Welcome all to Jamie's homepage!
Well, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie, and I absolutely hate my web page! If you want to be entertained at all, you'll have to click on some links, because this home page is pretty damn boring.
And I have news. My guestbook sucks, but I have a new one now, so whether you've already signed the other one, please leave me messages on the new one! Thanks, love y'all!
Here are a few links....enjoy!
Quotes-Little things that once struck me as funny

Jekyll and Hyde-
My new favorite show!

- read about the life of none other than...me!

A few things I've learned while in Akron (these may only be amusing to those I live with)

Jimothy's Site-
The oft mentioned Jimothy has a nifty site with even niftier pics from France

My other web page-
Dedicated to my theatrical career only

You Know You Go To Kenton Ridge If-
A list compiled by Jennifer Spurgeon and myself to describe our lovely school

Sound of Music-
My second most recent show

My fourth most recent show

My Fair Lady-
My favorite show!

Read about my trip to Toronto

New York pics are up!

New pictures of me and others

My page for my life the past few months!

Senior Pic Page-
all my buddies that at one point in time will have graduated high school

Miscellaneous Pictures-
whatever I can't fit anywhere else!

Excellent writer's site...Has classifieds, tips, publishing info, etc.

- The official homepage of Duke athletics

The Runniturd Emporium-
This is my friend Adam's site....Has very interesting links

Ben's Site-
This is, well, Ben's site :o)

Seattle Mariners Official Home Page
- for the baseball fan :-)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Official Website-  A tribute to the greatest show ever to be made (and unfortunately, cancelled) It has recently been brought to my attention that this is now a porn site and I have therefore demolished the link.

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