(open letter addressed to Kalaignar Karunanithi, the Honble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, at the inauguration of the unique statue of Thiruvalluvar at Kanyakumari on 01.01.2000)

We congratulate the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi, who has raised a Temple, a Chariot and a Statue in honour of Thiruvalluvar. At the same time, we would like to pose a question to Kalaignar!

What is the religion of Thiruvalluvar ' ?

It is generally believed that Thiruvalluvar belonged to the Hindu religion. It is also generally believed that the religions of Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism, Vaishnavism and Sikkhism, all of which are born in India, are collectively called by a common name of 'Hinduism’. At the same time, we read in papers, news items such as

‘Hindus are converted to Buddhism’,

'Hindus and Sikhs clash in Punjab',

'Jains have dispute with Hindus in Gujrath'.

From the above, it is evident that out of the five religions of Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkhism, Saivism and Vaishnavism, which are evolved in India, the three religions, namely Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism do not come under the name of 'Hinduism'. What is left are only the two religions of Saivism and Vaishnavism. History reveals that these two religions are known by the name Hinduism only because they are under the control and subjugation of Aryan Brahmins

The History of how Saivism and Vaishnavism were subjugated by Aryan Brahmins :-

The Saivite and Vaishnavite temples of Tamilnadu were brought under the control of Aryan Brahmins from the reign of the Chalukia King, Kulothungan - I . Rock edicts prove that those who opposed this take over by the Brahmins, were oppressed and destroyed.

Some people believe that Saivism and Vaishnavism had spread only from North India to the South. This is also a wrong belief. Aryan Brahmins came to India from cold regions. They were worshippers of Fire and Sun. Even today they are worshippers of fire and sun.

Aryans do not have a religion of their own.

In reality Aryans are a people without any religion. They do not have any knowledge on the concepts of ‘mono-theism’, 'heaven', 'hell', 'rebirth' and so forth. They used to bake the meat of cattle and sheep in fire and eat it with drinks called 'Soma' and 'Sura'. They were a gay people enjoying nature - worship, dancing and singing folk songs. In course of time, these folk songs were known as the 'Vedic Hymns'.

It is the Aryans who gave insinuating interpretation to Sivalinga :-

Archaeological excavations of the Indus valley has brought to limelight the greatness of Dravidian Civilization. Dravidians were a great people with faith in God. Aryans who despised Dravidians as 'low, by birth', called Siva, the God whom Dravidians worshipped as 'Shudra God'. Thus, Aryans gave insinuating attributes to Sivalinga, giving wrong and false interpretations through their teachings.

What is the religion of Thiruvalluvar ? Is it Hinduism or Dravidian religion?

The word 'Hinduism' is an English word coined by Europeans at the beginning of British rule in India.

The background of how the English word 'Hinduism' was coined :-

When the Britishers started their rule in India, they set up the supreme Court of India at Calcutta. Islamic law became handy for the Britishers to administer justice to Indian Muslims. Similarly Christian Law became handy for them to administer justice to Indian Christians. But the Britishers found it difficult to administer justice to those Indians who did not belong to Islam or Christianity. They tried to solve this problem. At this juncture, the Brahmins of Calcutta gave the book of Manu, which was the political law book of the Aryans, to Sir William Jones, the then European Judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta. Manaudharma Shastra was the political law book which was framed by the Aryans to rule 'Aryavarta' during 7th century A. D to 12th century A.D.

The term 'Aryan' is a common collective name given to the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Sakas, Kushans and Huns, all of whom were foreigners who entered India without any religion of their own. 'Aryan' is not the name of any race.

The common factors which bound these foreign invaders together were the white colour of their skin, their foreign origin and their need to keep the invaded people under their subjugation. It is this unity of purpose of these foreigners what has created 'Aryavarta'. Instituting one set of rules for the Dravidian Indians and another diagonally opposite set of rules for the Aryan invaders was the cardinal principle of Manudharma Shastra.

Hindu Law = Hinduism = Hindutuva

Sir William Jones who got the book of Manu or Manu Dharma Shastra translated it from Sanskrit to English. The Britishers accepted it as The Law book of the Indians and named it as the'Hindu Law Book'. The Hindu Law, was thus created by the Britishers, on the basis of Manu Dharma Shastra.

The name 'Hinduism' was given to 'Hindu Law', which was formed on the principles of the book of Manu Dharma. The English word 'Hinduism' is now Known as 'Hindutvam' or 'Hindutva'.

What is Hinduism or Hindutva?

'Hinduism' is a word coined by Britishers which stipulates a 'way of life' that accepts that (i) Aryans are superior by birth.(ii) Aryans are born to rule (iii) By birth Dravidians are duty bound to serve the Aryans and (iv) those Dravidians who oppose Aryans are their enemies or untouchables!

