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POOOZZE (Primeval Odds-On One Z Zealot Evolves)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :

What is it with us humans?  We act like the know-it-alls of the planet because we've figured out a bit of it.

Do we call it "natural" selection when one creature bubbles up to the top of the food chain and consumes its foundations or do we call it "self-destruction"?

When we wrote the core
tenet 'POOOZZE' (Primeval Odds-On One Z Zealot Evolves), we started with "poohs" as a descriptive noun for people that didn't balance or knowingly unbalanced the life around them. We knew that these people must be natural enough, for if we all came out of the same big bang garden or yiem (high mass matter stuff) then we are ALL 'naturally occuring thingies ourselves. ( Hi Bros. ... Hi Sis. )

"POOHS" as a core tenet about 'supreme belief in the biological wonder of ourselves over and above other biological (non-human) substances' became difficult to structure into a small, easy sound-bite-like phrase.

We tried:   
POOHS ( People Over Other Humanless Substances)
                   POOHS ( Primeval Oppression Of Heartless Shoals)
and:      POOHS ( Possibly On-line, Overall Harmful Sods)

         but nooooooooooo !!!! it was not working for us at all! So ....

.... feeling that the invention of the gun was a big turning point in our ability to annihilate a lot of life on earth ( including ourselves ), we summoned up our imaginative powers and came up with the first two lines of a branch tenet (you'll need a 900 pixel screen if you click it! ) entitled :

                   H.& C. my B-C! (Hot and Cold my Ball-Cock!)

Once we had this title and the characters to illustrate this branch tenet, we re-traced our
thoughts, adapting POOHS to POOOZZE
(Primeval Odds-On One Z Zealot Evolves)

We have a firm belief that the odds are good for any oooze, primeval or posteval, to produce life ("as we know it or not as we know it Jim") and that the resultant interacting life-forms will joust for their optimums with zeal. We witness a planet where immoderations need pegging and wisdoms need magnifying in all areas. We have our contribution to make as do you.

"This thought and illustrative view - a harbinger of present pooh.
Your actions now are in your hands, please help to make World's Bestest Plans."

Taken from "Hot and Cold my Ball-Cock" by Tomlinson and Jesse 1996

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