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If you have been to my page before, please note that the address has changed. I am in the process of moving from my old account, whisperzz.geo, to sera_nade. It's a long story, but this move is permenant. Right now I have links crossed back and forth between sites while I update/add and improve to this new site.
Please watch out for the falling html, java and ignore all the packing boxes!!

Please sign my guestbook before you leave. I love to see who has been here!!


I am currently working on all my pages, fixing broken links and re-working all the graphics. My intended end result is to replace any commercially made, public domain graphics, with my own personal designs. I am using Paint Shop Pro as well as Blade Pro (a terrific filter for PSP by the way).

Throughout my pages, unless otherwise referenced, the music, non-original images and many of the text stories are public domain. If, however, you find something on these pages to not be public domain, copyrighted or isn't referenced appropriately, please let me know and I will either reference it or remove it from this site.

If you like an image or midi, please download it to your hard drive. Do not link graphics or images directly from this site, I don't want Geocities to boot me out. Feel free, however, to link pages if you want to.

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