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Dannell Lites

Mon-El Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: This is the one that started it all for Shady and Ah:):) The curative effects of Brainiac 5's anti-lead serum are wearing off for Mon-El. And Shadow Lass and Superboy are paying the price. Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!

Passing The Love Of Women Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: The sorta-kinda maybe sequel to "Mon-El"! From the Phantom Zone, Mon-El watches his friends. And helps them. WARNING! Cautions: HERE BE M/M SLASH!

Lar Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Ultra Boy, Jo Nah, finally tell Mon-El just how he feels about him. Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!:):)

Lar, Part Two: The Rest Of The Story Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: The sequel to my story "Lar"! So, what does Phantom Girl think of Ultra Boy's new relationship with his friend Mon-El? Not much! Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!:):)

Brainy's Lab And What Happened There! Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: A total PWP involving Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Shadow Lass and one lazy day in Brainy's lab. This time the lab explodes in a different way:):) snicker Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH! AND M/F sex, too!!

Wolf In The Fold Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Timber Wolf confronts Shrinking Violet about her unreasonable dislike for him. He thinks he knows why. Cautions: Implied M/F sex and rough M/F at that:):) Not graphic, though!

Conversation With A Legend Era: POSTBOOT! Summary: Valor and Triad Orange have a talk about religion:):). Cautions: Frank Non-Christian religious themes are explored!

Heart Of A Champion Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Even before he helped found the Legion of Super-Heroes, Rokk Krinn was Cosmic Boy!

Straight On 'Til Morning Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: After the death of his lover Shadow Lass, Mon-El reflects on a number of things...

Me, Myself ... But No I Era: The Gap! Summary: Mon-EL and His SW6 Batch counterpart don't much like one another...

The Legion Of Squabbling Heroes Era: Various! Summary: A LSH MetaFic! Moi's Legion fictives take moi to task!

Fairy Tale Era: Elseworlds Summary: Queen Tasmia of Talok VIII is having trouble with the sucession...

Sixteen Candles Era: ReBoot Summary: The Post-Crisis Superboy faces the trial of his eternal youth.

The Great Confrontation Era: Elseworlds Summary: There's trouble brewing for the 25th Century House of El!

And All Of Us Are Dying Era: All over the map. Summary: The histories of Mon-El. Warning: Massive AU. PG-13.

The Christmas Gifts Era: Classic. Warning: Some theological discussion.

Birthday Boy Era: Classic. Warning: Adult sexual themes.

Lovers' Tryst Era: Classic. Summary: Could Lar have had a lover in the Zone? Warning: Adult situations and some really nasty imagery.

Emerald Legacy Summary: An expansion of the AU in moi's story "And All Of Us Are Dying" where Valor, Lar Gand, becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps!

Conspiracy Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Vignette set during the "Conspiracy" storyline.

The Spy Who Loved Me Era: CLASSIC.

Kerithwyn "'rith" Jade

Anamnesis Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: On the anniversary of Lyle Norg's death, Brainiac 5 dreams of his friend. Cautions: Character reflection. Very tame m/m slash.

Someone Borrowed (Jo's Version) Era: CLASSIC, circa LSH 239 (Starlin). Summary: Set directly after Ultra Boy was accused of murder and then exonerated. Mon-El comes to apologize to Jo for not believing in his innocence, and Jo wants more than "I'm sorry!" Cautions: PWP. Explicit m/m slash.

Someone Blue (Lar's Version) Era: CLASSIC, circa LSH 239 (Starlin). Summary: As above, in Lar’s POV. Cautions: PWP. Explicit m/m slash.

Violet's Tale Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run: post-Universo Project. Summary: Shrinking Violet writes about her life. Cautions: Character reflection. Non-explicit f/f romantic relationship.

Love, Like Lightning (Ayla's Tale) Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run: post-Universo Project. Summary: The explicated life of Ayla Ranzz. A companion piece to “Violet’s Tale.” Cautions: Non-explicit m/f and f/f romance.

Homecoming Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run: post-Universo Project. Immediately follows "Love, Like Lightning". Summary: Vi comes home. Cautions: F/F sex.

Another Titleless Legion PWP! Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: A sparring session in the Legion gym turns into something more for Timber Wolf and Karate Kid. Cautions: PWP. M/M slash.

