork and delivers a high impact back body drop!)

(Klyde Kooger Klancey climbs a nearby workbench and raises his hands in the air. He jumps and crashes his 370 pound frame onto the Big Show. Deverot grabs his chest in pain as Klancey lifts him up. Klancey goes for the Irish Whip into the barn wall but Deverot reverses! Klancey flies through the barn wall and rolls into the pig’s pen. The pigs start squeal and Triple K smashes one in a rage. Deverot grabs the face of Klancey and rams it once into the metal side of the trough. He then sticks Klancey’s face into the dirty mess.)

(Klancey manages to turn the tide as he takes sick pleasure in choking Deverot out in the hog slop.)

(IXON finally catches Pondababa near the farmhouse and grabs him by his metal neck! Ixon benches Pondababa over his head and slams him on the ground!)

(The fight between Klancey and Deverot carries itself back into the burning barn and Triple K whips Deverot against the wall. As Triple K runs into to smash Deverot, the Big Show grabs a shovel off the wall and nails Triple K in the head! Deverot climbs to the upper level of the barn and is standing on the loft!)

(The camera cuts to Drexxler as he climbs onto the roof of the house and raises his arms in a manner reminiscent of Macho Man!)

(In the barn, Deverot flies off the loft in the form of a moonsault! Flames are flowing around him!!)

(IXON flies off the farmhouse in the form of the Eastern European Economics Elbow Drop!)

(Deverot lands his only perfect moonsault on Triple K and goes for a pin!)

1…2…3! Bryan Deverot pins Triple K!

(IXON crashes onto Pondababa, who is now sparking and shaking. IXON sees the cattle prod, which had been thrown on the porch earlier and he grabs it! Pondababa is beging for mercy, but he gets none as IXON sends electricity flowing through his robotic frame until his circuits overload and he shuts down!)


(Deverot emerges from the barn the victor, and he hears the structural integrity of the barn creaking as it is about to collapse. Deverot turns back to see if Triple K is going to emerge, but he doesn’t. Deverot hesitates a moment, then runs back into the blazing inferno!)

(The camera’s follow into the dangerous area and Deverot wafts through the smoke and finds Triple K pinned under a large beam. In his weakened state, Triple K is too weak to lift it off.)

Deverot: Hang on man, I’ll get you outta here.
Triple K: RaspingP-Please, help me. I can’t move.
Deverot: Just relax, We’ll get outta here in a jiffy.

( Deverot bends down and uses all his strength. The pillar finally falls beside Klancey and Deverot helps him to his feet. Deverot helps support Triple K as the two emerge from the deadly ground. As they escape, the barn collapses in on itself and the two just stand there staring at the barn, and each other.)

(IXON has already disappeared and only Deverot and Triple K remain.)


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