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Welcome to House Thirteen Zero! Yes, that's right! Despite Craggsy's 'oh, I just wont bother being at Uni and stay at home most the time' policy, Jamie's 'I'll just fail everything in sight' policy and my 'I'll just concentrate on everything in my life...apart from uni' policy (I'm Marc by the way, hello) we all made it into the second year!

But you know what they did?? The arses! They kicked us outta Flat Thirteen! (i dunno, summat to do wi its only for 1st years blah blah blah) so we had to find ourselves a new house! So we did! The Lord of the Ringpulls: The Two Towers got so big, we moved into it! Back of the net! And it has it's own address now, 130 Newsome Road, hense House Thirteen Zero (you see what we've done with the name there?). So, feel free to check out our site again using the links on the left.

And there's new photos and stuff n all that crap.
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You see what we did there??
An Apology
Jamie: Did you kno Vicars get paid 18k a year?
Marc: Right, wheres the nearest church?
Jamie: Why, are u gonna apply to be one?
Marc: No, im gonna go Mug a Vicar!
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