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based on White Wolf’s MET (Mind’s Eye Theatre) System

Please read the following carefully....

Since we are moving to a email form imput method for Downtime Submissions, there are a few key points to keep in mind:
  • Please make sure you complete the form for each character you wish to have Downtime actions during this month. The form only allows for one character entry.
  • Selecting a Fetter option on the form counts as 25 words off your maximum word count. Selecting the option to visit all Fetters will count as 50.
  • Please list all Influence actions in the appropriate text box. Influence action include the use of any number of levels of Influence, Contacts, Allies, Retainers, Resources, Clout, and Fame.
  • All non-Influence actions should be listed as clearly as possible in the personal actions text box. Personal Actions include the use of Past Lives Merit and Mentor Backgrounds.
  • Please use the Comments box for further clairification of Haunts, Cohorts, and Fetters options. Comments do not count towards your maximum word count.
  • When listing Personal Actions, please order each action according to their importance to your character (i.e. the first action is most important, the second is next important, and so on). Should you go over on word count, the ST Staff will ignore the last action(s) on your Personal Actions list until the word count is balanced.
  • Remember that the word count is a maximum of 500 words.

Click here to begin filling out your Downtime for this month.

Email the ST: Wraith_ST
Personal Email: Eric E. Johnson

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