Good Books
For inspiration and transformation

is a fluff-free magickal journal.  Mezlim Vol VII, Issue No. 1, "The Underworld" has thought-provoking  articles on shamanic journeying, our shadow selves, the underworld through different cultures, and more.  Articles by: Donald Michael Kraig, Jaq D. Hawkins, Paul B. Rucker, Sabra, Kenn Deigh, Magenta Griffith, Lon Milo DuQuette, David Sparenberg, Joseph Robert Jochmans, Paul Jeseph Rovelli, Mary Schoeppel, Brenda E. Kelly, Dr. Richard Kaczynski, Donna Ravenscraft, Keter Elan, & Chaz S. Clifton.  To get your own copies of Mezlim magazine contact Keter.   Samples of articles from Mezlim can be seen on this site.  Check out "There and Back Again" an Article on Shamanic Journeying, "The Spell of Enki" and "Resisting Resistance"

Truth or Da
re by Starhawk.  This excellent book is full of rituals, meditations and exercises to promote personal growth and help you get beyond what holds you back in life.  It uses the myth of the "Descent of Inanna" as a vehicle for transformation.

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowle
dge by Jeremy Narby.  The author, an anthropologist, tries to find a scientific explanation for his shamanic experiences in the Amazon.  If you find it exciting to read about how magick and science correspond, you'll love this book.

The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition
by Steve Blamires.  This book explains the myth of The Battle of Moytura and uses it as a shamanic "map."  I found the "maps" to meeting the Celtic deities very helpful, and some very valuable personal work came out of it for me.

The Power of Myth
by Joseph Campbell.  This is a really wonderful book.  It talks about how the mythology we grow up with impacts the way we see the world, thus impacting our lives.

Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman
by Gabrielle Roth.  This book is about using movement, dance, and rhythms as shamanic tools for healing.  Fun powerful stuff!

Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom
by John and Caitlin Matthews.  This book has wonderful information for building on your shamanic skills.  This book is easier to understand if you already have some background in shamanism and in Celtic mythology.

Issues, emotions, and traumas get stored in the body.  Yoga is one way of accessing that "stuff" in order to release it and work through it. 
Luna Yoga: Vital Fertility and Sexuality is a great little book for women who have PMS or other menstrual problems or issues.   This book has a lot of gentle relaxing stretches to help bring you to center, open you up energeticlly, and allow your "chi" to flow.  This is a good book for beginners.

American Indian Myths and Legends.
I really love the Native American stories in this book.  To someone who has not studied shamanism they are just stories.  To someone who knows a bit about shamanism,  these stories are accounts of journey's by the Shamans of that tribe.  They are lessons in dealing with the spirit world.

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