Ritual Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: The White Witch has a dilemma only Sun Boy can resolve. Cautions: Adult themes and discussion, no onscreen sex.

Firedance Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: A night on the town for Shrinking Violet and Sun Boy. A sequel to Dannell Lites’ “Wolf in the Fold” and an addition to 'rith's "Violet's Tale." Cautions: Explicit m/f sex.

Solace Era: GAP. Summary: Tasmia Mallor and Jo Nah find comfort in each other after the death of Tinya Wazzo.

Redemption Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: The way the White Triangle Saga should have ended!

A Pause, Before.... Featuring the Legionnaires of the Levitz era. Summary: The Writer has a few words with her fictives. Guest-starring the Titans.

Movements of Fire and Shadow Era: Levitz. Warnings: Nonexplicit m/f sex.

Speaker Era: Classic.

'rith's other page Home to her non-Legion fiction. Offsite link.

Bonita del Rio

Life On A Dead World Era: GAP. Summary: Sun Boy goes in search of the reclusive Element Lad. Cautions: Mild m/m slash.

Dogwoods And Deviltry Era: GAP. Summary: The White Witch, Element Lad, and Brainiac 5 must solve a rather unique mystery.

Mudwomb Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Sun Boy plays in the foundation of the New Legion HQ and discovers there's a reason why his family always warned him not to play around construction.

Phoenix Reaction Era: GAP. Summary: Moments ago, the Legionniares thought they had saved the Moon. This is their reaction when they discover they are wrong. Cautions: Explicit birth.

Special Dispensation Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Shadow Lass tries to help a struggling Phantom Girl understand Mon-El's and Ultra Boy's friendship. Caution: f/f slash.

Science and Sorcery Era: Elseworlds. Summary: Two young Princesses are kidnapped. Scientist Mysa Nal and Wizard Querl Dox team up with some vaguely familiar characters to find them.

The Tether Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Sun Boy and Shadow Lass are bound together in more ways than one. Caution: Risque.

Dawnstar Shining Era: Classic. Summary: Dawnstar goes on a quest.

Guilty Pleasures Era: Levitz. Summary: Two members of the Legion of Super-Villains stroll around the Central Park of the 1990's. Warnings: Explicit violence, non-traditional relationships.

Giri Era: Classic. Summary: Element Lad and Sun Boy are on Trom. Warnings: M/M (non-explicit).

To New Lives, New Discoveries Era: Elseworlds, post-Gap but pre-Boot. Summary: Adjusting to life after experiencing death is hard enough, but Dirk Morgna is facing some extra problems. His friends just want to help. Warnings: Explicit sex.

Arenas Era: Classic/Levitz. Summary: Spotlight on Element Lad during his terms as Legion Leader.

Nightmare War Era: Post Magic Wars "Elseworlds". Most things will be familiar to the Levitz Legion fan, a few things won’t. Summary: The Legion investigates a murder. Warnings: Explicit violence. Update

Duel Era: Adventure, shortly after Shadow Lass’s induction. Summary: Karate Kid is challenged to one type of duel, while Projectra confronts another.

Flying in the Face of Fear Era: Classic.

Legion of the Bat Era: Classic. Summary: Three kids rescue a millionaire philanthropist. Guess which one.

Elegy for Ferro Lad Era: Classic.

Familiar Strangers Era: Classic. Summary: Element Lad finds his world alive, but whole?

A Night to Remember Era: Classic (Levitz). Summary: Sun Boy apologizes to one old flame and ignites another.

The Li'l Legion Boys Summary: Awww, aren't they cute?

Predatory Movements Summary: The former Ultra Boy needs help on Rimbor from an old friend in a new form.

Harmonica Era: Classic (Levitz). Summary: Early in their relationship, Officer Shvaughn Erin gives Element Lad a small gift.

Festival of Nights Era: Classic. Summary: A new version of the miracle occurs on Talok VIII. Warnings: An explanation of Chanukah is in the text.

Carmen Williams

Second Chances Era: GAP. Summary: The SW6 Andromeda speaks about her love for the SW6 Brainy!

They Never Listen... METAFIC. Summary: The Writer has a few words with her fictives. Guest-starring the Titans.

Difficulty Summary: Ayla has a problem.

Phantom Ache Summary: Jo has issues.


