108 Questions
Sankara Mutt

  1. All human bodies after death are either buried or burned, and there is no difference in their perishable state. Do you deny this fact?
  2. Can you deny the fact that a person would be lacking in understanding, if he attempts to judge another person as superior or inferior by birth based on the perishable body rather than taking into consideration the quality of the mind?
  3. Can you deny the fact that the man who thinks about the common good of the world society is superior, and the one who is interested in only his personal welfare like animals, without any regard and respect for the common good of others, is inferior?
  4. Is it not an animal nature that works only for the welfare of the self? Would you not consider one as selfish and satanic if he destroys the common good of the world society for the sake of his selfish aims? Do you deny this fact?
  5. Is it not a divine nature to sacrifice one's own welfare for the sake of the world community? Do you disagree with the fact that such people who sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of the welfare of the world, are truly spiritual leaders?
  6. Do you not put on the spiritual garb to make the world believe that you offer yourself for the welfare of the world community? Did not your predecessors follow the same tradition? If that is so, can you attest to the fact that the Sankara Mutt has overcome all inclination to strive for selfish motives and exists only for the welfare of the human society all over the world, in keeping with your spiritual appearance? Can you afford to state that you cherish a policy of self sacrifice with a view to promote the general welfare of the people of the world without partiality, that is practised by you in your day to day life and that your spiritual garb and behavior are in accordance with the above policy?
  7. Can you deny the fact that, you and your Mutt are always thinking of the welfare of the Aryan Purohits who call themselves Brahmins instead of striving for the spiritual welfare of the world at large?
  8. Is it not true that you are giving importance to one particular caste (by birth) rather than people with a noble mind when you think only about the welfare of the Brahmins, which is contrary to your spiritual garb? Does it not mean that you are concerned only about the perishable body which is either buried or consumed by fire? Don't you think that giving importance to the body instead of discerning the nobility of the mind is rather belittlement of human thinking?
  9. Can you deny the fact that living only for the prosperity of the Brahmins, of your caste by birth, is not a spiritual life? You say that he who has realized the Brahmam is a Brahmin. Can you point out any instance, from history, of a non-Brahmin who had attained Brahmam by realization? The answer is 'No'. Is it not so? As such, is not your statement, 'He who has realized the Brahmam is a Brahmin', a false and deceitful concept? Can you deny this?
    Do you have any instance from the history of your Mutt, that a non-Aryan Purohit, who has realized the Brahmam has been appointed, as the head of the mutt in any one of the five Sankara Mutts. If your answer is 'No', then your explanation for the word 'Brahmin' would be only to deceive the people of the world? Can you deny this?
  10. Can any spiritual leader recognize an organization, which was established for and strives for the welfare of only a particular caste by birth, with disregard for the welfare of the world society as admirable?
  11. Can you deny the fact that just like other caste organizations, the 'Brahmin Associations' exist only for the welfare of the Brahmins, who are Aryan-Purohits by birth? Any noble minded person who dislikes caste organizations which only promote the welfare of their own caste, would dislike these 'Brahmin Associations' also. Can you refute this statement?
  12. Since the Aryan Purohits have organized the Brahmin Association on the model of any other Association functioning for the welfare of a particular caste alone, the Brahmin Association also receives the 'caste' stamp, and is degraded as a caste organization by spiritual leaders. To avoid a caste stamp and degradation, the Sankara mutts have put on a spiritual garb while operating as a caste organization. Can you refute this statement?
  13. Since the Sankara Mutts strive more for the welfare of the Brahmins than the Brahmin Associations, how can you deny the fact that the spiritual garb worn by the Mutts has no other aim than to detract and deceive the people of 'other castes'? Can you deny this fact?
  14. Just like the deception of your spiritual garb, is not Advaita a deceptive concept devised by your ancestor? Does Advaita give glory to the body, or to the spirit (life), or to the soul? Is it not a fact that you do not have an answer for this? Can you refute this?
  15. Advaita is not a concept about God, in fact it is a concept that is against God, an Anti-theistic philosophy.
    Atheistic religions Jainism and Buddhism
    Theistic religions The Six-fold religions Saivism, Vaishnavism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam etc.
    Theistic philosophies Visishtadvaita, Dvaita and Saiva Sittanta
    Anti-theistic Philosophy Advaita (Aham  Brahmasmi) (I am God) (Any thing that opposes God is Devil)

