Honorary Amtracer
Tom Williams presented Gen Weise with a Platoon T Shirt making him an Honorary Amtrac Platoon Member.

Chow Call
We had a case of C-Rations that we turned upside down and than drew names for the guys to come and get a meal. Here we have Craig Noke getting his.

Special Song
Austin Gillette shared one of the Native American Songs to honor Vietnam Veterans with us.

Special Drink
Joe Bersh and Vern Bjugstad getting ready to drink the special drink we have for our fallen brothers. The Lady Leathernecks also shared the shot of whiskey we all drank to our lost brothers.

Amtrac History
The General spoke about how proud he was to have had our Platoon with his Battalion in Vietnam. He also gave us some back ground history on the Amtrac.