Goodbye To A Friend A tribute to Dannell Lites, co-founder of this archive and the Legion's biggest booster.

Lost Love Era: Classic Levitz run! Summary: Someone mourns the loss of a lover that might have been.

Dreamweaver Era: Classic. SUMMARY: Dream Girl, Nura Nal, has a dream:):)

Decisions Era: Classic. Summary: The so-called "Magic Wars" are finally over. Now, all that's left for the Legion of Super-Heroes to do is assist with repairs, tend to the needy...and deal with their own personal losses.

Unholy Alliances Era: Classic. Summary: The "Great Darkness Saga", with an AU twist.

O, Holy Night... Era:? Summary: On a special night, Mon-El honors the memory of an old friend.

Halloween Field Trip Era: Classic.

So Sorry Era: Classic.


Illusions of Truth Era: Post-Boot. Summary: On the eve of the Legion Try-Outs, Jekka Wynzorr, Princess of Orando and would-be Legionnaire reflects on many things!

X Axis = Love, Y Axis = Time Era:??. Summary: A small bar, two Legionnaires, and old loves remembered.

Death and the Ghost Era:??. Summary: Tinya Wazzo must make a choice...

Calm Down, It's Only Ones and Zeroes! Era:Post-Boot. Summary: A computer genius the equal of Braniac 5 is causing widespread disruption across the UP.

Monsters Era:Post-Boot, Legion Lost. Summary: Brainy discovers there are some problems even he can't solve.

Second Chances Or Prodigal Son Era: Levitz, Gap, Post-Boot. Summary: An AU look at Mekt Ranzz' life.

Choices and Calamities Era: Gap, Post-Boot, AU.

Tell Me Your Name Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Ame_Soeur's "Love without being obvious" challenge.

Breakthrough Era: Classic. Summary: Mekt Ranzz is undergoing therapy when there's an unexpected breakthrough. Ame_Soeur's "Hospital" challenge.

Storm's Enmity Era: Post-boot, Lightning Twins AU.


From The Future To The Past OR Never Say Never! Era: Post-Boot. Summary: M'Onel must deal with several dismaying problems; among them the forth coming revelation to the general public that he is Valor.

Just The Three Of Us Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Sequel to "From The Past" ...and it's Laurel's 21st birthday!

Or Is It Four Or More? Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Sequel to "Just The Three of Us" ...and Laurel's 21st birthday has come and gone with...interesting results!

Aftermath Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Sequel to "Or Is It Four Or More?"...

To The Doctor We Will Go! Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Sequel to "Aftermath"!...

Q&A Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Here's that talk Tasmia wanted to have with Apparition about M'Onel when he was a member of L.E.G.I.O.N. in the 20th Century!

Justice Served Cold Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Shortly after his wedding, M'Onel learned that Workforce member Meta, who's claiming to be Valor, was in fact Roxxas, the Butcher of Trom. Now that his internal injuries have healed, Lar's determined to see that Roxxas pays for his crimes.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Era: Classic. Summary: Superboy, Mon-El, Shadow Lass and Duo Damsel are hiding out in Superboy's time from Mordru the Merciless.

IS HE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HER!?! Era: Classic. Summary: Mon, Supes, Shady, and Lu have defeated Mordru and his minions, and returned to the thirtieth century. Sequel to Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Warning: Contains graphic m/f sex!

Old Friends, Old Loves, New Lives Era: GAP. Warning: Contains explicit m/f sex!

CEEGEE'S Terrible, Awful, Totally Screwed Up Day METAFIC. Summary: The fictives want to have a word.


A Carrgian Tale Era: Adventure. Summary: An Elseworlds retelling of the C.O.M.P.U.T.O. story:):)

Sunset Era: GAP. Summary: Earth has broken with the U.P., the Legion has been harassed and disbanded, and Dirk Morgna has formed a devil’s alliance with an increasingly reactionary and totalitarian Earthgov. Now an old friend has come to him with a story of horror he doesn't want to believe, and a plea for help he can't ignore.


Love Always Era: GAP. Summary: From Marzal, Tyroc writes a letter to his friend Shadow Lass.

Money Talks Era: PostBoot. Summary: Leland McCauley hires Dawnstar to track down the Emerald Eye!

