God and Satan are not scientifically proven facts, however, they are connected with faith. Also, it cannot be accepted that this faith is scientifically proven as wrong. Hence, the religions and the philosophies try to explain it in different angles and they talk about the stages before birth and after death.

Amongst the four divisions such as God, man, animal and devil, even though there is doubt in the heart of man about God and the Devil, a common view about these four divisions are in the thoughts of the human society. It is generally explained that,

Doing good for good is human nature;
Doing evil for evil is animal nature;
Doing evil for good is satanic nature; and
Doing good for evil is divine nature.

Though these four stages are divided as four divisions as man, animal, God and devil, these four kinds of nature is seen in the human beings. Even though every man has some individual qualities, these four kinds of nature can be seen alternately in a man himself and it depends upon his spiritual growth and maturity, and his environment.

A man with a satanic nature can acquire animal and human nature step by step and can even acquire the divine nature. One's actions determine one's nature. Doing good for good and evil for evil are natural instincts (qualities), and this nature can be seen amongst the human beings and animals.

But doing evil for good and good for evil are not natural qualities. It can be obtained by systematic training with inspiration, apart from the natural qualities. Those who obtained these qualities by a systematic training of their senses would be either appreciated or degraded by 'noble men'. Why do we mention the term 'Noble men' here. Since, people of a satanic nature would accept those with a similar nature and thinking and are skilled in their ways, as their leader and try to follow their acts and activities, and would also degrade noble persons who have divine nature. This fact is revealed by history.

The people who have noble qualities are always interested in doing good, whether they are appreciated or degraded.

Satanic nature

If the question is asked, 'Who is a cruel man in the world?', the answer would be like this, 'A man who has a satanic nature'. Satanic nature means rendering evil for good. The different stages involved in the satanic nature are illustrated below.

  1. A person who is seriously entangled in a problem has no other option but to face death, and he is pushed to the extreme situation of restoring to doing evil to the persons who did good to him in order to get himself relieved of that problem, we can say that this is the beginning or the first stage of the satanic nature.
  2. In another situation, a person is suffering from hunger. Hunger is a smaller problem when compared to the problem of danger of death. if he deceives and those who have done good to him, and eats the food from their house, we can consider it as the second stage of the satanic nature.
  3. A person's demonic act to fulfil his basic needs, is the third stage.
  4. A person's demonic act towards another family to fulfil the basic needs of his family, we can consider it as the fourth stage.
  5. A race, rendering evil to another race which has done good to it, because of not getting an opportunity to fulfil the basic needs of its own race is the fifth stage.
  6. Without ceasing in rendering evil, but also enslaving and torturing others who rendered good to them, can be considered as the sixth stage. One may indulge in the satanic activities mentioned above and knowingly render evil to others or to others family or to others race. Since the satanic activities are rendered to others kwowingly by him, because of the human nature in him, he may repent and have a chance to get liberated from this satanic nature. It may happen in an individual's life or family or race. However Satan's task is to prevent this change and make others to be eternally enslaved to the satanic nature, which is totally opposite to divinity. One can abandon his satanic activities only when he realizes that his activities are wrong.
  7. If a man or his family or his race is made to believe that his activities are correct, this would lead him to have a satanic nature for ever. Though they physically appear to be normal human beings, they would be devilish in their thoughts, speeches and actions. A question may be raised whether it would be possible to make others accept this belief. It is impossible for ordinary people, but it is possible for those who have become possessed with a satanic nature, and it is the satanic concept which is utilized to fulfil this aim. Devising this satanic concept is the seventh stage.
  8. Not only devising it as a concept but also describing it as a divine concept is the eighth stage.

When this concept is explained in the seventh stage, people who have a conscience may refuse to accept this, or they would at first accept it and later on abandon it. But, when it is perfidiously shown as a divine concept and gives the status of a religion a garb of spirituality, people are changed to such a stage that they believe and think that what they are doing is right and good. Thus they are totally changed as a machine which renders evil to others.

Those who are entangled in this concept are totally changed as devils and the voice of their conscience is totally crushed and destroyed. Their body alone is that of a human being, but their soul is that of Satan. Can anyone rectify them? Thinking of this we have no other alternative except to shed tears.

What is that concept which induces one to do evil to them who have done good? How is this concept being practised and how is this concept given a garb of spirituality?

The following beliefs that are mentioned here can be considered as the seventh stage.

Those who are doing good are not doing it on their own desire, and they cannot keep quiet without doing good. Because those who received good were already in debt of receiving those good things and it was fulfilled when they received good from others, and the reception of good things were not because of the bestowers. The bestowers or one who are doing good to others are mere instruments, and the receivers are not in debt of gratitude to the instruments and do not need to appreciate the instruments. But utilizing the instruments perfidiously is the task of the impostors.

