About Me

I discovered Wicca in 1990, and it opened a whole new world for me.  Iíve been using  magick as a path for personal transformation since the beginning, but I didnít discover the best tools for it until 1997, when I picked up the Sheya path and started working with shamanic techniques more.   Sheya and Shamanism are just two of the many paths of self transformation.  I like the Sheya path because itís a coherent system that works, it gives me room to incorporate the techniques that I like best, and it inspires personal creativity.

About Transformational Magick

What is transformational magick?  Itís using magick to get in touch with who you really are, instead of being who you have been taught to be.  Itís becoming your true Self, with all your beauty and power.  Itís getting rid of all the garbage that gets in your way of seeing that you already truly are everything you ever dreamed of being.  It is getting rid of the issues that keep you from living up to your true potential.  Working transformational magick can change your life, making you stronger, more sovereign, more whole.   Sounds great, huh?  Actually, itís pretty scary.  There are a lot of monsters to face along the way. 

Stages of Transformation

Linda Star Wolf has put together an article on the Stages of Transformation that beautifuly and clearly explains what people go through when on a transformational pathÖ I had noticed the pattern long before, but I had never tried to express it.  She does it so well I thought I would include a link to it here.  I think this pattern is an important thing to let people know about when they start a transformational path so that they know what they are getting themselves into and have a deeper understanding of what's happeining.  Some of the stages of transformation are uncomfortable, and it's helpful to know that the discomfort is just a stage.  This wonderful article is on her website at:

Transformational Ritual

An important part of transformational magick is daily practice.  By having some type of daily practice you make the transformation happen a little more quickly and a lot more smoothly!  If you stop then you have a good chance of getting stuck.  So when the going gets tough, KEEP GOING!  Just like if you are going for a hike and you have to walk through a stinky swampy area.  Do you say "I hate this!" and sit down in the muck and stay there?  No!  You walk a little faster until you get out of the swamp.  Then you sit down someplace dry and say "Wow. That was yucky.  I'm glad that's over."  Same thing with transformational magick.  "When the going gets yucky, KEEP GOING!"
Working magick is like working your muscles.  If you only go to the gym and work out once a month you probably won't be in as good a shape as the guy who goes to the gym and works out every day.  Work your magick every day to keep strong, "plugged in," "in tune," centered, etc.
If you don't already have a daily practice, here are a few you could try:
Tree Meditation is simple, universal, and good for beginners as well as more advanced magicians.  Sam Webster's "Star Child" ritual and "The Spell of Enki," are a little more advanced and use some "weird words," and they are excellent rituals for engaging the transformational growth process.  Each of these three rituals will definately keep you "plugged in" and "in tune"!

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