One’s Action is based on one’s Thinking;

One’s Thinking is based on one’s Belief;

One’s Belief is based on one’s Principle;

One’s Principle is based on one’s Spiritual Concepts;


Theism is a Spiritual Concept. 

Atheism is also a Spiritual Concept.


Atheism has affinity with Humane love. 

Theism has affinity with Spiritual Knowledge.


Spirituality is connected with Sixth Sense. 

Humane love is also connected with Sixth Sense.


When the Sixth Sense starts functioning 

Humane Love as well as Spirituality begin to blossom.


When the Inner Light starts shining, 

the Sixth Sense starts functioning.

Thus the basis for Spirituality is the Inner Light. 


Spirituality is not different from Humane Love.

Those who have not received the Inner Light 

cannot understand Spirituality.

Those who cannot understand Spirituality 

cannot understand Humane Love.


It is natural for people without Inner Light 

to give wrong interpretations to the Spiritual Concepts 

revealed by those who had Inner Light.

Those wrong interpretations are rejected by 

those who have Inner Light.


Spiritual Light is Continuously shining. 

None can obstruct it.


Spirituality is different from Religion. 

When spirituality subordinates to politics it becomes religion.

When spiritualists obey politicians they become Religionists.


Religionists instigate religious fanaticism.

The people become fanatics. 

They lose their thinking power.

They become slaves. 

Clashes are thus created.


As people become slaves and clashes are created, 

Humane Love gets destroyed.

Because of the destruction of Humane Love 

evil tradition is originated 

where evil deeds get upper hand and 

good deeds get suppressed.


Because of evil traditional rights 

Humane Love and Spirituality are buried totally.


To bring out spirituality which is hidden in religion 

we should separate politics from religion.


To separate religion from the clutches of politics is one thing; 

And it is another thing to separate politics which is in the religion.

Out of politics and spirituality, 

both of which are functioning in religion, 

if we can separate politics, 

we can liberate people from religious fanaticism.


If we liberate people from religious fanaticism, 

they will know spirituality and experience spirituality.

If the people will experience spirituality 

we can see that Humane Love will blossom and 

traditional disparities will disappear.


When spirituality and Humane Love blend, 

Kingdom of God will begin.


Kingdom of man is governed by the ‘Five Senses’.

It does not know the Soul.

It is based on suppression.

Kingdom of God belongs to the Sixth Sense.

It understands the Soul.

It is based on Love.


In the Kingdom of God 

There is no Humane Love without Spirituality and 

no Spirituality without Humane Love.


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