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based on White Wolf’s MET (Mind’s Eye Theatre) System

White Wolf FAQ - the words straight from the spectre's mouth! Though White Wolf long abandoned the game due to poor sales, they still host their original FAQ. Go figure. I guess they were hoping for a ressurection.... Check it out though.

The Wraith Project - it is nice to know the game still has fans out there! This is the site of a group intent on making sure that Wraith will live on! Support this group of gamers! Check them out!

Wikipedia Article - I guess they'll write about anything these days. But still, here's an encyclopedic look at the contents of the game.

Wraith 101 - A humorous but very true look at what it means to be a Wraith, and a good look at some very important questions many Enfants might be asking themselves. The rest of the site repeats a lot of the same material you may find on this site or many others... but DEFINATELY read the 101 lesson!

Who says all Yahoo! Groups are bad?
Okay, so I said that. They are generally a bunch of disorganized grabastic and globular things. I am happy to say that WraithList does not fit that stereotype.
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