Doug Frisby
Here we have Doug Frisby with Winston Cup Star Dale Jarrett. Can you tell which one is happier Doug or Dale?

Jon Smith and Ed Stroman
Smitty and Ed spending a few days together at Ed's house in Carolina. Smitty was originally from Chicago but now lives in Wisconsin.

Joe Bersh, Tom Williams, and Vern Bjugstad
Here we have Joe, Tom, and Vern at the Grunts statue in Washington during the first Amtrac reunion in 1991.

Austin Gillette
Austin Gillette in his Native American Regalia. It is easy to see why we called him Chief. He did return home to become the Chief of the Arikara Nation.

Austin Gillette
Austin joined us in Minnesota for our second reunion. Austin with the help of his brother built a Community College on the Reservation in North Dakota to further the education of the people of the Arikara Nation.