Sheya (pronounced Shay-uh) is a system of magick, designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

The Sheya model draws heavily on existing resources. Shamansim, Yoga, Ceremonial Magick, Wicca, and even modern Depth Psychology are reflected with this system of self-transformation. Although it claims no particular lineage, its heritage is the same as all other valid magickal systems: The human experience.

Sheya is designed to provide the practitioner with a springboard for personal creativity and expression, allowing each person to create and operate HIr own personal magickal process, while still being able to communicate and work within the community at large.

Within this system, the Cosmos is modeled as a Triad of Form, Energy and Consciousness, or Mother, Father and Child respectively; and, as the integration of these three into the Whole. Each of these elements is seen as essential and integral to the overall composition of our world and of our Self on all levels.

Being Sheya is about coming to understand and experience the relationships between these Aspects on both internal and external levels; and, through bringing about changes (healing and evolving) in these relationships, transforming the Self and the World.

So the work of the Sheya practitioner is to grow, evolve, and heal on both personal and transpersonal levels. This is the "Great Work" inherent in all true magick; the continuous process of becoming more and more fully human.

This work is approached through a series of exercises, devotional rituals and initiations, gradually introducing the practitioner to deeper and deeper levels of HIr Self.  Specifically, the practitioner first learns to focus HIr Will and then to create safe space within which to do the work. This space is an overlapping of the microcosm (the internal world) and the macrocosm (the external world), so that work done on the internal is reflected on the external and vice versa.

Then each of the Aspects is worked with in turn: First Dhyanna as Mother and Form the vessel that constitutes the beginning of all creation and the ability to self-nurture. Next, Maggah as Father and Energy the life force which animates the vessel and the ability to self-protect. Then, Khiyatta as Child and Consciousness the awareness of Self, the union of Mother and Father, and the ability to discern Self from Other. Finally, Enochi as Unity and Integration the integration of all the previous Aspects in both the state of being prior to separation and the state of being after re-union; and, the awakening of the Self beyond the self, a calling forth of one’s future potential, an understanding of that from which all else springs and to which all else is in a constant process of returning.

Each Aspect is worked with initially in an externalized process (evoked) within the safe space. When sufficient growth work has been done in this context, the practitioner undergoes an initiation that allows them to work with the Aspect in an internalized process (invoked). When the requisite level of work with each Aspect has been completed, the practitioner moves on to the next Aspect in the Cycle. The path is viewed as a spiral in that upon completion of the initial course of practice (generally a period of between six and eight years), the practitioner can return to any Aspect to do additional, deeper work as needed.

After completing the initial cycle of work with all the Aspects, there is one remaining process to undertake that of integrating the Whole of one’s Self, of facing one’s "dark side" and integrating it into the entirety of the Self. This process is called Threshold and its intent is to assist the practitioner in becoming a fully integrated human being with complete access to their internal world. Thus, at the end of their studies, the Sheya practitioner is trained in the use of a set of "tools" by which to continue doing growth and healing work throughout the remainder of their lives.

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