Memories Era: GAP. Summary: Timber Wolf and Saturn Girl on that asteroid...Light Lass and Lightning Lad's reaction!

Twilight's End Era: GAP. Summary: Attend the Marriage of Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid) and Lady Memory:):)


Future Feature Era: POSTBOOT/Various. Summary: A Legion of Super-Heroes/Star Trek Crossover!

Hollow Pursuits Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Queen Projectra of Orando contemplates her lost lover, Val Armorr, Karate Kid.

Dark Mirror Era: CLASSIC. Summary: The LSH comes face to face with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard!

Shattered Era: CLASSIC. Summary: The conclusion of "The Dark Mirror" Saga!

Triad Era: CLASSIC. Summary: A tale of love and angst in an AU!

Stronger Than Mettle Era: CLASSIC. Summary: A closer look at founding member Cosmic Boy.

Through Different Eyes Era: CLASSIC, Levitz AU. Summary: Very complex! Read it and see!:):) Offsite link.

Heavy Hearts Era: CLASSIC, Levitz AU.

Dark Days Era: CLASSIC, Levitz AU. Warning: Very dark. Adult subject matter of a m/m nature.

Bound And Persuaded Era: CLASSIC. Warning: S/M, violence, totally M/M sex, bondage, leather....

Dark Days - Aftermath Era: CLASSIC, Levitz AU.

Cassandra's Curse Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Dream Girl reflects...


Hellsister Era: CLASSIC, post-Crisis variant. Summary: Supergirl is summoned to the 30th Century by the Legion of Super-Heroes to face her greatest challenge...and one of her direst enemies. ['rith says: Highest recommendations. Don't miss this one.] [meta]

Kara And The Dreamsmith Era: CLASSIC, 'pre/post-Crisis variant. Summary: In which Kara enters the Dreaming, resumes her Supergirl identity, and has one chance to help her other-self defeat the Anti-Monitor, or see all perish in the Crisis. Loads of guest-stars.

Triad Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Dawnstar and Wildfire deal with the consequences of Dawnstar's relationship with Jhodan. Cautions: Contains m/f sex. Offsite link.

Supergirl: The Apokolips Agenda Era: CLASSIC, post-Crisis variant. Summary: Sequel to 'Hellsister'. [meta]

Love, Marriage, and...Oh, Yes...the Menace of Pulsar Stargrave Era: CLASSIC.

The Great Confrontation! Era: Elseworlds! Summary: There's trouble brewing in the 25th Century for Superman of 2499 and the House of El!

Last Waltz With Luthor Era: CLASSIC, post-Crisis variant. Summary: Superman has been missing for a month. So has Lex Luthor. Kara Zor-El must don the costume of Supergirl again and return to Earth to help that planet's heroes find the Man of Steel, in a final showdown between the Luthor family and the Superman Family. [meta]

The Day Kid Psycho Died Era: CLASSIC. Summary: A glimpse at a little-known Legionnaire.

The Golden Boy's Last Temptation Era: ??

Superboy of Earth-Prime: The Day After You Saved the Multiverse Era: ?? Summary: What do you do after you've helped save the multiverse? The Superboy of Earth-Prime is going to find out.

Murray Fox

The Challenge! Era: GAP. Summary: A little glimpse into the beginnings of the feud between Mordru and the Time Trapper!

Andrew Troy Keller

Between Lovers Era: Classic. Summary: During some LHS downtime, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra decide to do more than play party games... WARNING: Gratuitious, graphic sex and foul language.

Thy Own Self Be True Era: Classic. Summary: Dawnstar helps Saturn Girl discover her bisexuality! WARNING: Gratuitious, graphic sex and foul language.

That Special Moment Era: Classic. Summary: While returning to Earth, Jan and Shvaughn go into one of the ship's cabins for some time alone. Warning: Sex between young people. Gratuitious, graphic sex and foul language.

The Need Era: ??. Summary: A crossover with The Tenth Kingdom miniseries! Mon-El and a damsel in distress! 'Nuff said!:):) *snarf*. Warning: Sex between young people. Gratuitious, graphic sex.

During Labor Era: ??. Summary: What's going on inside Stealth's head, while she's about to give birth. Warnings: Strong language, sex between young people, graphic violence.

