Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) is a non-profit organization that was started over 20 years ago to assist people who were experiencing difficulties associated with psychospiritual growth.

Have you ever wondered why people do some of the weird things they do?  It could be due to low self-esteem.  Here is a link to a site that gives lots of information on this as well as some suggestions on how to build self-esteem.

ConVocation is a Pagan convention that happens in Detroit every year.  There are some really fantastic magicians and teachers who go every year, and there are workshops for both beginners and people who are doing more advanced work.  Check it out at

Mateyo Empie is a Peruvian Shaman living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  For workshop information, contact her at

The Celtic Shamanism Site:  Info on Celtic Shamanism, poems, stories, recommended reading list, and more!

Are you interested in Ancient Irish Mythology, Art, Sites, Monuments, and Herb Lore?  Check out It's HUGE.

Are you concerned about diminishment of religious freedom in the United States?  If so, then you may want to check out
Caelidh's Religious Freedom Page.

The Witches' Voice is an educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft.  The Witches' Voice is also a wonderful resource for information about Paganism, Festivals, Networking, etc.

Many people do not realize that riding a motorcycle can be a meditative and spiritual experience.  Being "in the flow" is very much a part of riding.  Here's a link to a very cool women's motorcycle site.

Are you interested in Siberian Shamanism?  Check out Sarangerel's
Buryat homepage: Shamanism, Folklore, and Poetry

There is another transformational magickal gathering that I have never been to, but I hear it's really fantastic.  Check it out at

Protect yourself from mind control!  This non-commercial site is dedicated to spreading the word about the 
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies and how they can help the average human. (Humor)

Don't have a magickal name yet?  Click here to go to the Pagan Name Generator.(Humor)

The Llewellyn Journal has really great articles on various areas of the Occult.

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