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In Memory of those lost in the Terrorist Attack on Sept. 11, 2001
This site is almost always under some kind of construction.  Since it is a ct page, it is changed any time a large event happens to a character.

So Check back regularly to keep track of the latest ct news.
This is my confession of sorts.  For many years now I have played a number of different characters and covered for it by claiming I had family playing some of them, when in fact it was me all along.  There are a few who know it is me, but now I guess my secret is out.  I have played the following and this is their histories:
Onyx Jade
Silverdust GreyWolf
W. Patrick WhiteFire Jr
Art Capelli
Darphus ShootingMoon
Duncan Jade Jr
Elliot Shadowdawn Garnet Jade
Troy SilverWing
Ben Allen
Colten Gregory
Wade WhiteFire
Adam Smith
Stephen Benvolio
Cy Davis
WG Cody
The characters I use are part of a continually developing story that has been and is continuing to be written as I play them.  I fully intend to one day have at least one characters life published but before I do that, which wont be for a while yet, I will go through and get permission from each and every person whose character is mentioned even briefly in the story before sending it to anyone.

I pride myself on my ability to get along with almost anybody and wish to apologize to anybody I have bumped heads with in the five or so years I have been around.  You are all family and very special to me and I do not want that to ever change.  I love you all
Very Sincerely,
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How my characters are related to one another
Characters I have played in the past that are INACTIVE but make cameo appearances
Dead Characters
NewMoon GreyWolf-Swift
Alexis BlackTiger
Sarah Macelli
Dakota "Kody"
D.  DarkMoon
Marco Venier
Peter GreyWolf
Angel GreyWolf
Emerald Jade
Saphire FireStar
Lou Suhor
Rafael Grant
Sydney McSwain
Adrian Turk
Tiera ShootingMoon-Tanim