The Surprise Gift Era: Classic. Summary: Light Lass gives Timber Wolf a speical present to cure his Holiday blues. Warnings: Strong language, graphic sex.

A New Type Of Independence Era: Classic. Summary: Ultra Boy shows Phantom Girl a new way to get over her family problems. Warnings: Strong language, male/female sex.

HOT TIME IN THE SUMMERTIME Era: Classic. Summary: After a shift on monitor duty, Cosmic Boy takes himself and his ladylove, Night Girl, on a romantic vacation to the island paradise of Cancun. Warnings: Male/female sex, strong language.

Karate Kid, Jr

The Garden Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: Sensor Girl and Timber Wolf have a conversation about someone very important to both of them.

Thanks A Lot Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run, Universo Project. Summary: Ever wonder how Timber Wolf met Marella Tao? Here's the scoop!

Chaim Mattis Keller

The Legion Of Screwed Up People Era: ReBoot. Summary: The Legion on The Jerry Springer Show:):) *eeeppp*

Greg Paula

Explorations Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Valor takes a reluctant look at a few things about his new life.

Cultural Exchange Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Triad is replaced as Cargg's official Legion representative!

Transformations Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Triad and Kinetix try and help the stricken Element Lad!

Steve Zink

Superboy's Last Visit To The 30TH Century Era: CLASSIC, Adventure run. Summary: Just as the title says. The last Legion story ever told.

Peril In Black Era: CLASSIC, Adventure run. Summary: The return of Satan Girl!!

Ryan Brandt

Superboy and The Legion Of Super-Heroes! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Superboy and Triad get engaged and Kon becomes King Of The Omniverse!

The Wedding Arc! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Superboy and Triad get married and Kon goes for a lengthy trip through the Omniverse!

Time Trippin'! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Kon's lengthy trip through the Omniverse continues!

End Games! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Kon-El confronts the Time Trapper!

Phil Hartman

Millennia Era: Post-Boot. Summary: A re-telling of the origin and early days of the Post-Boot Legion!

Heart's Afire! Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Valentine's Day with Garth and Imra!

Youthful Fires Era: Post-Boot.

Melting the Lodestone Era: Post-Boot.

Fire Hair and Furry Rugs Era: Post-Boot. WARNING: Frank discussions of drug abuse, non-Christian religious practices, and non-sexual nudity. Summary: Ayla Ranzz's fate is revealed, and the Legion receives warning of their greatest menace...

Perimeter Fires Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Continuation of the 'Fires' arc.

Hearthfires Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Continuation of the 'Fires' arc.

FiresPrimer Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Background and timeline of the 'Fires' arc.


Going Through Them Changes Era:??. Summary: A group of Legionnaires, trapped in the past. And what's happened to Lar?! Warning: Explicit m/f sex.

Late Night Snack Era:??. Warning: PWP. M/F sex.

Lar Gand

The Wager Era: Post-Boot. Summary: The Time Trapper's back, and it's time for Vandal Savage to ante up.


Magic Mirror Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Some faery tales are all too real for Princess Projectra. Warning: f/f slash scenes.


A Gift on Awakening Era: CLASSIC. Present-day tangent from pre-Zero Hour Levitz. Summary: Two people who've admired the Legion awaken to their dream come true.

Solace In A Stellar Night Era: CLASSIC. Mon-El and Dawnstar find solace and pleasure in exploring the galaxy.

Mearl Dox

Unrequited Era: POST-BOOT. Summary: A different view of the Garth/Imra/Cos triangle.

The Twelfth-Level-Effector Days of Christmas Era: POST-BOOT. Summary: What do you get for the scientist who, when he wants something, goes on and invents it himself?

Mark Weisenberger

How To Win The Heart Of A Carggite! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Chuck Taine romances Triad!

Damned If You Do... Era: The Blight, Lost Legion. Summary: This takes place right before the Legion of the Damned story-arc.

BOUNCING BOY -- THE MOVIE Era: CLASSIC. Summary: The origin of Bouncing Boy - as you've never seen it. Warnings: Script. Spoilers for the Spider-Man movie.


Somber Moments Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Supergirl resigns from the Legion, and Brainy's heartbroken.

The Bet Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Challenge fic.

Crisis: Multiverse Era: ?. Summary: AU of the 'Crisis On Infinite Earths' series.

