Shamanism seems to have become quite trendy lately, and there is a lot of information easily available on it.  For this reason I am not going to try to put all that information on this site.  I’ll just put up a few of my own comments… 

Many people hear the word “Shamanism” and immediately think “Native American Religion.”  Well, every indigenous culture around the world uses shamanic techniques, not just the Native Americans.  Lately I’ve heard a lot about Peruvian Shamans, Tibetan Shamans, and Australian Aboriginal Shamans.  It seems to be more effective to use the shamanism that your ancestors used than it is to use something completely outside your own culture… easier to work with someting you already have a connection with. 

By shamanic technique I mean methods of going to the “otherworld” to find information, lost pieces of Self, or to communicate with spirits.  Energetic healing techniques can also be shamanic.  Shamanism is not a religion, although it can be used in conjunction with religion, it does involve talking with spirits, after all!

Many people are interested in learning shamanism so that they can heal others, but how can we heal others until we've healed ourselves?  How can we guide other people across territory we have not first crossed ourselves?  We are all wounded… shamanism is one way to go back and heal those wounds.  Using shamanic techniques we can bring back lost pieces of Self, discover our True Self, let go of the things that keep us in painful or uncomfortable situations, and grow to fill our true potential.  We can become the person we’ve always wished we could be, in fact, we usually already are that person but our “issues” get in the way of our seeing it.  By working through our “issues” we get in touch with our whole self and the feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and neediness just fades away.

Would you like to learn more about Shamanism?  Here are some articles:
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Are you interested in this path?  Check out the links on the side of the page...  The Shamanic Breathwork site gives some wonderful explanations of shamanism, and Kenn Deigh holds FANTASTIC workshops!

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