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LumensGate is a powerful transformational magical gathering. Unfortunately when I say that people often think of snotty guys in flowing robes waiving their fancy tools and dramatically pronouncing strange words.  You won't run into any of those people at LumensGate.  If people like that were to show up they wouldn't get the attention they think they deserve, and they would get angry and go home.  People who go to LumensGate are people who are dedicated to personal growth.  They are honest and straight forward.  And they work powerful transformational magick!

Each year LumensGate has a different theme.  Personal issues that revolve around the theme come up, and we use magick to start the work on those issues.  The work continues throughout the year after the festival.  A few years ago the theme was Sovereignty.  Many people who attended that festival made major changes in their lives over the course of the following year.  Many people quit their jobs or moved.  

Don't think that LumensGate is only about work!  Past themes have been "Convocation of the Gods,"  "Journey into the Dreamtime,"  "Ecstacy (Enjoying the Ride),"  "Coming Home," and many more.

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LumensGate 2004: Phoenix Arising
June 8-12, 2004

Emerging from the ashes of our past, we take flight and embrace the sky. Awaiting us here is our infinite abundance and our endless potential.

Experience a week of magickal self-transformation through intentional workshops and rituals within a community of peers.

Held at
Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary Artemis, PA

For more information contact:
P.O. Box 19566
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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