    Theistic religions condemn anti-theism as demonic or satanic. Can you deny the fact that this satanic doctrine which opposes God, makes men say 'I am God' and renders evil to the common good of the world society, and is making the people to believe that Brahmins alone are equal to God and has made them to think that all the other castes are inferior to Brahmins, and thus has insulted, degraded and enslaved them through the ages?

  16. With an evil motive, through this satanic doctrine of Advaita which is opposed to theism, you have systematically planned to render brutal actions against the general welfare of the human society, and as per your evil plans you are indulging in barbaric actions against human society. This doctrine, which was planned and systematically devised with this evil motive by your ancestor is known as Varnashrama Dharma or Manu Dharma, or Sanadhana Dharma or Advaita concept. Can you refute this statement?
  17. Can you quote from history any satanic doctrine like your 'Advaita philosophy', which deceives a person to assume himself to be god as against God, to have existed anywhere or at anytime in the history of the whole world?
  18. Can you deny the fact that this philosophy which is totally against the common good of the world society and known by many names, is an anti-social philosophy and was traditionally conceived and concocted amongst a group of plunderers who liked to lead a life by robbery with the sole purpose of brutally plundering others through the ages?
  19. In the case of theft, only the belongings of a person are stolen. Whereas in the event of a plunder, not only do we lose our property, but we are also exposed to physical torture, disrespect, and even loss of life. The so called Brahmins could be compared to plundering predators rather than thieves. After a close examination of the history of India, one could not deny the fact that the people of India have been suffering loss of dignity, property and life at the hands of the so called Brahmins. Can you deny this fact?
  20. The Brahmins are not only plundering predators, but are rather demonic predators, in as much as they besides robbing the Indian Dravidians, compelled them to believe that the Indians were inferior by birth to the Brahmins and fit to be their slaves, that it is a religious virtue to give away their own wealth to the Brahmins, that there are two kinds of justices, one for the Brahmins and the other for the Indians separately, that the Indians were compelled to worship the Brahmins as gods, that the Indians were denied education with an ulterior motive to retain them as illiterates without self dignity. The Indian Dravidians who opposed the Brahmins were oppressed and compelled to do menial labour. Can you deny this historical fact?
  21. You are aware of the fact that in every civilized society the government undertakes every possible action to detect, deter, and punish the anti-social elements however clever they may be. In order to avoid attention and escape government action, your antisocial organization has conveniently put on the garb of spiritualism, and by showing this anti-social satanic doctrine as spiritual, you are plundering, looting and enslaving the Indians. Can you refute this?
  22. To remove any hesitation in the conscience of those of your caste you have promoted through the Advaita concept that Brahmins are superior by birth, and all others are inferior, and Brahmins have the right to plunder others. Thus this satanic doctrine (Advaita concept) creates the mindset of a gang of robbers. Can you refute this?
  23. There is no other anti-social element like you in the entire world, which preach and practise such an anti-social doctrine called Varnashrama Dharma, that man is superior or inferior by birth. Can you deny the fact that Varnashrama Dharma was established and practised only in India, and not anywhere else in the whole world?
  24. In other countries there are differences based on race, language, religion and politics, however like in India, no one is segregated into low and high castes on the basis of birth. Can you disprove this?
  25. Can you deny the fact that your caste, by nature of heredity is an evil minded one, and the intention of Advaita philosophy is to cultivate in their evil mind more devilish things and make them totally corrupt?

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