Jon Smith
Smitty joined us for the first time since Vietnam. He had a great time and is looking forward to the next reunion.

Les Marks, Sharon, and their Son
Les Marks joined us in Minneapolis with his wife Sharon and their son. Does it mean we are getting old when the kids pass out on the floor when they party with us?

Steve Trimmer and Fran
Steve and Fran joined us and were a big help with the reunion. Steve spent the shortest amount of time in country with the Platoon. He got seriously wounded by Arty at Cua Viet after being with the Platoon for only 7 days.

Mike Graf and Connie
Mike Graf and his future bride Connie joined us for the first time in Minneapolis. Mike has not put on one pound in weight.

Joe Bersh and Cheryl
Joe and his wife joined us for the second time in 1995. It was the first reunion for his wife Cheryl.