"To travel is to open our minds and move beyond the familiar..." Patricia Schultz
Old stuff from the former "travel girl a go-go" now the "travel girl a go-slow"...
England part 1
England part 2
Hay on Wye, Wales
Hey, let me know you're here....
more Germany
Where I went in 2004:
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Metz, France (sorry, I don't have any pics loaded for France)
Mexico ( lots of pics here with my good times and a link to some other good times)
about me...
...and in 2005 I drove from my home in Maryland to San Diego, California and back. But you'll need to stop by and see my scrapbooks for that trip. in Amarillo
If you are a travel dreamer, read about Ms. Rita Golden Gelman. Also, pick up your own copy of her book "Tales of a Female Nomad" It is easily on my top 10 list of all time.
Belle and I check out the Cadillac Ranch... I lost my shoes in the mud!
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