Crazy Eyes
We lost the chain we normally use to keep Ron under control and look what happened to him. Have to get him his medication next time so maybe he can be half way normal. Actually he is just a big kid at heart.

Toe Nail Punch
One Marine lost his leg while at the reunion but Tom put it to good use.

Doug Frisby, John "Pig Pen" Levinduski, Brad Clark, and Bill Doring
Now you want to talk really old Platoon Members check out these 4. Look like Civil War Vets instead of Vietnam. They got together in Georgia in late 1996. Photo compliments of Doug Frisby.

Smoked Chicken
Ron Coleman had scared the waitress away on the river boat cruise. Especially when he started smoking this chicken leg.

Reunion Memories
Former Amtrac Platoon Commander Craig Noke with Member Ron Coleman and a 2/4 Association member.