The habit of betrayal

The colour of Britishers is white. The Britishers noted that already in the Hindu law (Manu Dharma) the non-white Dravidian Indians (Avarnas) are condemned as inferior and the white coloured foreigners (Savarnas) are treated as superior. This is the way of life designed on the basis of the colour of the skin (Varna Dharma). The British whites found this phenomenon very useful to stabilise their rule. The Aryan Brahmins and the Britishers were both white in colour. Both were foreigners. The Aryan Brahmin whites, always working as traitors joined hands with the British whites against the Indians i.e., the non- white Dravidians. When the British whites established their colonial rule in India, the Aryan Brahmins started claiming that both the Britishers and the Brahmins belonged to the Aryan race. Thus the Brahmins supported the Britishers to expand British rule in India and as a reward, Aryan Brahmins were offered very high positions in the British government. The Brahmins’ betrayal of the Dravidian India continues.

Hindu religion is born out of a Joint Conspiracy

Aryan Brahmins and Britishers, both of whom are foreigners, joined together and conspired against the Indian people. They jointly created and started spreading a concept that the English word ' Hinduism' (which originally meant Hindu Law) also can mean 'Hindu Religion'. i.e., Indian Religion.

Thus the new name 'Hindu Religion' is the brain child born out of the joint conspiracy of the Aryan Brahmins and European rulers.

We do not find the name 'Hindu Religion' anywhere in India's history, prior to the entry of Britishers in India. In reality, there was no such religion in existence. There is no such religion. Book of Manu Dharma was made the basic Book of India's religions. It is because of this joint conspiracy of hoisting the Manu Dharma book as the basic book of India’s religions, all the religions of India are made to appear and accept a situation as if they are all under the control of Aryans.

Book of Manu hoisted as the basic Book of the people of India

An impression was created that all those people adhering to the Indian religions of Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism, Vaishnavism and Sikhism belong to the Hindu religion and as per the principles of Manu, all those who belong to the Hindu religion are subordinate to Aryan Brahmins! Not only an impression has been created, but also such condition has been enforced on the adherents of these Indian religions. Those who opposed were oppressed. The religions which opposed were also suppressed.

Leadership of the Nation was handed over to the Brahmins

Followed by the above situation, an impression was created that the religion of India is ' Hindu religion' and the leadership of 'Hindu religion' is 'Brahmins' and, therefore, the leadership of India should be only with the Brahmins. This is a Brahminical slavish mentality deliberately inducted into the society. In the year 1947, India won freedom from Britishers. But the political leadership was entrusted with the Brahmins.

There is no place in India for those who oppose Manu Dharma- Religious clashes.

It is the Brahmins who engineer religious clashes by preaching and declaring that the 'Religion of India is only Hindu religion’, that 'Hindu religion should be declared as the state religion' that 'India should not be a secular country', that ‘Christianity and Islam (which proclaim that all human beings are born equal - in contrast to the principles of Manu Dharma which enshrines inequality by birth) should be driven out of India’. It is the Brahmins who make Indians to hate these religions which preach equality by birth.

It has become very easy for the Aryan Brahmins to enslave Indian people in the name of 'Hindu religion', fully utilising their political power, their economic soundness and their full control and free access to the powerful propaganda media.

Members of Dravidian Movements also under the stamp of slavery.

It has become very easy for the Aryan Brahmins to stamp all Dravidian Indians, other than Christians and Muslims, also as 'Hindus', by bringing them within operative provisions of Manu Dharma. Thus, even those who are involved in the Dravidian Movements which oppose Aryan slavery, are made helpless to come out of the Aryan trap of the so-called 'Hindu religion'. Whether the Dravidian Indians like it or not, they are forced to accept the Aryan slavery in the name of the Hindu religion.

In other words, the name 'Hinduism' which has been coined by the joint conspiracy of the Aryan Brahmins and the Britishers, has enslaved all the Indian people, including those involved in the Dravidian Movements. This enslavement continues.

Decisions of the Supreme Court and the statements of the Prime Minister

The Supreme Court of India has given a judgement that 'Hinduism', i.e. 'Hindutva' is not a religion; but it is only a Way of Life. That means, Hinduism is not a religion. That is, Hinduism, is only a Way of Life. That way of life means, that Indians should accept that Aryans are superior by birth and that 88% of the Dravidian population of India, namely Shudras (BC) Panchamas ( SC/ST) are low by birth.

Sri. Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Honb'le Prime Minister of India, has stated that there is no theistic concept in 'Hindutva' i.e., Hindu religion.


If any one thinks that there is a religion by the name 'Hinduism', history will say that such a person lives only in ignorance and slavery!