It is very important to keep the instruments in an ignorant stage forever so that they would not be aware of their act of doing good to others. And they should be made to believe that it is their duty to do good to others and they should not violate their duty and violation of their duty would cause harm to them. Hence they are doing good to others in order to be relieved from harm, and since they are benefited by doing good to others, they are to be grateful to the receivers and not vice-versa. It is the duty of the instruments or the bestowers to do good to others and it is the duty of the receivers to receive it. So, both of them should not fail to do their duty and if the bestowers failed to do their duty, they would be punished. In order to protect the bestowers from the punishment, it is the duty of the receiver to receive. Thus, both of them are perfidiously made to believe this concept and it is the seventh stage of the satanic nature.

Would all accept this concept ? Normally, those who have the nature of doing good to others would not accept this concept. Likewise amongst the receivers, those who have a conscience would not accept this. If it is so, then how can it be put into practice? Political influence is utilized to make it practical. If the political power is in the hands of the deceivers, those who do good to others would be enslaved and those who oppose it would be destroyed and crushed, and there would be no opposition in a short span of period.

But the noble minded people feel in their heart that this is not justice, and likewise, the crushed ones and the ones crushing are also getting the same feeling.

In this stage, the satanic concept needs the garb of spirituality, and the minds of the people are imposed on by the following deceptive concept. Looking at the oppressors the following explanation is given.

'You are superior by birth, you are born in a high caste since you have done good deeds in your previous birth. Those who are crushed and suppressed, have been born in a lower caste since they have done evil deeds in their previous birth. If he suffers in this birth, at least he would reach the high status in his next birth. So, you should not spoil him by showing pity on him since he is going to get the high status in his next birth. Everyone should experience the fruit of his birth and no one can overcome it or violate it. If they violate the law of their birth, they would become a victim to the wrath of God, since, this cycle was devised by God.

Who are the ones who violate the plan of God? No one can violate God's plan. Do you think that you can see God through your own eyes? It is a wrong conception. So God reveals him as Brahmins. God is not different from the Brahmins. God is the Brahmins and Brahmins are God. Hence the Brahmins alone are worthy to claim that 'I am God'. Doing service to the Brahmins is doing service to God, and doing service to the Brahmins is spiritual service and doing this spiritual service is the religious life.

If any one of the Brahmins refuses to accept this, he is an enemy who renders evil to the Brahmin caste, to the nation and to the world. So, the true Brahmin would not refute this. Since he is God, he gives power to all which are worshipped as God, and he alone is God.

By devising the concepts in the seventh and eighth stages of the satanic nature, and putting it into practice as per to the Manu Dharma, and christening it as Advaita concept, and showing it as a religion by wearing a spiritual garb and deceiving the Indians, is the task of the Brahmins who totally have a satanic nature. This is revealed by the historical evidences.

Amongst the two stages such as divine and satanic or God and devil, we have seen the demonic nature. Let us now look at the divine nature. We have already pointed out that the divine nature is rendering good to those who did evil to them.

Also, we have seen that the divine and satanic nature is obtained by practice.

We have also seen that rendering evil to those who did good is due to various reasons such as fear of death and one's interest in leading a comfortable life in this world and one's interest in the welfare of himself, his family, or his race. Hence he is rendering evil to others and to other's family and to other's race to crush and enslave those who have rendered good to them, and making this evil as a religion is the satanic stage.

We can consider the following activities as human nature.

The satanic nature emerges if one gets worldly pleasures and benefits through this satanic nature, and desires to take training to practice this concept in his personal life in order to acquire worldly benefits for ever. To acquire these benefits forever, one born with the satanic nature and living as a devil, since their soul is totally possessed with the satanic nature and continues to do so, this can be considered to be one of the natures.

Divine nature

But, how can one acquire the nature of doing good to others who have done evil to them? How can they accept and yield themselves for their own destruction and that too traditionally? This is totally controversial to nature and against the practical life. It may be nice to speak, write and read about it, but is it possible to put into practice by those who had read it? There is no doubt that it is hard to practically live thus, but we cannot say that it is not at all in practice or practised.

We can give examples for this from noble persons, past or present. We can see these role models in history.

Their only motive is to see the welfare of human society. Desiring to bear suffering for the sake of the welfare of others is the first stage. We can see the noble persons in history who bore suffering for the welfare of others and found pleasure in seeing the happiness of others. They continuously did good for the welfare of others and even went to such an extent that they were ready to give their life for the welfare of the society, and they are appreciated as noble, and eminent and as martyrs.

In memory of such great persons, poems and epics have been written, and memorials have being erected. We see in history that festivals are celebrated in memory of such persons so that the people would be reminded of their sacrifice and would similarly come forward to sacrifice their life for the welfare of the human society.