Hardshell TheTurtleBoy

Day of the BeastMaster: An Academy Story Era: CLASSIC.

Broken Heartstrings Era: CLASSIC.

Practically Deadly Era: CLASSIC.

The End of All Beginnings Era: CLASSIC.


Mysterious Ways Era: CLASSIC. Warning: Death story.


Ancestral Intervention Era: Classic. Summary: Why did Tasmia stick with Lar despite the way he treated her?

Alone Era: Classic.

Crimson Era: "Borrowed" from lots of sources, such as the End of an Era story line, the Wizard of Oz, and the movie "What Dreams May Come." Summary: Response to Christian's challenge.

Options Era: Classic. Summary: Another look at the first time for Lar and Tasmia.

Derrick Ferguson

Long Ago and Far Away Era: CLASSIC. Summary: In the 41st Century, a member of the House of El asks Daxam's most famous citizen for help.

Mon-El: The Praxian Singularity Era: CLASSIC. Summary: X-over with ????


Timestream Era: Gap. Summary: Displaced in time, nine Legionnaires are recruited to battle an old enemy.

Kyle Baxter

Second Kingdom Era: Post-Zero Hour, post-Kingdom Come, post-Kingdom. Summary: Clark Kent gets a visit from an old friend. Warnings: Adult themes, explicit m/m sex.


The White Star Saga Era: Post-Reboot.

Steve Macko

LSH: The Battle For The Universe Era: Classic. Summary: The Legion battle a villian from the 40th century who threatens to destroy Earth.

Patrick Phillips

Unsolvable Era: Post-Reboot. Warnings: Explicit sex with a non-consensual, BDSM angle.

Not The Regulars


By The Time You're There Era: Post-Boot. Summary: A reflection on the Brainiac 5-Andromeda relationship.

Living Some One Else's Nightmare Era: Post-Boot. Summary: Another reflection on the Brainiac 5-Andromeda relationship.

Nik Stanosheck

Ferro's Future Diary Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Ferro attends a surprise Legion wedding!

The Fires In Which We Burn Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: The Post-Crisis Superboy takes on a mission with the Legion Of Super-Heroes!

Amnesiac 5

Unwelcome Guests! Era: GAP. Summary: Some 'unwelcome" guests' - Skylarian thieves - crash a Legion conference. :):)

The Best Of Both Worlds! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Brainiac 5 contemplates his relationship with Andromeda and Supergirl. :):)

David Petersen

Ghost Of A Chance! Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Some serious trouble for Apparition! Work in progress.

Sensei's Journal Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Thoughts from Karate Kid's Legion journal. Work in progress.

Marla Fair

Do We Not Bleed Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Braniac 5 is kidnapped! What secret does his captor want?


Macrophilia Era: Classic. Summary: Mon-El helps Colossal Boy take care of a big problem. Warning: m/m sex.

Offsite FanFic Links

L.E.G.I.O.N Redux by Laurie E. Smith. Era: CLASSIC (sort of!). Summary: L.E.G.I.O.N - the way it should have been done. :):)

Knights Of The Thirty by Various Authors. Compiled by Tony Pi and archived by Steve Mohundro. Era: GAP. Summary: A fanfic look at the Mordruverse! Don't miss it!!

Legion Round Robin by Various Authors. Era: GAP. Summary: Check it out and see!

The GMS Legion! By: Grant Goggans. Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Welcome to Corncob County, Georgia:):) And the Legion of Super-Heroes... sorta... *snarf*

The Origin Of The Legion Clubhouse:):) Era: CLASSIC, Adventure run. Summary: Not precisely a fanfic:):) An unused backup story for an issue of Superman Family! Pretty Kewl:):)

The Lost Levitz Issues! Era: GAP. Summary: Not precisely a fanfic. :):) An analysis and revelation of what *would* have lead up to The 5 Year Gap! Very Informative!

Legion FanFic Contest! By: Various Authors. Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: Read the entries in this on-line Legion FanFic Contest, and see if you agree with who won!

Legion Of Super-Heroes By: Adnan Hussain. Era: v4. Summary: The Legion, as it should have been done, according to Adnan Hussain!

The Legion Of Super-Heroes! Era: Levitz era. Summary: Faux DC's answer to the Legion! Ongoing and up to Issue Two!