Vern Bjugstad and Tom Williams
Probably the most surprised person at the reunion was Vern Bjugstad shown here with his old Crew Chief Tom Williams. Vern was awarded his Purple Heart for injuries received on July 31, 1968.

Vern Bjugstad and Mike Cook
Here we have Vern and Mike Cook alongside the 18 trac after hitting mine. Note the band aid over right eye of Vern.

Vern and Jane Bjugstad
Vern with his wife Jane the day after getting his Purple Heart with hang over and all.

Vern with Gen Weise
Vern receiving his Purple Heart from Brigadier General "Wild Bill" Weise.

Vern and Jane
Vern with very proud wife Jane. The bottle on the table was just the start of the party and I am sure a hang over for Vern.