Articles, Rituals and Poems

Tree Meditation

Inner Strength (humor)

Signs of Wisdom

Poems by Keter Elan

LumensGate by Keter Elan

Charge of the Star Goddess

Characteristics of a Cult Checklist

Daily Spiritual Practice by Kenn Deigh

The Spell of Enki a ritual by Kenn Deigh

Litany Against Fear by Frank Herbert

13 Ways To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Valentine's Day and Self-Esteem by Jessie

Livin' La Vida Mágica by Donald Michael Kraig

The Star Child
: a ritual for transformation by Sam Webster

Resisting Resistance
by Donna (Stanford-Blake) Ravenscraft

Green Spicy Stuff: Condiment and Protection Spell by Jessie

Practical Psychology and the Qabalah: by Dr. Karl R. Nitzke

12 Steps to Finding a Spiritual Teacher You Can Trust
by Sandra Mizumoto Posey

My Experience of Transformational Magick
by Jessie

Shamanism Articles

There and Back Again: A NeoShaman's Guide to the Underworld Experience  by Kenn Deigh

The Warrior Side of Shamanism by Holly Dunn

Shamanic Journey 1/9/02 An Excerpt from My Magickal Journal

Sheya Articles

So You Want To Study Sheya... by Donna Ravenscraft

Nancy Shares Her Process by Nancy

What is Sheya? by Kenn Deigh

A Simplified Explanation of Sheya by Jessie

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