The noble persons who gave their life for human society have told us the secret of acquiring the divine nature that is rendering good to those who have done evil to them. A mother comes forward to bear all sufferings in order to bring up her children to a good status. It is the symbol of her deep love for her children. If a question is asked, 'Who has the deepest love for the children, the father or the mother?', though both of them are bringing up the children, the answer would be the mother. Why does the mother have more affection for her children than the father? Since she has more opportunity to suffer and sacrifice a lot for her children from her conception than her husband.

Sacrificing is the revelation of love. Even though at times the children are without gratitude for her, the deep love for her children is not lost and it is like a lamp that gives light for ever.

Some people, like a mother who bears sufferings for her children, do good for evil and bear their sufferings with the intention of liberating the human society from evil, and are greatly appreciated as the leaders of human society.

Christ seems to be in the first place amongst such religious leaders, who are appreciated. We see in the Bible that Christ is interceding to God for the people who crucified him on the cross and for those who instigated them to crucify him and he prays to God saying,

'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'.

While he was living in this world, he did good to all who came to him and he taught them to do good to those who did evil to them. Also he taught them to show the other cheek if one smites them on the right cheek. He had a great concern for the welfare of the world society and was longing for the liberation of the world from evil. Not only did he preach, but he also practiced in his life what he preached and it can be seen while he was dying on the cross. What was the power / force that motivated him to act like this?

If we analyze the nature which was in him and which had motivated him to act like this is divine love. The concept that is revealed through this is that he is the brother to all and God is the good Father to the whole human society. The power to do good to the ones who did evil is, in God in the form of love.

Every man who born in this world is the child of God and is created by God in his image. The fact that was revealed by Jesus Christ is that, the people who come closer to God would acquire the love of God that has the power to do good to those who have done evil to them, and hence they could do good for evil.

Whoever come to God, are receiving the love of God. Whoever acquired the love of God, acquired the power to do good for evil, and because of these noble persons, society is elevated to a supreme status and it is pleasing to God.

Most atheists say that they are atheists because of the tyranny over society in the name of God and religion. History reveals that those who labored in order to eradicate this tyranny from the society were christened as 'atheists', and they also suffered a lot because of their noble principles. For instance Thanthai Periyar is labeled as an atheist since he made the statement, 'There is no God'.

Before we can conclude anything from this statement, we must first understand the context, from which this statement was made. While Periyar was the secretary of the Congress Party, he visited a place called Sermadevi where a school was run by the party as a model school for the nation after its independence. At the school he observed that untouchability and caste discrimination were practiced. For instance, separate water pots were kept for the children of the Brahmins and separate ones for the Dravidians. Similarly the dining facilities were separate. If any Dravidian child touched a Brahmin, the Brahmin child was immediately given a bath.

Hence caste discrimination and untouchability were being taught in the school. When he questioned this practice, he was told that this was according to Hindu Dharma, which couldnot be violated! He then replied that, if this Dharma was degrading them then they did not need that Dharma. They then responded that they could not reject it since it was fundamental in the Sastras. Periyar then replied that if the Sastras themselves degraded them to such an extent, then, they must be torn and destroyed. At this, their response was how one could destroy the Sastras, since it was God who gave them these Sastras. It was then that Periyar burst out saying that if God gave such Sastras that degraded us, then they did not need such a God, and such a God did not exist. His statements were made to bring about racial liberation, He underwent untold sufferings for his untiring efforts.

Thus, if we analyze why they suffered and what power made them to act in this manner, we would get the answer from historical evidences. It is the noble inspiration for the common welfare of the world society within them that is the motivating power to act like this.

If we closely observe the commonality of the concept of common welfare of the world society and nature of God, we understand historically that they are not different from each other. Hence, the concept of common welfare of the world society and divine nature of God cannot be separated but are united together.

According to the Bible, when one does for the common welfare of the society, he has done it unto God.

"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

…Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me."1

While deceivers emerge and are deceiving the society in the name of God and religion, God raises up atheists. Hence, both the atheists who have a real concern for the society and the believers of God, make it their experience to do good for evil, for the sake of the common welfare of the world society.

Amongst the Indian religions, Jainism and old Buddhism are the religions which are not aware of God and we can say that these are atheistic and agnostic religions. However, they are not satanic religions which render evil to the society. The satanic concept is one which says that 'I am God' and induces one to render evil to others for the sake of a worldly comfortable life for him, his family, and his race.

The Satanic nature and the Divine nature, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Destroying the common welfare for self is satanic nature and
  2. Destroying self for the common welfare is divine nature.

Amongst these two, one is instigated by Satan and the other is by God. It is not an issue here whether there are God and Satan. But, no one can refute that there is a satanic and a divine nature in society.

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