Mark Jones
Here is Mark Jones at our reunion in Minneappolis in 1995. Mark used to have nice black hair now see how
white it is.

Ron Coleman, LaVon Robinson, Tom Williams, and Les Marks
Looks like Sgt Marks telling the FNG's the proper method of cooking Ham and Mothers at the Kokomo Veterans reunion in the fall of 1994.

Washington 1991
Ron Coleman,Jim Bartee,Tom Williams, LaVon Robinson,Austin Gillette,Jim Stahl, Joe Bersh in front of the three grunts in 1991.

LaVon Robinson and Tom Williams
LaVon and Tom relaxed at the Kokomo Veterans reunion to honor our POW/MIA in September of 1994

Jakob Bain
At the 91 reunion John Bain brought his son Jacob with him and the Platoon adopted him as a Mascot. Even called him short round. Now as this picture shows he is no longer a short round and is planning on joining the Marine Corps.