Which one is Myth
'Dravidian' or 'Aryan'?

Dravidians - by race

The term 'Dravidar' is the mutilated form of the term 'Tamilar' (Tamilar-Thramilar-Thravidar-Draavidar).

The foreigners mutilated the term Tamilar as Dravidar, and the term 'Dravida' is utilized based on

1) language
2) region and
3) race


In terms such as Dravida Basha, Dravida Sangam, Dravida Vetham, Dravida Upanishad, Dravida Mapadiam, etc., the term 'Dravida' refers to Tamil.

Adisankara named Thirugnanasampanthar, an Aryan Brahmin as 'Dravida Sisu'. Because Thirugnanasampanthar spoke Tamil and lived in Tamilnadu, even though he was an Aryan by race.

The Aryan Brahmins who live in Tamilnadu and speak Tamil would not claim that they belong to the Dravidian race. They claim that they are Aryans by race and this is a fact.

A man belonging to the Dravidian race would claim that he is a Dravidian by race, even though he has forgotten his mother tongue and lives in a foreign country for a long period of time, and the people who cannot understand this fact would get confused and would confuse others by saying that there is no such Dravidian race.

The people who speak English are not necessarily English people, and those who live in England are also not necessarily English people.


The Aryan Brahmins who went from Tanjore and settled in Pudur of Andhra are known as 'Pudur Dravidars' even though they are not 'Dravidians' by race, since they went from Tanjore, a Tamil land . Amongst the Aryan Brahmins, there is a division called 'Pancha Dravidar' even though they are Aryan Brahmins, since they were from Tamilnadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra, and the term 'Pancha Dravidar' has a geographical significance since it is based on the regional name i.e, the Dravidian land.


The people who are the original inhabitants of Dravidian land (India) and who belong to the Dravidian race by birth alone are the Dravidians even though they have completely forgotten their Dravidian language and went out of the Dravidian land. Though the Aryans are denoted as Dravidians since they speak Dravidian language and live in Dravidian country, they are not Dravidians by race.

Aryans - by race

Tamil is a spoken language. Hence the term 'Tamilians' or 'Dravidians' denotes the race that speaks Tamil. But the term 'Aryans' does not denote a race (is not of a race).

Then, why does this term seem to denote a particular race? The term 'Aryans' is generally used to denote the groups of people who came into India from outside, without any religion, in various periods. These people spoke many languages and were many groups. Since the term 'Aryans' was used in order to identify these groups who are non - Dravidians in Dravidian India, it has led to the ideology that there is an Aryan race. In fact, there is no such race called Aryan race and there is no such language called Aryan language.

Sanskrit is a code language which was formed by Early Indian Christians in order to propagate Early Indian Christianity. Hence, it is a historical error if the Europeans or others think that they are Aryans by race.

Before the advent of the Europeans into India, the term 'Aryan' was not at all found in the European languages. There is a race called 'Dravidian race', but there is no such race called 'Aryan race' and it is a myth.

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