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Darker Productions Apocalypse

based on White Wolf’s MET (Mind’s Eye Theatre) System

The Dead Do Talk...

PLEASE NOTE! The Forums are CLOSED for the time being.
Thank you - now, go haunt someone else....

The Wraiths and Spectres of New Philly are alive, so to speak, and you can get in on all the Pathos and Angst with the rest of us.

The Oblivion Forums was hosted on the same page as the Apocaylpse Forums. But, I do admin work for both pages. Therefore, the same rules apply to both:

Please read and consider each of the following points:

1) When you attempt to register for the Forums for the first time, your email client may recognize the automated email response at Bulk Mail or Junk Mail. This is due to the fact that the Message Boards are run by a Second Party, and most 2nd Party email is by definition Bulk or Junk mail. Be sure to check in your Bulk/Junk folders when looking for the confirmation email.

2) The main reasons for these Forums is three-fold: Yahoo Groups is poorly organized and has constant "behavioral hiccups". Having a hosted Forum cuts down on email sent through Yahoo Groups notification System. All posts remain on the Forums indefinately, and can be read by anyone at any time.

3) Please read all "sticky posts" before you do anything. Stickys are important threads set by the ST Staff as notifications that should be read by everyone.

4) Please be mindful of where you post. Keep in character (IC) posts limited to the Denizens of the Dark and the Garou Nation Categories. Out of Characater posts (OOC Posts) should likewise be limited to the General Discussion and Rules Discussion Categories. Violators of this request shall receive numerous posts from the ST Staff, spamming their in-box until such time as they learn their lesson. Cleaning up after a LARP is one thing, but cleaning up the Internet is a royal pain...

5) If something on any of the Boards offends you, please ignore it.

6) Please refrain from verbally abusing other posters on this list. Do not question their ability as Role-Players or as human beings. Do not intentionally insult anyone's personal beliefs, morals, religion, or pets. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated, and improper posts such as these will result in the deletion of the violator's Forum Account for a period of time NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

7) If you have a problem with a poster in any way whatsoever, please send them a PM (Private Message) as quickly as possible as resolve the matter without posting it for the whole world to see. Please inform the ST Staff by way of PM of any such probelms that cannot be resolved on your own. Harassment of any kind will result in deletion of the Forum Account for a period of time NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

8) Some Boards are Password Protected. The Tribal Boards in the Garou Nation Category are a prime example. This is to prevent "bleed-over" information, which could lead to metagaming. Players not involved with a certain faction or tribe will NOT be allowed to access such boards. Players who manage to circumvent this, and who are even thought to be metagaming will find their Forum Account deleted for a period of time NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, without exceptions. They might find their character in Experience Debt as well.

9) If you require a Password for a certain Board, you will be given that password by the ST Staff. Your ST Staff has access to all Boards and all Board Passwords. If you forget you password, send someone on the ST Staff a PM (private message) and you will receive your password ASAP.

10) Please keep public posts (those in the Discussion Categories) rated PG-13. Repeated violators will find their accounts suspended for one month's time.

11) Be sure to check back here often for any additional requests.

If you feel that you can comply with these requests, then you should feel free to enter and register for the Forums.

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Email the ST: Wraith_ST
Personal Email: Eric E. Johnson

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