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 'Guiper the Oval' , and how his Branch Tenet was created

'Guiper the Oval' was a fruit sticker and was once a 'creative approach to advertising'. He was firmly stuck onto his own personal fruit and packed on his way towards the great consumer.

He was following the journey of his ancestors in a pilgrimage to the selling halls of great markets where millions of his like would gather together and celebrate the annual harvest.

In those days, harvests followed the rhythm of the seasons and not the continual demands of the consumer. In those days the travelling facilities would always include a bed of soft tissue and room to stretch your top leaves.

But the cost of paper waste disposal led to the drop in tissue bedding standards and the use of 'fruit treatments' took away the special annual harvest celebrations for many fruit stickers. But Guiper's last journey had a very happy ending.

Over the last hundred and fifty years or so, there evolved a highly organised group of specialist collectors. They noticed the care taken by postage stamp designers and prized the variety and colour chosen for each denomination. They would gently un-stick these small envelope stickers to collect, share, exchange and cherish.

It was one such stamp collector that saw and bought Guiper as he hugged his fruit envelope on a market stall. With care, Guiper was peeled and carefully mounted into a new bark clad Album. Over the years, his owner collected many more stickers but 'Guiper the Oval' would always be the 'first and special' on his own page at the front of the album. Today, as with stamp collecting, there are now myriads of Sticker collectors and several catalogues printed to help collectors sort out their collections. At the time of the first ever postage stamp publication, few could have imagined the enjoyment and 'turn on' that stamp collecting would create for millions worldwide. We cannot always pre-judge what will bring enjoyment to others.

In 1996, at the time of the First Evolvement, Tomlinson and Jesse were studying areas of 'Human State' and used the tale of 'Guiper the Oval' as a fine example of their First Core Tenet Group, 'Your Turn On'.

Tomlinson and Jesse depicted 'Guiper the Oval' sticker on a high pedestal as if a stone carved icon in honoured posture, the branch tenet shows 'an owner bowing low in praise of his possession'. Through history, it is clear that we are all 'turned on' by something that we tend to elevate, like lumps of gold or golden leaders. Elevating a penny black postage stamp, a pyramid, a Picasso, a Nelson or a Mandela, links several functions well teased from the world of politics, religion and business.

A Guiper becomes a King for those that want to celebrate him, as easily as any other facet of praised human invention.

The First Core Tenet Group, 'Your Turn On', covers observations like these, but the interesting Core Tenet that develops from this, is Core Tenet Three, 'Bio-Belief'.

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