The Good The Bad and The Ugly
These 3 Platoon members got together at Nam Jam 96 in Charlotte, NC. Can you tell who is the Good,the Bad, and the Ugly. Steve Greene,Tom Williams, and Doug Frisby. Photo by Doug Frisby.

SaraJane and Bill Weise
Our Honorary Platoon member General Weise was Guest of Honor for the Marine Corps Ball in Lansing, Michigan in 1996. Here he is holding onto Platoon member Tom Williams's daughter SaraJane.

Ron Coleman
Even Ron Coleman can look serious as this photo taken on our river boat cruise shows.

Sgt. Marks and Tom Williams
Les Marks served 2 tours in Vietnam. Tom Williams served for 20 months. Lots of Combat experience and sea stories when these 2 get together.

Senate Chambers Madison,WI.
On the way to the reunion Tom Williams and Jon Smith stopped to pay the Senate a visit in Madison. Looks like Jon getting ready to carry out some important task for Tom.