LOCATION: Indiannapolis, Indiana
ARENA: Conseco Fieldhouse
DATE: Tuesday, January 21, 2003
  • IMMUNITY MAIN EVENT: IME- The Pondababa Sequence
  • Call up your creepy neighbour beside you and pray to God. Make sure you keep both eyes open and never get caught off guard in this one. Protect your neck because this is a firsteez in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. This is an elimination style Survivor Series Hardcore style match-up in the Conseco Fieldhouse. With hardcore rules, there are no matches assigned. The name of the game is "Hunter" / "Hunted". Are you a wolf or are the rabbit? You can hide as much as you want, but sooner or later you'll be caught. There are no boundaries to the Pondababa Sequence. When a wrestler is pinned, he must leave the arena. The wrestler that pins remains in the arena and continues the hunt. He, who DOES NOT get pinned or made submit gains immunity for the team.
  • The remaining teams that did not earn immunity fight in a normal-style Immunity Main Event respectively called "Inertia" in the main event

You have to find your teammates and destroy your enemies. When wrestlers meet up in the Conseco Fieldhouse, they can either fight or run. If your wrestler is pinned, he must leave the arena. The last team to have a wrestler alive (still in the arena and hasn't been eliminated) wins the Pondababa sequence gains immunity.

IME - Inertia

NO MATCHES! ANYTHING GOES! Everyone must be in the arena at the start!

Jimmy: Welcome to the Indiana Inertia. The Pondababa sequence is about to begin. All the wrestlers have been separated and now they will be allowed to wander the halls of the arena in search of other wrestlers to eliminate. Camera men are attached to these wrestlers like glue, Rudy.
Rudolph: The first team to be entirely eliminated will be forced to vote off a member of their respective team.

(Johnny Damage kicks the door from his starting position and sneakily looks in all directions for his opponents. He sees nothing and smirks at the camera entering his nonchalant attitude. Strutting like a God, Damage makes his way to the beer vendors and he slaps a five dollar bill on the counter.)

Johnny Damage: Gimme an Alexander Keith’s pale ale.
Beer Vendor: We don’t have that sir.
Johnny Damage: Good, I don’t drink that bitch beer anyways.
Beer Vendor: So what do you want?
Johnny Damage: Your finest beer.
Beer Vendor: Bud it is.

(Damage goes the whole nine yards and buys a few beers. He chills out and sits on the nearest stool.)

(“Big Show” Bryan Deverot emerges from the shadows blending in there pretty good. He chuckles as he walks down the hallway quickly finding a preplanned meeting ground with Hardcore Hogan)

(Hardcore Hogan rapidly scurries through the Conseco Fieldhouse to meet up with his partner, Bryan Deverot. Hardcore Hogan finally arrives at his destination and sees his friend “Big Show” Bryan Deverot.)

Hardcore Hogan: It’s good to see you, brah.
Bryan Deverot: Yeah, you too.
Hardcore Hogan: Alright brotha. All we have to do is find Tommy Bradley and we’ll be united.
Bryan Deverot: Let’s do it.

(So the team of Hogan and Deverot journey on through the Conseco Fieldhouse in search of Tommy Bradley)

(Chris Copeland rolls up the blueprints to the Conseco Fieldhouse smiling like he has the Pondababa sequence in the bag) Jimmy: Chris Copeland looks a bit arrogant for this one.
Rudolph: It’s confidence, Jimmy.

(Copeland puts an elastic band around the blueprints)

Chris Copeland: (talking to himself) I’ve got this one in the bag.

(The doorknob is turned slowly as Chris Copeland peeks out the door and “The Grand Spectacula” Chainsaw Masaca is rummaging around the lockers in search of an opponent. Chris Copeland quietly shuts the door and puts his back against the door in a nervous panic. He curls up his hand on his mouth and begins to chirp like a bird. Chainsaw Masaca’s eyes widen.)

Chainsaw Masaca: Who’s there???
Chris Copeland: (Copeland opens the door while hiding behind the door. With his best imitation, he pretends to be Dynamite Newton ) It’s me Dynamite Newton.
Chainsaw Masaca: Where are you?!?
Chris Copeland: (Thinking quickly, Copeland improvises) Chris Copeland handcuffed me to some lockers. Come help me out.
Chainsaw Masaca: (Masaca is pleased to meet up with his teammate and raises his hands in the air) YEAAAAH!!!!

