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Kingdom of Animals

A living being cannot exist without consuming the body of another life. Even the single sensed lives are living by consuming the decayed body of another life. Living beings are classified as one to six senses, but they are not equal. There are variations amongst them. These variations are identified through their physic. The variations amongst the living beings from the first to sixth sense reveal their inequality (discrimination). The single sensed tree and the five sensed animal and the six sensed man are not equal.

The mighty ones consume the weaker ones for their survival. Aryans devised Varnashrama Dharma which say that all human beings are not equal, on the basis of 'Law of fishes' (bigger fish eats smaller ones) and on the basis of the saying that 'Cowards are the prey of the brave'. 1

" The Vedic depiction of the natural and social orders as determined by power and violence (himsa, literally 'the desire to inflict injury') was preserved in later Indian thougt. One might argue that it had to if the real world was not to be ignored. The Hindu metaphor of the 'law of fishes' whereby bigger fish eat smaller ones in an uncontrolled universe, is a direct continuation of Vedic assumptions....... I see no being which lives in the world without violence. Creatures exist at one another's expense; the stronger consume the weaker. The mongoose eats mice, just as the cat eats the mongoose; the dog devours the cat, O King, and wild beasts eat the dog. Man eats them all - see dharma for what it is! Everything that moves and is still is food for life."2

If the principles mentioned above are seen superficially, they are seem to be fair principles. But, when we analyse them deeply, we can understand that these are not the thoughts of the people who are well developed in their reasoning power and are cultured.

Living beings with one to five senses possess body and spirit alone and this denote the animal world. And the policy, that is 'Weaker ones are the prey of the mightier ones', and the Law of fishes are suitable for the animal world alone.

In the development of Dravidian religions there are explications about soul and God. The Aryans are not aware of religion and soul or God. Hence, they followed and are following the 'principle of Law of fishes'.

Dravidians are the cultured, religious people who are well developed in their reasoning ability and who have spiritual thougts and religions. Offshoots of the development of Dravidian thoughts are the Ahimsa principle, Vegeterianism, the noble thougts such as 'Every country is my country and all are my kith and kin' and the principle of rendering good for evil and the spiritual ideologies. Hence, Jainism, Buddhism and the Six-fold religion are developed as the offshoots of the Dravidian thinking and culture. Ahimsa, non-killing and showing love towards others have became the foundational doctrines of the religions mentioned above.

People who are not able to understand the basic thoughts of the religions that teach the basic truth about soul and God, are not able to understand the differences between spirit and soul. Hence they are not only confused, but they are also confusing others.

Man alone is unique amongst the creatures and he is the crown of all creation. Hence, in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it is explicated that man was not created like other creatures, but was created in the image of God Himself with soul.

All living beings have a body, and man also has a body since he is one of the creatures. Also, all living beings have a spirit and man also has a spirit since he is one of the living beings. All living beings do not have soul except human being since he was crerated in the image of God, the universal soul.

All living beings except human beings are classified into five groups as having one to five senses, but man alone is isolated from all other living beings because of his soul which is the root cause for sixth sense, that is his thinking ability and power of discernment of holy and evil.

This human soul is connected with God, the Universal Soul since it was created in the image of God, the Universal Soul. In the religions which are not aware of God, there are thoughts about body and spirit alone, but not about the soul.

The man with soul can overcome the natural law. He brings down the whole animal world into his dominion, and sixth sense is the root cause for his supremacy and soul is the root cause for the sixth sense.

Since man has soul and power of discernment which is superior to the natural instinct, he is able to empower the nature that includes the living beings which have one to five senses.
There is inequality in nature i.e., amongst the living beings which have one to five senses there is inequality. But, there is no inequality amongst human beings since they have soul which has no inequality.

It is explained that, the inequality amongst the living beings that have one to five senses are reflected through their physical structure. But, the variation in the physical appearance of human beings are not because of the soul, but because of their environment.

According to their circumstances men are white or black in colour or with height and weight and variations are seen in their physical level. These differences are owing to their environment and food habits and not because of soul.

In the snake species, there are many classes according to their colour, length and weight. These classes can be grouped into one species. If it is considered that the human beings are like the snake species in which there are so many classes, it would be a wrong conception.

For an example, Python and Cobra belong to different classes though they come under snake species and they can not be united together, and they can not jointly bring forth the young ones, since they are totally two different classes in one snake species.

One Family

However, a man of any colour who may belong to any race, nation or language, can be joined together with a woman who is in the another extreme corner of the world and who may be entirely different from that man in all the above said descriptions. They would lead a happy life and multiply. Hence, the differences mentioned above are merely external differences that is in the physical level and not the inward differences that is in spirit and soul level. Hence the human society is one family and God is father of all human beings.

Belief in the race and the caste discrimination reveals one's ignorance of the knowledge about soul and universal brotherhood.


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