Tamils’ religion is Dravidian Religion

Dr. Ambedkar says that once, the whole of India was inhabited by Tamils ( Tamizhar). He further says the word Dravidian has been derived from the word Tamil (Thamizhar-Thramilar- Thramidar- Dravidar-Draavidar)

Saivism and Vaishnavism are two religions evolved out of the Bhakti Movement of Tamilnadu after the fifth centry A.D.

Thus, historically it is evident and true that Saivism and Vaishnavism are Tamil religions or Dravidian religions only.

Dravidian Religion is a Universal Common Religion and Thirukkural is Dravidian Veda.

The existence of Thirukkural which served as a common Veda proves that before the Tamil or the Dravidian religions of Saivism and Vaishnavism divided into two, it existed as a Spiritual Movement in the form of 'Poitheer Ozhukka Neri' or 'Sanrorneri'.

A temple in the Nattathi Village near Sayarpuram in Tuticorin District of Tamilnadu illustrates the ‘Sanrorneri’ explained in the chapter ‘Van Sirappu’of Thirukkural.

It is of interest to note that Sri Ganapathistapathi, who designed and helped the Tamilnadu Government to build the Temple, the Chariot and the Statue for Thiruvalluvar, is the same person who undertook the renovation of the said temple at Nattathi also.

The history of religions of Tamilnadu when studied in the light of the chapters ‘Kadavul Valthu’, ‘Vaan Sirappu’ and ‘Neethar Perumai’ of Thirukkural explains the evolution of the concepts of Somaskanda as Appan, Ammai and Son, Mummoorthy as Siva, Vishnu and Brahma, and Hariharaputra as Siva, Vishnu and Ayyappan in later periods.

The concept of Kadavul, ‘Vaan’ and ‘Neethar’ as stated in the first three chapters of Thirukkural refers to the worship pattern of God, Holy Spirit and Son as stated in the New Testament of the Bible.

Sivalinga Worship in the Bible :-

The evolution of the worship of God, described in the New Testament of the Bible, in three forms namely, God-the-Father, God- the- Holy Spirit and God-the Son, can be traced to the symbol of God- the-Father in the form of Sivalinga stone of the Old Testament which has become the living stone in the form of a man or the Son of God or the Guru the history of which has been stated in the New Testament.

The evolution of Sivalinga worship of Palastine narated in the old Testament of the Bible (Genesis: 28: 18) is the foundation for the living stone, namely the Son of God narrated in I Peter:2: 3 of the New Testament

Before the Son of God came into this world as the " living stone’, in the old Testament of the Bible there was ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Altar for Sacrifice’ in the Sivalinga worship (Genesis:35:7). The Details of how God’s son, who was the living Sivalinga, came into this world to remove the sins of all the people of the world, died and resurrected is found in John 1:29 of the New Testament of the Bible.

As the Son of God himself became the sacrifice by his death, and then resurrected, there has been no sacrifice in the Saivite Temples even though there are Altars (Sacrificing Platforms). The New Testament proves these historic aspects with evidences.

In I Kings 12:29 we find that along with the Altar and the Sivalinga, a bull was introduced.

Recent Research has established that Abraham or Ibrahim was a Dravidian who was instrumental for the introduction of Sivalinga worship, among the Israelite people, in which there was both the Sivalinga, Altar and the Bull.

Sivalinga Worship in Islam

Musilims are proud to claim that they follow their tradition of worship as introduced to them by their patriarch, Ibrahim without any change whatsoever. It is very interesting to observe that the pattern of worship of Kaba ( The black- stone- Sivalinga) at Mecca, is very similar to the worship pattern of Tamilians, i.e., Dravidians. Because Muslims do not accept the sacrifice of the Son of God, they continue their sacrifice at the Kaba.

Sivalinga Worship - Indus Valley is the origin

History clearly establishes that it is the Sivalinga worship of the Dravidians of the Indus Valley that is the origin for the Kaba (Sivalinga) worship of the Muslims as well as the Sivalinga worship mentioned in the Bible. Archaelogical findings from the Indus valley clearly establishes the Sivalinga worship followed there. The Bible and Islam prove the historicity of Sivalinga worship with its due sacrosanct nature, invalidating the distorted and insinuating interpretation of Sivalinga, propagated by Aryans and British writers.

Freedom from Religious fanaticism

God’s names are different in different languages. In Tamil God is called ‘Sivan’, in Arabic God is called ‘Allah’ and in Hebrew God is called ‘Yahweh’. Names and the sounds by which God’s names are pronounced may differ; but God is one and the same. If we look at history with an open spiritual mind and free from religious fanaticism, we will be able to discover the above truth.

Religion and Spiritualism are entirely different

Spiritualism is different. Religion is different. Politics is different. When spirituality mixes with politics, it becomes religion. Purity of heart is needed for spiritualism. Politics needs the support of number of people.

Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus Christ and prophet Mohamed were all spiritual leaders and not religionists. All of them were harassed and tortured by religionists. Of all those, Jesus was the one who was most tortured and murdered. He is hailed and glorified as son of God for his revealing the deep spiritual sacrificing love of God towards humans. ‘Thirumanthiram’ says "Anbum sivamum irandenpar arivilar" ( only the ignorant will say love is different from Siva). Sivalinga is the symbol of God’s love towards humans. Thiruvalluvar said " Anbudayar enbum uriyar pirarkku". But politicians distrorted the teachings of Christ and made it into a religion. His spirirtual thoughts were converted into religious thoughts. Religious fanaticism was inducted and religious clashes were generated.

Thiruvalluvar shines as a light house and a bridge, linking the theistic concepts found in the Dravidian religions of Vaishnavism, Saivism, Islam, Christianity and Israelite’s religion, all of which are evolved from Sivalinga worship of the Dravidians.

Buddhism and Jainism are agnostic and atheistic religions developed in 6th century B.C. by Buddha and Mahavir, both Dravidians, on the basis of the ancient Dravidian Memorial stone worship. It is also of interest to note the affinity of Siva and ‘Athinathar’ who was the first Thirthankara of Jainism.

As all the theistic religions and atheistic religions have evolved from the Sivalinga worship of the Dravidians, a most befitting common name for all these religions would be ‘Dravidian religion’, traceable through history.

‘Thirukkural’ stands out tall as a unique book of the Dravidian Religion. Thus, historically it becomes clear that the religion of Thiruvalluvar is ‘Dravidian Religion’.

In this context a pertinent question rises to Kalaignar Dr. Karunanidhi who has been instrumental for building a Temple, Chariot and a Statue to Thiruvalluvar. What is the religion of Dr. Karunanidhi, who happens to be not only the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, but also who is one of the pillars of the Dravidian Movement?

  1. By birth Kalaignar’s religion would have been registered as Hindu religion.

  2. But, on the basis of Dravidian ideology, Kalaignar is bound to oppose Hindu religion.

  3. Then, what is the real religion of Kalaignar?

  4. Also, what is the real religion of the followers of Kalaignar Dr. Karunanithi?

  5. By birth, M. G. Ramachadran’s religion was registered as Hindu religion.

  6. But when M. G. Ramachandran accepted Dravidian ideology and when he became the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, he changed the name of his religion and registered his religion as ‘DRAVIDIAN RELIGION? Why?

  7. Is it not logical and necessary that those who are born as Dravidians, speak Dravidian languages and follow Dravidian ideologies of Dravidian Movement, register the name of their religion as Dravidian Religion (Dravida Samayam)?

  8. What should one do to register one’s religion as ‘Dravidian Religion?

  9. Wherever you are asked to register the name of your religion, instead of writing as ‘Hinduism’, write the name ‘Dravidian Religion’.

  10. During the 1981 census, the Govt of India has included in the census registers the name of Dravidian Religion with status equal to Hindu Religion.

Will the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu come forward to discharge this historic duty?

In 2001, census is going to be conducted in India. You will be required to register your religion in the census records. Every Indian will have to answer the question ‘What is your religion’, in the census proforma. The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu should come forward to guide Indian citizens to answer this question.

1. There was never a religion in the name ‘Hinduism’. Even now there is no religion as ‘Hinduism’. In the name of ‘Hinduism’, Indian Religions and the people of India are enslaved to the Aryan Brahmins. This is a conspiracy. Indian religions and the people of India should be liberated from this conspiracy.

2. Sivalinga worship of the Dravidians is the foundation for all the major world religions including the Indian Religions. All the world religions are mere expansions of the Sivalinga worship of the Dravidians. Therefore, if we are to unite all the world religions and give a common name to such a Universal Religion, historically, the most befitting name for that religion, would be ‘Dravidian Religion’. If we are to give a common name to all the religions of India, even then, the most befitting name would be ‘Dravidian Religion.

We submit the above mentioned two propositions before the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

Dravidian Indians look at Kalaignar as their representative. Also he happens to be the leader of the Dravidian Movement. Therefore, Kalaignar has a duty to declare the historic truth to the whole world about the Dravidian Religion.

We appeal to Kalaignar Dr. Karunanidhi to appoint a Committee of Research scholars who have Doctorate degrees on comparative studies on the major world religions of Buddhism, Saivism, Vaishnavism, Christianity and Islam. The group of Research scholars so appointed by Kalaignar Dr. Karunanidhi and our group of scholars who have taken Doctorate degrees on the said studies, will jointly conduct research on the two propositions stated above, to bring out the historic truth with scientific evidences, and publish such results for the benefit of the world.

We appeal to Kalaignar Dr. Karunanidhi to come forward and discharge his " this historic duty":

Dr.M. Deivanayagam

Dravidian Spiritual Movement


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