(Chainsaw Masaca, like a big dummy, pushes the door open and notices Chris Copeland exiting a second door in the room. Masaca runs after Copeland but Copeland locks the door and makes a fool out of Chainsaw Masaca. Chainsaw Masaca starts pounding at the door and the solid steel door only receives a few dents from the flaming fists of Chainsaw Masaca. Chris Copeland hurries to the door that Chainsaw Masaca initially entered through. He slams the door and Chainsaw Masaca runs after the door. Chris Copeland locks the second and only two doors to the room and can hear the echoing voice of Chainsaw Masaca as he panics from within.)

(Tommy Bradley, after being released from his room headed straight for the ring. He goes into the ring and grabs a mic.)

Tommy Bradley: I’m not ducking anyone. I’ll wait right here in the ring and destroy any person who thinks they can dance with the Bruiser.

(After a few moments, Chris Bomber appears at the top of the ramp and he is holding his glass table! The fans are happy to see some action about to go down in the ring. And Bradley is laughing at Bomber, who is making his way to ringside. Bradley lets Bomber slide the table in the ring, and then smashes Bomber upside the skull. Bomber keeps on trying to get up but Bradley continues to throttle him repeatedly with the heel of his boot. Tommy Bradley grabs Chris Bomber by the hair and chucks him into the ropes. On the return, Bradley elevates Chris Bomber with a back body drop into a stone cold stunner. The fans go wild as Bradley exits the ring and picks up to trash can lids. He whacks them together and the fans feed off Bradley’s fire.)

Jimmy: This is a thrashing, Rudy!

(Chris Bomber stumbles up to his feet and is thrashed with two trash can lids together. The ringing of the lids together makes Bomber hold his ears in a frantic horror. Bomber falls down to the ground as Bradley rolls out the ring finding a big 2 by 4. Bradley rolls into the ring and tosses it in the air like the old school Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Bradley imitates the great Duggan and positions himself like a football player. Bomber stands to his feet and with a left-right motion he crushes the skull of Chris Bomber with the 2 by 4. Bomber tornadoes all the way to the ground and Tommy Bradley laughs. Bomber lies on the ground bleeding from the side of his mouth as Bradley pins Bomber with his foot.)

1…2.. (Chris Bomber kicks out)

(Tommy Bradley sets up the glass table. Bradley laughs and picks Bomber up by his hair. Bradley mounts the top rope, still holding onto Bomber. Bomber is bent over by the turnbuckle and displaying great power, Bradley lifts Bomber up like a powerbomb and jumps into the air! Before they crash through the glass table, Bradley throws Bomber down into a cradled piledriver! SOUTH TROY AGAINST THE WORLD!)

1…2…3 Bradley destroys and eliminates Chris Bomber.

Chris Bomber is eliminated

(Evan Drexxler is wandering and he sees Dynamite Newton. Dynamite jumps when he sees Drexxler coming for him and the two lock up. With the force of a mountain giant, Drexxler sends Dynamite Newton through the air and he crashes into a stack of metal tubes. Newton gets up quickly and dropkicks Drexxler. The battle continues as the camera switch over to Hogan and Deverot.)

(Hogan and Deverot are wandering around the backstage area and they hear screaming off in the distance. The two go to investigate. They arrive outside the door and they realize it is none other than Chainsaw Masaca on the other side. Locked in. The two smile and then unlock the door, flooding in and smashing all the way. Masaca gets hammered and stomped on as he is caught off guard by the pressing assault. Deverot and Hogan swarm him like angry beez and they sleep him out with a Deverot Driver followed by a leg drop.)

1…2...3 Chainsaw Masaca is eliminated at the hands of Hardcore Hogan and Bryan Deverot.

Chainsaw Masaca is eliminated

(Tommy Bradley looks tired of waiting for any more competitors, and he heads to the backstage area. Tommy Bradley makes his way to the main hallway where fans are crowded around Damage who is serving beers to the thirsty, thirsty fans of Indiana. Damage sees Bradley, who subconsciously rubs his burnt eyebrow. Bradley walks up to the counter and a hush falls over the crowd. Bradley extends his hand and Damage puts a beer cup into it. The two pound back the barley sweet liquid and then, the two begin smashing each other like flint upon steel.)

(Copeland grins as he pulls a lever and the power shuts down all across the arena. Hunting in the dark makes it easier when you know where to go and everyone else doesn’t.)

(Hogan and Deverot skip to their loo and they run into Evan Drexxler! The two swarm him like angry beez and Drexxler fights back in the ensuing darkness of the arena.

(Dynamite Newton encounters Damage and Bradley battling each other like rabid wolves. Newton picks his punches craftily and the two fighters turn and pop Newton and resume fighting. Newton decides to conserve energy and watch Bradley and Damage fight. Meanwhile.)

(Hogan and Deverot are pounding on Drexxler as he fights back vainly. Hogan and Deverot stomp away and go for a pin.)

