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Sally McBride

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Northern Suns edited by Glenn Grant and David G. Hartwell. Tesseracts 5 Tesseracts 8, edited by John Clute and Candas Jane Dorsey Northen Frights 4 Northern Frights 5

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Sally McBride was born in Toronto Ontario. Her work has appeared in Tesseracts 1, 5 & 8, Northern Suns, Northern Frights 4 & 5, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and On Spec. Her short story The Fragrance of Orchids won an Aurora Award  in 1995 and also made the short list for a Hugo Award in the same year.

Sally and her husband Dale Sproule were the founding editors and publishers of Transversions. They handed the reins to Marcel Gagné and Sally Tomasevic after Issue #11

Sally's latest story "Pick My Bones With Whispers" appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in January of 2003. She has also sold a fantasy novel called Indigo Time to Edge Publications, and a short story collection to their newly acquired imprint, Tesseract Books. No release dates have been announced yet

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