1…2…Drexxler kicks out and Hogan seems surprised. Deverot looks for a weapon as PA system begins to play “Eulogy” by Tool. The hunting music of Tool is heard throughout the arena as a deep eerie voice can be heard.

Someone: "For the person who has committed the worst sins of all, Redemption is coming"

(Emergency lights begin to flash in the hallway and suddenly Chris Copeland emerges out of nowhere and boots Hardcore Hogan in the backside. Hogan falls to one knee grabbing his back in pain. Bryan Deverot turns around without even noticing the mastermind Chris Copeland. Chris Copeland claps Deverot in the face with a superkick and he falls against the wall with his hands back. Evan Drexxler stumbles up and capitalizes on the situation by delivering a hurricane heart punch to the already staggering Bryan Deverot. Deverot pants as he falls flat on his face. Evan Drexxler scoops the leg and pins Bryan Deverot.)

1…2…3 (Evan Drexxler eliminates Bryan Deverot with the aid of Chris Copeland)

Bryan Deverot is eliminated

(Hardcore Hogan is on one knee with a burst of adrenaline. He begins shaking his head side-to-side and his lips are out like a monkey. Chris Copeland throws a punch and Hardcore Hogan blocks and attacks back with a punch of his own. Evan Drexxler with the most powerful punch in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance crushes the right lung of Hardcore Hogan with a Hurricane Heart Punch! The lung deflates of oxygen and the heart dilapidates. Hogan starts coughing as he bounces off the wall. Chris Copeland viciously levels Hardcore Hogan with a superkick to the kisser. A gob of spit is spat and Evan Drexxler sends Hardcore Hogan to hell with another Hurricane Heart Punch! Chris Copeland goes for the pin.)

1…2…3 (Chris Copeland pins Hardcore Hogan)

Hardcore Hogan is eliminated!

(Copeland looks up eagerly for Drexxler, but he is gone. Copeland looks angered and he stalks off.)

(The battle between Bradley, Damage, and Newton has made it’s way to the ring. Copeland watches from the shadows and follows the trio of fighters. For a time, Newton and Bradley team up and Damage goes down swinging. The two apply a crippler crossface and a Texas cloverleaf to Damage, who refuses to submit.)

Rudolph: The Dreamteam has destroyed everyone in their path tonight. Only Bradley and Newton are left for their teams. Copeland gets into the ring and pulls Newton off of Bradley and this allows Damage to shake Bradley off of his legs. Damage needs a breather after the two-on-one and Copeland tosses Newton over the top rope! Damage manages to flip Bradley over the top and the “Dreamteam” has cleared the ring! The two are celebrating and Drexxler slides under the rope after entering through the crowd.)

(Bradley and Newton run in at the same time as Damage locks up with Newton. Copeland and Drexxler lay the boots to Bradley as he slides in. Drexxler gorilla presses the exhausted Bruiser, and Newton and Damage trade blows.)

(Bradley is held by Drexxler. Copeland tells Drexxler to hold the struggling Bradley a few seconds longer and goes for a superkick! Bradley ducks and Drexxler take it square on the chin! Seizing the moment, Bradley goes for the cover and Copeland does nothing about it!)

1…2…3! Evan Drexxler is pinned by Tommy Bradley.

Evan Drexxler is eliminated!

(Copeland spits on Drexxler in disgust and rolls him out of the ring! Bradley clotheslines Copeland over the top! Damage and Bradley stare at each other from across the ring. Ewton is caught in the middle of it all and the two deliver a double boot to his head! Newton is down and Hooligan climbs to the top turnbuckle! Bradley holds him there and Hooligan delivers his patented 180 degree frog splash!)

1…2…3! Hooligan pins Dynamite Newton!

Dynamite Newton is eliminated

(The fans are cheering as Bradley and Damage are staring each other down. Bradley chops Damage into the corner and Damage fires a chop back. The two lock up and Bradley tosses Damage over head and the fans are roaring! Copeland sneaks in underneath and BAM! Bradley goes down and Hooligan looks disappointed that his one on one battle with Bradley has ended. With a bit of regret, Hooligan mounts the top rope and delivers his second Hangover in a row!)

1…2…3! Hooligan pins Tommy Bradley!

Tommy Bradley is pinned and Chris Copeland and Johnny Damage are declared victorious! (Evan Drexxler runs into the ring and shoulder blocks Copeland who rolls to the outside smiling! Drexxler goes after him and Copeland melts away into the crowd!)

Jimmy: The Dreamteam was in total control all night! How will this affect the other remaining wrestlers?
Rudolph: Even Drexxler would have survived if Copeland wouldn’t have turned on him!
Jimmy: Goodnight everyone! From Indiana!

"Inertia in Indiana"

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